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Come with me to Calomini

We can see Calomini from Vergemoli, not from Casa Debbio, but from the centre of the village. It is just below the bluff in the photo below.



The road there from Vergemoli has been damaged in bad weather and there have been signs advising people not to use it.They have come down recently and I decided it was time for a visit. The road is like all in the area, very narrow in parts, with some blind corners, but the scenery along the way makes it worthwhile.

Grapevines and olive trees start to appear and Calomini comes into view.


I have visited hundreds of these mountain villages around Bagni di Lucca and the Garfagnana and it still surprises me how different they are from each other. Calomini now has only about 30 permanent residents, but they clearly have pride in their town. It is beautifully maintained…come for a walk through the town and up the steep hill to the church at the top.



There are little garden plots all over the town, with some excellent vegetables and grapes enjoying the autumn sun.

Tended flowers and wildflowers do well in Calomini.

Calomini cats know how to enjoy a Sunday afternoon.

Calomini cat

Calomini cat

This house at the beginning of the steep climb to the church has an amazing view.


It was late afternoon when I was in Calomini and the sun was shining into my camera as I tried to take photos of the mountains, particularly the one with the hole in the top. The origin of the hole in Monte Forato is said to be caused by a clash between San Pellegrino and the devil.

Monte Forato

Vergemoli lies on the ridge between the trees and the mountain. I need to go back one morning for a better photo.



From this point it was a steep walk up to the church.


My reward for the climb was a closed door covered by a blue curtain.


The walk back down the hill to my car was much easier. I will definitely return to Calomini for some morning views of Vergemoli.




  1. Looking forward to seeing the views of Vergemoli in your next post on Calomini.

    • I will definitely have to go back. There is a restaurant in Calomini that needs to be tried too.

  2. Very beautiful! We are lucky to have so many wonderful places around us.

    • We couldn’t see them all in one lifetime.

  3. they are all so beautiful dear Debra, I love to see Italy through your camera. But but you can guess which one is my best 🙂 They are sooooo lovely, Thank you, love, nia

    • I know you love the cats Nia.

  4. What a view! So lovely and the village looks very tranquil in the photos.

    • The villages are very sleepy, especially on a Sunday afternoon.

  5. Debra, how charming – thank you for the walk. Your photos really are the highlight of my day. I hope next time you visit the curtain will be down and the door open – perhaps on a Sunday?

    • I was there on a Sunday, but the church service was about to take place in s smaller church at the base of the village. I doubt the hilltop church is open very often. I would probably have to ask someone to open it for me. Many churches are closed in these villages as there are no longer enough people to have a priest for each one.

  6. You are surrounded by such beauty. I wonder why the church was built so far up a steep hill? It would have been difficult for some of the elderly parishioners to get there!

    • The church is closed for this reason. Services appear to be held in a smaller church lower in the village. The (recorded) bells were ringing as I entered the village.

  7. What a beautiful hilltown.

    • It is a lovely village. I spoke to one lady, who was getting the church ready for a service, who told me how few people live there now. It would be great to get more people in these places. It would be a real shame for them to die.

  8. Beautfiul nature, charming view.. wow!
    thank you for sharing this with us 🙂

    • Our area is very beautiful.

  9. Thanks for the tour – what a glorious little place! I want to be there!

    • It is a lovely village. I am so glad I finally go there.

  10. Such glorious autumn light Debra…. and that pumpkin has my name on it too! Another gem.

    • I’m going to a pumpkin festival with Heather on Sunday, you should be coming with us.

      • Oooooh how right you are! ENJOY IT, both you you.

  11. God, what a gorgeous place! I keep asking myself why I live in Milan!?

    • I love Milan! I could live there.

  12. Deb, what a gorgeous post! I feel like I’ve been for a stroll in the sunshine with you.. xxx

    • I love these mountain villages. I occasionally meet locals who are happy to talk to me. They all seem to like living quiet, peaceful lives.

  13. As if it was yesterday I’m wistfully imagining life there. Love the pussy cats & the beautiful pics all round.

    • Life is slow in these villages, which is how the residents like it.

  14. It is interesting how few people can put in so much effort to make a village so lovely

  15. Oh, these are such heavenly scenes, Debra. the cats look very content there. 🙂

  16. You know my love for the region, but I also love that you take me places that I don’t know, yet very much appreciate.

    Hope you get a chance to stop by my blog celebration party over the weekend.

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