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Florence leather market

The street markets around San Lorenzo in Florence are popular with tourists for lots of reasons. It is possible to buy all kinds of souvenirs from colourful stalls that wind through the streets. Most stalls are in Via dell’Ariento where you will also find the wonderful Central Food Market.

Florence leather market

Florence leather market

There are leather jackets, handbags, wallets, belts, key rings, clothes, scarves and paper goods…among other things. The stalls are often fronts for the shops behind them.

Florence leather market

Florence leather market


Florence leather market

Florence leather market

If you like to bargain you will probably have fun here. It is a great place to find gifts to take home…you are bound to find something you like.


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  1. You can always find interesting things there. It is a good address for shopping.

    • I really like the food market and the new eating area upstairs.

  2. Love this place. A great place to shop. First bought a leather jacket there in 1985. Visited in October last year with family members purchasing some beautiful leather goods.

    • It is always worth wandering through, you never know what you will find.

  3. I always enjoy this outdoor leather marketplace and have found great bargains here, particularly when I’ve paid with cash and have bought more than one item. Great post!

    • I’m not much good at bargaining. If I am happy with the price I don’t bother.

  4. Have over the years always found a few interesting leather pieces there. Wish I was there right now as I know I could find the perfect bag I need for a lovely invite next week. Still have a couple of really unique pieces from there from when you and I went there. Love the shopping in Florence. Bet you went to Giacosa for your coffee.

    • I did go to Giacosa…with Julie Grbac and Bruce Tully.

  5. Bellissimo!

  6. I always visit these markets when I am in Florence. I don’t enjoy them as much as the local village markets however I always find some great bargains here.

    • Forte dei Marmi has a great weekly market and there are lots of good local markets. It is fun to wander through.

  7. I’ve been to Florence only once and don’t remember the market. I have to go again. I really like your blog and voted for it.

    • Thanks for voting. I think another trip to Florence is needed.

  8. Debra – are you in more than one category? Voted for the ‘culture’ one but don’t want to miss out on any others! Have been to the market eons ago: oh what fun if I could stroll there again!!

    • Bella Bagni di Lucca is also in this category and Best single travel post. Thanks for voting.

      • ‘Done and dusted’ with pleasure 🙂 !

  9. I love Florence and its markets….have had to purchase something on every visit !!

    • It is easy to be tempted.

  10. I remember the time as a child being in Florence, that my mother bought a real Italian leather hand bag right there. Fun memories. Since than I have been back to Florence many times, even on a campground where I had the most beautiful view over the city.

    • Florence is a fabulous city. I am lucky I live close enough to go regularly.

  11. nice photos, Debra – brought back very fond memories. Always find something for myself 🙂 and gifts. And the foodmarket …. oh gosh!!!!! Carina
    btw, just voted for you – good luck!

    • Thanks for voting. I really love the food market the best.

  12. I’m not such a market shopper but I still love strolling around San Lorenzo! Good luck for the awards too Deb!

    • I’m not really a market shopper either…but I did see a very nice pink leather bag the other day.

  13. Appears to a be a tad cool on this day … but that doesn’t stop the vibrancy of this area. … consider the voting completed.

    • The area is busy even in the dead of winter. Florence is a popular city. Thanks for voting.

  14. I enjoyed this spot a lot Deb. Still carry around a bag from there and brought many gifts back. I enjoyed the central market more however. Went there twice. More exploring to be done the next time I come over.

    • I am a big fan of the food market, and the new food area upstairs.

  15. It’s many years since I was last in Florence but I still remember the cashmere lined leather gloves I bought in the market. Sadly I lost one of them within six months. What is it about gloves and umbrellas that makes them so easy to loose?

    • I lose umbrellas mostly. Fortunately when it rains in Italy the umbrella salesmen appear instantly.

  16. Florence….an absolute treasure trove! Cute key rings!


    • I like the pink pig key ring.

  17. I love Mercato di San Lorenzo I used to live few steps from there and I remember every single but. Thank you for this post, memories come to me tonight. 🙂

    • How lucky to have the food market so close. There would be no excuse to serve a bad meal.

  18. Fantastic market – I want one of those handbags!!

    • I have my eye on a very pretty pink one.

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