Posted by: Debra Kolkka | November 2, 2015

Dressing up in Lucca

The Lucca Comics and Games Festival has just been held. This year the weather was fine and sunny. The festival attracted huge crowds, all out to have a great time.

The festival was held for the first time in Lucca in 1966. It has had a bumpy history, but has continued to grow. In 2002 it attracted 50,000 attendees. Last year 254,000 people descended on Lucca for the fun. It is the largest comics festival in Europe and the second largest in the world after Tokyo’s Comiket.

I went once, several years ago, but I have either not been around or the weather has been appalling, and I have not been back. Luckily for us, Paul Anthony Davies, from San Cassiano went this year. Even better, he is a professional photographer and he has taken some fabulous photos of the attendees…the best part of the festival.

Italians love to dress up, and they do it well. The costumes and make up are dazzling. Obviously many hours are put into the thought and execution of the costumes for this elaborate dress up party…take a look at some that Paul photographed.

Lucca comic festival

Lucca comics and games festival

Lucca comics and games festival

Lucca comics and games festival

Lucca comics and games festival

Lucca comics and games festival

Lucca comics and games festival

Lucca comics and games festival

Lucca comics and games festival

Lucca comics and games festival

Thank you Paul, your photos are wonderful. I think I need to make the effort to go next year.


  1. It is very colourful and the costumes are amazing. It attracts very large crowds to Lucca. The year we went we didn’t see Mickey or Donald…how comics have changed!

    • I don’t think Mickey and Donald appeal to young Italians. It is all aliens, Star Wars and movie characters.

  2. Wonderful photos!

    • They are fabulous photos.

  3. Deb,
    Such incredible costumes and great photos – thanks. Does it occur on the same date every year? Out of curiosity, do people tend to make their own or is it fertile ground for a costume shop?

    • The festival is held over a few days at the end of October every year. I don’t know about the costumes. I would say it is a bit of both. I have not seen costume shops, but I have not been looking for them. Some of these look very professional.

  4. Such artistic costumes, wonderful pictures , thank you for sharing, Debra.

    • An incredible amount of effort is put into this event.

  5. Great costumes, even better pictures!!

    • Both are brilliant.

  6. This festival looks like a lot of fun. Thank you Paul for sharing with us through Debra. …. and cheers to San Cassiano!

  7. Definitely Halloweenish

  8. Lots of colourful costumes and much enjoyment at the festival. Great photos as always. Thanks Debra.

  9. Ah Game of Thrones! brilliant stuff 🙂

  10. What colourful, gorgeous photos! I love playing dress ups so I would love this festival 🙂

  11. Fantastic costumes…it looks like the weather was perfect this year. Thank you for sharing your friends photos.

  12. What fabulous costumes and there’s some pretty impressive make up art there too.

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