Posted by: Debra Kolkka | September 27, 2014

Winter windows in Florence

It was a beautiful day in Florence yesterday, warm and sunny and there weren’t too many tourists around. The shops are full of winter clothes and we have had enough cool mornings lately to think they might be necessary soon.

It is a colourful season, which is good to see. There can be far too much black in winter. Come for a little walk around the shop windows of Florence with me.



In the Fendi window the mannequin is holding a miniature head of Karl Lagerfeld as a key ring. Who knew we needed one of these?



Moving on…










Dolce & Gabbana is a favourite again this season. Just as well nothing in the shop would fit me or I might be tempted.




Of course, the accessories fit anyone.


Luisa Via Roma is a riot of colour and fur, both real and faux.




Valentino is always elegant.




Sorry chaps, the menswear was mostly suits and I can’t get excited about those.

I had lunch at the wonderful Obika, the mozzarella bar in Via Tornabuoni. I will tell you all about that some other time.


  1. Very colourful windows indeed. I wouldn’t mind a wander around Florence looking at the stylish shop windows.

    • It was a gorgeous day, pefect for wandering in Florence.

  2. Thanks for the fashion show from Europe.. it’s a far cry from the Hawaiian style, but LOVE to window shop with you 🙂

    • Window shopping is a lot of fun. I did buy a couple of small things, I could’ve resist.

  3. That Pucci dress is taking me back to the late 60’s…. oops! Showing my age….
    Lovely photos! I love that gold overcoat.

    • I remember Pucci from the 1960s. Do you recall the Osti copies in Australia?

      • Yes, now that you mention them…. I also recall the uniforms Pucci designed for a Texan airline called Braniff.

  4. The last time I attempted to take photos of shop windows in Florence, a screaming long haired woman emerged from the shop yelling like a banshee.
    It was rather odd to see all these same designer windows in China this year.

    • Someone tried to stop me taking a photo once. I just went back when the shop was closed. I always ask if I can take photos inside, but it is a bit rich not to be able to take them from outside.

  5. Amazing thankyou for sharing!!

    • I think it is a great season. I love to see colour in winter.

  6. The Valentino material is almost marimekko look alike style of print..

    • It is certainly colourful and bit 70s

  7. I think it was Jackie Onassis’ sister who said “one can never be too thin or too rich” – I at first thought it a fatuous remark, now, however….. She may have had a point!

    • I’d settle for rich.

  8. “Moschino: Cheap and Chic” ?? I don’t quite believe that.

    • It is their second line which is a bit less expensive than the first. They do have some reasonably priced things.

  9. Hooray for the joys of Florence without a heavy throng of tourists … and cheers to the fall fashions and your captures.

    • I love Florence without the crowds. I would never go in high summer.

  10. Gorgeous window displays, Debra. I loved shopping in Florence. 🙂

    • Shopping in Florence is great fun.

  11. As much as I like black it is great to see these lovely colours for winter

    • Black is certainly easy, but in winter I think a bit of colour is great.

  12. I love the delicate lace and the bright colours! 😀

    • I love the green lace too. I couldn’t wear the dress, but I can still admire it.

  13. Excellent blog thank you Debra, I’m in London where it is unseasonably hot

    • The weather has been nuts. Today is just glorious here. They could have done with some of this sun in summer.

  14. Thank you for the window shopping tour. My daughter is in bagni di lucca at the moment staying in a B and B. She is loving it. And it’s all because of your wonderful blog x

    • I’m pleased your daughter likes Bagni di Lucca. I feel a bit responsible bringing people to my lovely village. I love it and am delighted when others come and like it too. Perhaps I will see her one morning at Il Monaco for a coffee and a sfoglia.

  15. You have excellent taste Debra, all exquisite but I adore the green shoes!

  16. The shoes are by Armani, a very stylish gentleman.

  17. Beautiful clothes Debra. I still have a Valentino Hand Bag and Valentino shoes that my husband bought me in Florence many years ago.

  18. I love the purple coat in D&G window although may be a bit warm for brissie also the jewel shoes

  19. Lovely to see so much colour and patterns around. Great idea for a post. Just noticed that al the mannequins are bold. I hope that’s not a indication of this season’s hair trends!

  20. Yay! Debra, I’ve found you again. I have been trawling (insert stalking here) your long lost (to me) site for the last hour, catching up on your world. So great to be back in touch. Have had such a lovely time looking (insert longing) at this post, so many options, so much inspiration.

    • I wonder what happened. I have just signed up for your new (?) blog.

  21. I love some of these window shop stores. That jewelled breastplate was something else!

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