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Viareggio Carnevale 2015

Fortunately I arrived in Italy in time to revisit the dazzling Carnevale in Viareggio.

As usual politicians come in for some ruthless comment. On the first float I saw poor Angela Merkel dressed as a showgirl. Occasionally she would give birth to a little naked man, (I think it is Renzi) while being led by an army of sperm…poor Angela.

Viareggio Carnevale 2015

Carnevale Viareggio 2015

World leaders warming their hands on a burning globe was a standout float. I was most impressed by Putin’s blue eyes and lips and Obama’s blue eyelids, shown off when he blinked.

Carnevale Viareggio 2015


Renzi looks cheerful…

Carnevale Viareggio 2015


Politicians and the Pope always make an appearance.

A 2 sided theatre showed a happy, colourful side and a dark, sinister side.

Carnevale Viareggio 2015

Pinocchio gets some dark treatment.

Carnevale Viareggio 2015

Some themes are a bit obscure. Maybe I need to know more about current affairs in Italy.

Burmalacco made an appearance.

Carnevale Viareggio 2015

Dinosaurs are always popular.

Carnevale Viareggio 2015

A city changes from from black and white to full colour.

Carnevale Viareggio 2015

A cake opened up to reveal a lively centre.

Carnevale Viareggio 2015

…a complicated one.

Carnevale Viareggio 2015

…a clever clown.

Carnevale Viareggio 2015

There was a very impressive elephant.

Carnevale Viareggio 2015

This is a wonderful event. It seems chaotic. People wander in and out and all around the floats while they are trundling down the street. There is loud music, confetti, children, dogs…all together having fun.

Some of our very carefully choreographed events in Australia could learn some lessons here.

Take a look at Bella Bagni di Lucca for some Carnevale faces.


  1. I even saw Australia on a globe arrangement – it’s so clever and well done – if I couldn’t be there this is next best

    • I had to include a little bit of Australia. You must be here one year for the parade.

  2. Great pics. Missed it so much. London’s Notting hill carnival isn’t really officially a carnival as it takes place after lent and then so many people get murdered at it….Viareggio is the real McCoy.

    • It really is a great event…and we were lucky with the weather.

  3. I didn’t realize that humorous commentaries were so profound in this parade. They must have had endless material with Silvio Berlusconi. How long is this parade? (in the sense of time).Thanks for the grins.

    • It took about 3 hours for the floats to go around the streets. I stood in one spot and let them go past me. You can go to the category Carnevale in Viareggio to see the posts I have done on the last few years (except last year). There is lots on Burlusconi.

      • Wow … that’s longer than I anticipated. Burlusconi had to be a gold mine!

      • As you can imagine the floats go quite slowly. They are huge and there are lots of dressed up people walking in front of them. There are also lots of smaller participants. These are a bit hard to photograph as I am short and hemmed in by people.

  4. Brought back wonderful memories of our day there last March.

    • I have been for the last few years. It is always good.

  5. More great photos, Deb! Viareggio always puts on a colourful, irreverent event which is great fun. After all, this is what Carnevale is all about….

    • It is good that people can use these occasions for social comment.

  6. Wow! I had no idea! This is amazing, such talent! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • The parade is spectacular. I hope I can make it next year.

  7. Very creative floats, Debra. Seeing all these caricatures makes me thankful that I’m not a politician though. 🙂

    • Yes, who would be a politician?

      • Good question, Debra. 😀

  8. Fabulous. I was waiting for Berlusconi to turn up and he did, looking bvery camp. better fun than Mardi Gras.

    • He doesn’t feature as much as he once did, but he still lurks around…much like in real life.

      • Funny, but my Italian guest calls Renzi ” Berlusconi’s Baby.”

  9. What a spectacle!

    • It’s great fun. This was my 5th Carnevale. They come up with amazing things every year.

  10. Oh, so Italian Deb!! Hilarious and I love it all!


    • The floats are incredible. They are huge and you get to be very close.

  11. Wow these are quite the masterpieces! I am alittle shocked by Merkel and the sperm men though. Is it always so political? Fascinating photos!

    • It is always political. Considering they take months to make they are very topical.

  12. Poor Angela, I wonder if she knows about this. Great photos and very creative floats.

    • No doubt someone has passed on the good news to Angela. You would have to have a tough hide to be a politician.

  13. Awesome stuff Debra —next time your in Viareggio , can U put a deposit down for me on a new Bennetti 100’😄

    • What colour would you like?

  14. Fascinating as was not at all knowledgeable! Scrolling up-and-down led to Mr Google and quizzes re other similar festivals – dunno that I agree with myself as an ‘explorer’ but have sure had a ball exploring this!! Thanks!! Marvellous photos and do wonder why Angela Merkel seemed to ‘cop it’ above others!!!!

    • It seems it was really Angela’s turn this year. Burlisconi featured for many years, but he has been pushed to the side.

  15. What a fun event and all your great pictures, Debra, I have never heard of the Carnevale of Viareggio.

    • I thought it was well known. You can go back and see the ones I have photographed previously.

  16. What a treat. Viareggio and a carnival. Italy sure does know how to put on a parade. Your photos are stunning as always

    • Viareggio certainly puts on a good show…it was a beautiful day too.

  17. Looked to be hilarious- some pretty amusing and clever and some so not. Anyway thanks for the pictures – bet you then went to your favourite sea food restaurant for that delicious fish lunch.

    • An amazing amount if work goes into these floats…there are some clever people around.

  18. Thanks Deb fabulous photos. I think I need to time a trip around ths carnival.

    • Come next year and we will go together.

  19. Amazing photos Debra! Such an entertaining, colourful event really 😀

  20. Amazing spectacle – great photos!

  21. Loved reading your blog and comparing this to the longest running Carnival in Italy at Putignano, where the politicians also headlined! You might be interested in reading my blog on Putignano

  22. The likenesses are amazing! So happy you made it once again this year!

  23. What a wonderful event to attend. I can’t believe the size of the floats and how imaginative they all are. Thank you so much for sharing carnevale with us.

    • The floats are enormous and the music is very loud. It is an exciting event to attend.

  24. I love Carnevale! They are such incredible pieces! So much talent and work must go into those floats. How is it funded?

  25. […] arrived in Italy in time to see the fabulous Viareggio Carnevale. I go every year if I can. It is a spectacle not to be […]

  26. I note that Carnevale in Venice is from 11 February to 28 February, in 2017. Does the Viareggio parade happen on the last weekend? (The dates are TBA, on the website.)

    • I think you will have to wait for them to announce the dates. I’m not sure what happens when.

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