Posted by: Debra Kolkka | February 9, 2015

Leaving on a jet plane

It is time to leave Brisbane and make my way to Bagni di Lucca.

Brisbane airport

I have left Brisbane’s blue skies and am currently in foggy Hong Kong waiting for my flight to Helsinki. I am hoping for some snow, before heading off to London and Oxford for a few days.

Here is what I am leaving behind for a while. I think Brisbane is a beautiful city.

Brisbane city

# Brisbane city

Brisbane city#

It has been a hot, steamy summer so far, which doesn’t really suit me. I prefer cooler weather. The heat does have some compensations…

It is great for the beach.

#Burleigh Beach

There are gorgeous flowers everywhere.

# summer flowers


summer flowers

Many of the poincianas have finished flowering and enormous seed pods have formed.





Our balcony is teeming with wildlife. Noisy birds wake us up early in the morning, frogs are croaking after the rain and we have had an occasional visit from a possum who feels quite at home in our living room.

Our possum

Our possum

When I return to Brisbane it will be winter, my favourite season at home in Australia.

Until then I look forward to sharing my new travels with you.




  1. Safe travels! If you have time and would like to meet for a drink in Helsinki, just let me know. Melanie ; )

    • I would love to catch up in Helsinki. I will be there on Monday, just for the day.
      Oops, make that Tuesday.

  2. Lovely post as always Debra. Safe travels. Hope to meet you in Italy in May

    • Thank you Margie. I hope we can get together somewhere.

  3. Deb, What chance a London dinner? Please let us know…

  4. oooops, that was from me. Pete B

    • That sounds great. I will be in London Wednesday and Thursday night and I am staying near Marlybone High St.

  5. Nice one. Please bring me back a possum.

    • I doubt they would enjoy the trip.

  6. Hello Debra. Brisbane looks beautiful! I subscribed to your blog because I will be spending a year in Bagni di Lucca, beginning next month. Your posts have been so beautiful and informative. Thank you very much – I know they take a lot of time and effort.
    Perhaps we can meet up sometime. I will be in Casa Fioretta.
    p.s. Your possums are MUCH cuter than ours her in the US.

    • I would love to meet in Bagni di Lucca. I will be there until mid June. Let me know when you arrive.

    • Hi, we too are moving to Bagni but not until August. We plan to spend 6 months there and are staying at Villa Isabella in Ponte e Serraglio.We may see you over there…..

  7. Have a safe trip and get ready to enjoy some cold weather. We shall see you in Bagni in a few weeks.
    I love that possum! We used to have a friendly one when we lived in Byron Bay, but there were not many around on the Gold Coast… Unless one goes to the Hinterland or Currumbin Sanctuary….

    • Possums are thriving in our area. They are very cute, but if they get in the house they can be a bit of a pest. I look forward to coffee and sfoglia at Il Monaco.

  8. Oops, don’t want to be “Anonymous”!

  9. Bring your snow shoes, we are up to our neck in snow at thee moment.

  10. Buon viaggio-I look forward to your adventures in Italy.

    • Thank you, see you in Lucca in spring.

  11. Safe travels Debra. Had a long chat with Kerry on the weekend. Your ears should have been burning.

    • I thought it must have been those fires around Perth.

  12. I subscribed to your blog. Have a safe flight and enjoy Europe.

    • Thank you. I am looking forward to discovering new (for me) places.

  13. I remember my grandmother’s beautiful tropical flowers in Brisbane when I was a child. Now in Italy all my hibiscus are looking very poorly inside! Safe trip.

    • Hibiscus are gorgeous flowers, perhaps they would do well in the south of Italy.

  14. Reblogged this on A Boomer's Travels and commented:
    Another great place to visit in Australia.

    • Thanks for the reblog

  15. The song, Leaving on a Jet Plane….has a lot of meaning to me.

    • Me too, I do it often.

  16. Buon viaggio

  17. That possum is a little stunner, he will miss you and your crumbs.. Dying to see your favourite view coming up soon.. c

    • He was a curious little fellow. It took a bit of chasing to get him out of the house.

      • Do the aussie possums have the fluffy tail like the NZ ones? Here is American the tail is nude – most disconcerting.

      • Our local possums don’t have fluffy tails. I think they us their tails to hang on to branches. They have fur, but quite short.

  18. or I should say you Other favourite view.. c

  19. Happy travels!

    • Thank you. Oxford should be fun.

  20. Have a great trip Deb. Say hello to Helsinki and eat some rye bread and think of me. Kirsi

    • Consider the rye bread eaten.

  21. The possum will survive, don’t worry. Love all your photos -you have captured summer in our beautiful city so well. Looking forward to the results of the Blog competition, you deserve to win as everyone loves your postings. Looking forward to the one coming up from Oxford, and then later the regular ones from Italy. Safe travels.

    • Oxford should be fun. I have been before, but not for a while.

  22. What a contrast. Snow in Northern Italy for balmy tropical weather in Brisbane.

    • I love cold weather…and some snow.

  23. Bon Voyage. The possum looks cute. As we don’t have any here I don’t know a lot about them so I off to look them up on Wiki.

    • Possums are thriving in the city. We have lots in our garden.

  24. Miss you already

  25. Safe and enjoyable travels Deb…..looking forward to your next post…hopefully from a snowy Ponte a Serraglio.

    • There is snow in BdL now, but it will probably be gone by the time I arrive.

  26. In 20 days time my grandson and I leave Brisbane heading to Verona for a 12 month stay also… Hope you have a great journey.

    • Verona is gorgeous, you will love it. Let me know if you come to Lucca, I will show you around.

      • Yes I certainly will if we get down that way. I will keep my website updated.

  27. Safe travels. Must be quite the weather shock … then again, Helsinki is quickly make you transition. 🙂

    • I love cold weather. Helsinki produced a beautiful blue sky day and around 7degrees. There was a bit of snow about.

      • I recall your trip to Lapland … so cheers to your joy!

  28. I’m looking forward to your views of London – there are so many fascinating places and I haven’t been to Oxford so I’ll look forward to that too! Possums really are so very appealing aren’t they. I accidentally knocked one down from where he was sleeping in the bamboo alongside our house and then from the kitchen window I could see him trying to get comfortable – a bit like an upside down Koala – he must have had a knock to his noggin.

    • I am looking forward to London and Oxford. I haven’t been for a while.

  29. Beautiful ‘good-bye’ photos, timelessly true and lovely ‘tomorrow’s . . . enjoy the journey, both the departure and the arrival – and DO keep us posted, Helsinki most of all for me!

    • Helsinki is a beautiful city. There will certainly be a post soon. Go to my Beautiful Helsinki blog for lots on Helsinki. There is a link on the right side of the page.

  30. Good to be reminded of Brisbane’s stunning floral, botanical and zoological riches – humidity notwithstanding.

    • I love Brisbane, but not those steamy summer days.

  31. Hello gorgeous — won’t see you this year , we’re having a Caribean sabbatical instead !
    Ciao Richard and Jill

    • That sounds wonderful…maybe next year. Have a great time.

  32. Hi Debra, We too have enjoyed your blog. We will arrive in Bagni at the beginning of August for 6 months so will miss you but Frances (Pam’s daughter) will be there for our first week and jordana is planning a visit too- such a small world! Your blog has helped us to plan out our must do list and hopefully we will meet you one day!

    • I will be around in September and October probably. I look forward to meeting you.

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