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I am back in Australia for a few months. I arrived in time to see the beautiful Jacaranda trees in bloom. They were probably at their peak a couple of weeks ago, but they are still looking good.

These purple beauties are all over the city.

Jacarandas in Brisbane

Jacarandas in Brisbane

Jacarandas in Brisbane

Jacaranda trees belong to the Bignoniceae family and are native to the tropical and subtropical regions of Central and South America. The largest one declared in Australia is 17 metres, but they usually grow to about 15 metres.

The first one to come to Australia was planted in the Botanical Gardens in Brisbane in 1864. It was blown over in a cyclone in 1979. Part of the trunk is now located in the offices at Mt Coot-tha Botanical Gardens.

There is a beautiful painting of this tree, called, Under the Jacaranda” painted by Godfrey Rivers in 1903. Photo…

Under the Jacaranda tree

It is in the Queensland Art Gallery…time for another visit.

I found this gorgeous street of Jacarandas on Google, courtesy of

Jacaranda street

I know you are not much interested when I do posts about Australia, so I have lots of photos of Italy and my other European destinations to share with you over the next couple of months. I will slip in a few local ones, which you can read…or not.


  1. These are glorious photos Debra. Personally, having never visited Australia, I enjoy you sharing the comparisons with Italy.

    • The Jacarandas are looking gorgeous right now. The leaves are starting to come through and the flowers will all fall off soon. I have a couple of the trees in my street and I see them everywhere I go…I love it.


    • Hey are absolutely stunning, and next month the Poincianas should come into flower. Then we will have red trees all over the city. Spring is a great season everywhere.

  3. Yup, I’ll be reading them!

    • Thank you. I think Australia is a fabulous country and I would like to share it.

  4. On the contrary, your Australian posts are just as important as your Italian ones. Especially for us expats…

    Jacarandas, just about my favourite tree. Could you pop down to Grafton for a photo shoot, I bet they are going off.

    • I am not usually here for the Jacaranda blossom, so this is a treat. The Grafton Jacaranda festival was last weekend, so I have missed it. I’m sure the town looks amazing at this time of the year.

  5. They are amazingly beautiful, what a color! Do they have a fragrance?

    • They do have a subtle fragrance. It is a delight to walk under them.

  6. Can these trees grow in Italy?

    • They might grow in the far south, but they are sub tropical or tropical, so certainly not in our area.

      • They are magnificent in Sydney too, so any temperate climate should suit. I’ve seen Callistemons, banksias and grevilleas around Lucca, so why not try jacarandas as well?

      • I have not seen them anywhere around our part of Italy. The summers are certainly hot enough in Lucca, but the winters can be very cold with occasional snow. Casa Debbio is 630 metres above sea level with snow in winter, so I don’t think they would work there. Maybe I should take some seeds and try,

      • I must admit I was not thinking of your altitude, but maybe the “lower altitudes” of Toscana, Umbria and northern Lazio. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!!

      • Here is one reeference!

  7. Wow! How gorgeous!

    And I like the Australian posts too. I take great pleasure in reading what you write — it’s a wonderful window on parts of the world I may not see for myself.

    • Thank you for your kind words. The Australian posts are read by less than half the number who read the Italian ones.

  8. Just gorgeous photos. Remind me of South Africa at this time of year. Stunning!

    • Jacarandas do well in South Africa as well.

  9. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures looks like you saved the best for last…my favorite!

    • That photo is amazing. I didn’t take it unfortunately.

  10. They are fabulous trees! I would love to see them, there is nothing like that in the uk, unless maybe in a botanical garden.Is the colour a bit like Wisteria? I find your post from Austraila interesting, as I have never been there.

    • The colour is very similar to wisteria, another plant I really like.

  11. I have always loved jacarandas in spring. The ones in Australia used to remind me of the ones y send to admire in the park opposite our home in Buenos Aires

    • They are beautiful trees. I am not surprised they are popular all over the world.

  12. Gorgeous images, Debra. So reminiscent of Johannesburg where I lived for many years. I do miss those Jacarandas.:)

    • The last photo is from South Africa, Johannesburg in fact.

  13. I enjoy all of your posts – Italy, Australia, whatever! I love all the pictures you share, it’s like taking a little viaggio from my computer. 🙂

    • Thank you. It seems a pity to leave my home town out of the blog.

  14. We’re always interested in your travels and posts Debra! I would love to visit Australia some day.

    • I hope to see you here one day.

  15. Love it! As you know I love purple as well.

    • Purple and green are my favourite colours.

  16. Who says we’re not interested in posts on Australia? Jacaranda’s bring back fond memories. I wonder if the last photo was taken in Toowoomba?

    • The number of people who look at my Australian posts is less than half for an Italian post, often much less. If I write about Finland almost nobody looks at them…interesting.
      The last photo was from Africa.

      • That’s a pity about your readers. Africa! Would never have guessed.

  17. I love these trees and purple is my favourite colour. Deb, I also think people are not interested when I do posts other than Italy but I get so so many likes and comments. We cannot please all the people all the time and besides it is änd Beyond”

    • No, we can’t please everyone. I think Brisbane is a beautiful city and there is lots to see here.

  18. Deb

    The last picture reminds me so much to the path on top of the wall in Lucca when you make the bend by the botanical garden…..Happy Halloween from Maine

    • Maybe Lucca could try some Jacarandas. They would look great on the wall…a bit cool I think.

  19. The sight of Jacarandas all over reminds me that summer is on the way. Ps. I’ll always look at your Finland posts! 🙂

    • Jacarandas are a great sign of spring. I look forward to the Poincianas, and the frangipanis are also on the way. Helsinki is a gorgeous city and I have a few posts to do on Stockholm as well.

  20. Our neighbour in Perth has a magnificant Jacaranda in her garden. One off my favourite trees and fortunately they do grow in Margaret River.

    • I am please that you get to enjoy them as well.

  21. Jacaranda trees are most beautiful, we have tons of them here in Southern California, I haven’t photographed them yet.

    • It seems they have been spread far and wide.

  22. Everywhere one looks at the moment there is a jaccaranda tree in bloom- as the song says – ‘it’s November’ , when the students know it is exam time.

    • I am pleased I am not a student.

  23. But this is exquisite Deb. You have timed your re-entry perfectly! Bentornata!

    • It was a nice welcome home.

  24. I love this purple just like wisteria out here 🙂 I think you should post more on other countries because it is your blog and also your post and wish 🙂 People will read eventually I have realized

    • The colour is very similar to wisteria, which I also love.

  25. I ADORE jacarandas. I planted many of them when i lived in NZ. Not for the plains of AmericaI think, though I might investigate. What stunning images. Thank you.. c

    • The winter is probably too cold where you are, but you could investigate.

  26. Wow….amazing trees and purple….I had no idea! Thank you for thinking to share this!

    • They are gorgeous trees and lots have been planted around the city.

  27. This is a fantastic touch of Australia – so many thanks for sharing! Not sure I’ve ever seen anything like this before!!!

    • You must live in an area not suitable for these gorgeous trees.

      • Probably too far north.

  28. The jacaranda trees in full bloom in Brisbane are always stunning. Great photos Debra especially the close-up of the flowers with the raindrops. I’m missing them this year – currently in Berlin. Thanks for these beautiful pictures.

    • Berlin sounds like fun. It must be a bit cool there now. I am not usually here for the Jacarandas, so this year is a real treat.

  29. Gorgeous…we get them here in California in our spring but not in such profusion. (A lovely gal from Brisbane joined me in Umbria this fall & is coming to Puglia next fall. Small world?)

    • It is a small world. I’m pleased she enjoyed herself with you. There has been some serious Jacaranda planting in the city here and they are really starting to put on a good show.

  30. WOW, what an amazing post….the vibrancy of that colour!! Haven’t read all your comments section, so may have missed it, but are the blooms scented AS well? There is a shop in Toronto called The Jacaranda Tree; I will think of it in a more spectacular way now…..b e a u t i f u l!!

  31. P.S. from Toronto; sorry I didn’t even read your bit so well either; missing out on ‘smell heavenly’ ….must be overwhelming in all it’s/their beauty.

    • The trees are lovely. The flowers are almost finished now. Soon we will have the red poincianas.

  32. Stunning! And my favorite color is purple!

    • I love purple too. These trees are gorgeous.

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