Posted by: Debra Kolkka | October 22, 2015

Star struck in Rome

I have been wanting to try restaurant Al Moro in Rome for quite some time, but for many reasons it didn’t work out…it was closed for the day, opened too late etc.

It is only a couple of streets from the Trevi Fountain (the restoration is almost complete) but it is not a tourist destination at all.

Finally I found it open.

Al Moro Rome

Al Moro Rome

There was a fine display of freshly collected mushrooms at the door.

Al Moro Rome

Al Moro is old school Rome. The waiters are mostly older gentlemen in suits. They don’t speak a lot of English, but they are very courteous and helpful…and the food is delicious.

My first course was anchovies with bread and butter.

Al Moro Rome

Second course was an all time favourite of mine, osso buco.

Al Moro Rome

I was happily eating my osso buco when Helen Mirren walked in with a group of people. I loved her in The Queen and several other movies. I would love to have taken a photo for you but I felt it would be rude and intrusive.

I know she is just a person like everyone else, but film stars do take on a larger than life presence and having her walk in and sit nearby really is like having a unicorn step into your garden and begin to eat your flowers.

I can report that she is much prettier in the flesh than on the screen.



  1. As I just finished my dinner, I could read this post without much trouble 🙂

    Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

    • I am pleased not to have upset you.

      • Being a foodie, it’s unbearable for to see such delicious stuff with an empty tummy 🙂

  2. I am certain that Helen Mirren would have appreciated your kind gesture. It must be a pain not to be able to have some privacy to enjoy a meal with friends. Well done!

    • I’m sure famous people must get tired of being pestered.

  3. Love your analogy of the unicorn in the garden. 🙂

    • I’m sure I heard the unicorn comparison somewhere, and it is true.

  4. lucky dog!!!. and the food looks spectacular. George M.

    • It was a great evening.

  5. She is an amazing woman……….

    • She speaks her mind. I like that.

  6. Very cool! I adore her and the unicorn analogy was perfect!

    • She is a terrific actress and gives a good interview.

  7. Admire you for being respectful of her private life. It’s enough to savour the moment in your memory without having to share the proof on social media… 🙂

    • It was clearly a private evening with friends.

  8. Osso bucco, yummy! Good for you, leaving Ms Mirren to enjoy her company and her meal, bravo!

    • Yes, what a bonus, osso buco and Helen Mirren.

  9. Beautiful restaurant. Helen Mirren is also one of my favourites. What a treat

    • I was very pleased with the evening.

  10. Jimmy Barnes and now Helen Mirren, what luck.. My lucky day was Peter Allen at Milanos. See you soon.

    • It is fun when a celebrity is spotted. I come carrying bread.

  11. Hi Debra, that was a lovely bonus for your dinner at Al Moro. Helen Mirren is a fantastic actress. Hope she enjoyed her dinner as much as you did yours. It looked delicious.
    In Annecy, France

    • They all appeared to enjoy themselves.

  12. how special – all of it – crockery included.

    • It is a lovely old restaurant.

  13. An amazing restaurant by the look of it! And what a treat seeing Helen Mirren! One of my favourite actors too!

    • She is terrific isn’t she?

  14. Will try Al Moro in May when we are back in Rome. Thanks Debra

    • It might pay to book ahead. It is quite popular.

  15. What a treat: a delicious meal and Helen!

    • Double treat in Rome.

  16. Sounds like my type of restaurant. Thanks for sharing.

    • I don’t think too many tourists make it there. It seemed to be popular with locals, always a good sign.

  17. What a treat to enjoy this lovely experience vicariously—thank you!

  18. Two beauties in one place…the food and Helen Mirren…your lucky day!

  19. Oh what a total delight Deb. The stuff of wonderful blog posts too!

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