Posted by: Debra Kolkka | October 25, 2015

A book launch

I wish David Collins book “Buying & Restoring in Tuscany” had been around 12 years ago when we bought our apartment in Bagni di Lucca. We knew nothing about anything and stumbled our way through the process.

While we were lucky and didn’t come across too many problems, many people do, and David’s book is the perfect introduction for people starting out on the exciting and frightening journey of their Tuscan adventure.

Buying & Restoring in Tuscany

I was delighted to be invited to the book launch at the lovely LuccaLibri in Lucca.

Buying & Restoring in Tuscany

Norma Jean Bishop, from Grapevine magazine, introduced us to David and gave some background on the book and David’s experience as an engineer and design and project manager. His knowledge is based on his work on hundreds of properties in Tuscany and he is passionate about this gorgeous area.

Buying & Restoring in Tuscany

The book covers such subjects as, Do Dream Homes in Tuscany Really Exist, Property Surveys, Buying a House in Tuscany, Building Plans and Permits, Old Tuscan Roofs, Pools in Tuscany and the very complicated Struggling with IMU Property Taxes.

Questions were invited and several audience members had some interesting things to ask David. Most people buying Italian houses have had difficulties somewhere in the process and David proved to be very knowledgable on all fronts.

Buying & Restoring in Tuscany

It was a very entertaining evening and I wish David every success with his book…and future editions…there is much more to be revealed.

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  1. Fantastic. What a great book for so many people.

    • Yes, it is. I would recommend it to anyone considering buying in Tuscany.

      • Hi Deb. Sounds like you are back !!!!

    • Thanks Lyn. Getting lots of positive feedback and already working on part 2!

  2. What a bonus for anyone thinking of buying in Tuscany…..I’m sure it will be the buyers bible. Well done David.

    • David writes each month for Grapevine. He has extensive knowledge of the area.

    • Thanks so much for your support. I like the “buyers bible” idea!

      • Feel free to use it David…Best wishes for the book….Kerry

  3. I am sure that it will be of great help to many people.

    • It is a great start for anyone wanting to buy in Tuscany.

    • I hope so too!

    • Hopefully!

  4. Hi Debra. Many thanks for your support. I hope that the book will make the Tuscan adventure a more pleasant experience for everyone

    • It was my pleasure David. The book is terrific and, as I said, I wish it had been around 12 years ago. Even now, there is lots in it to help us out on some issues.

  5. What a great book idea! I’m sure so many people want to do this but need a guiding hand into it all.

    • It is real, common sense advice for people with a dream of Tuscany.

    • The book will give many a “heads up” before they commit

    • I’ve had lots of positive feedback so far as there’s really not a lot of up-to-date info out there

  6. Wish we’d have bought this before we bought the house, but David saved the day! Good luck with the book sales, I’m buying one now as we haven’t finished yet.

    • It is useful for us too, even after 12 years.

    • Thanks Barbara and enjoy!

  7. Thanks for such useful informatio and for your blog. We live at Granaiola when we can. I’m feeling very relaxed after a wonderful lunch at Curly Flat Winery. I spoke with Jenny and learne that she was involved in your initial adventure

    • I look forward to catching up in Bagni di Lucca one day.

  8. David must have a million interesting stories to tell.

    • yes… you’re right there are quite a lot of stories to tell with the people, places, circumstances, mentalities and emotion involved!

  9. I already own a home in the area but nonetheless need this book. Will definitely be purchasing it. Debra, thanks so much for letting us know about it

    • I think it is useful, even for those of us who have been in the area for a while.

  10. Very interesting! Do you think the info in the book would pertain to other parts of Italy as well (especially the legal parts of buying property in Italy)? Thanks!

    • To answer your question …the legalities of the buying process are the same all over Italy whereas the building regulations and planning laws can vary considerably from Region to Region. Tuscany happens to be the most stringent Region.

  11. This sounds like a must-have for anyone wishing to buy here. It should be required reading while still in the research stage. Thanks for the info Deb, and good luck to you, David!

    • Many thanks for your support!

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