Posted by: Debra Kolkka | February 11, 2015

A February day in Helsinki

I hit the jackpot yesterday in Helsinki. It was a glorious blue sky day and the temperature zoomed all the way up to 7 degrees. There was a bit of snow about just to make things interesting. I started the day at the harbour for the last of sunrise.

Helsinki sunrise

Esplanadi was just coming to life.

Esplanadi Helsinki



I took advantage of the sunny day and went for a walk around Toolonlahti.

Toolonlahti Helsinki   Toolonlahti Helsinki
Toolonlahti Helsinki


The days are getting longer with the approach of spring, but evening still comes early.




The evening light turned the beautiful white church a pink blush.





For more on heavenly Helsinki go to my other blog, Beautiful Helsinki. There is a link on the right side of the page.


  1. Great to hear that you have reached Helsinki and that you are enjoying fine weather.

    • It was a beautiful day in Helsinki. I am now in London…cold, grey and damp, but good.

  2. A beautiful blue sky on a brisk day … thus a wonderful day for images from Helsinki … and quite the change from Brisbane.

    • It was cold, but not too cold, just the way I like it.

  3. Stunning scenes, Debra. The sunrise is so lovely, and the architecture is spectacular. 🙂

    • Helsinki is stunning, especially on a gorgeous winter day.

  4. Dear Debra, Enjoy yr travels. Let’s Skype when you settle in at bagni. Best, Cherry

    Sent from cherrys iPad


    • I will be there next Monday. We will talk soon.

  5. Great pictures, it is such a treat having a sunny day in Scandinavia this time of the year.

    • It was a very mild day…lucky me.

  6. Deb! Abso beautiful pictures but all I could think of what were you wearing! I am heading off for Amsterdam and London next Friday and am wondering what sort of coat to take. I have a heavy grey wool coat that reaches calf-length. Will that be too OTT (over the top)?

    • I started the day with a padded doona coat, but it got too hot and I changed to a lighter one. London is actually colder than Helsinki right now. I still have my light coat on but I have a cashmere wrap as well. As long as you are on the move you keep warm
      I have been in Helsinki with minus 25…that was cold!

  7. Beautiful Deb…..but way toooooo cold for moi!!

    Paddy…..take that coat!



    • I didn’t find it too cold at all. I was walking fairly briskly and got quite warm. It is also easy to duck indoors occasionally to warm up.

  8. I love the crunch and squeak of snow underfoot and to see, in the early morning, what little feet have passed that way. I remember many years ago in England looking out at snow that had fallen overnight and seeing a fox. The fox stopped and looked up at me for some seconds – I still remember the colour of its fur against the snow.

    • There were tiny footprints by the lake as well as people prints. I wasn’t game to walk out there, i didn’t fancy a cool bath.

  9. Cannot believe the depth of the blue nor the conception of such a perfect day in February . . . . thank you so much for sharing . . .

    • The sky was an amazing colour. I really love the colour of the evening sky as is gradually darkens.

  10. What a lovely day….so clear. Enjoy!

    • It was clear and bright, unlike London which is great and damp, but it is not raining, so it’s great.

  11. Thanks Debbio! I have two coats, the Big Grey Bertha and the other is a type of waterproof arrangement which will serve as the lighter coat and I can use layers to keep warm. Can not wait!

    • Amsterdam is fabulous, you will love it.

  12. How nice to read that You in Finland again. Excellent set of beautiful photos.

    • I was in Finland briefly and was lucky to have wonderful weather. I will return in June.

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