Posted by: Debra Kolkka | July 10, 2014

Marchetti…a little bit of Italy

I am back home in Brisbane for a while. I love it here, especially now that winter has arrived. The crisp mornings and warm, sunny days suit me very well.

Of course, as soon as I get home, I miss Italy. Fortunately my friend Michael has recently opened a cafe in the city, and it is full of delectable reminders of Italy. It is worth going for the sfogliatelle alone.


Michael has them flown in from Naples. The uncooked sfogliatelle are snap frozen and speedily sent to Marchetti where they are cooked and sit prettily waiting to be eaten. I can report that the one I had tasted exactly like the ones I have enjoyed in Naples.

There are other tasty things to eat as well. The filled pannini look just like the Italian variety and the biscotti, made by Virginia from Naples, are amazing.

Today for lunch I had minestrone, which was excellent.


Say hello to Michael and Virginia.




Art Deco inspired Marchetti is in the elegant Tattersalls’s Arcade off the Queen St Mall.  Michael has travelled extensively in Italy and has created a delightful cafe that makes me feel right at home.

There is a small area inside with a communal bench, outside tables and a banquette in the centre of the arcade. Michael just happens to be my optometrist as well. That is his shop (Optiko) in the background.




Marchetti is brand new and the menu is changing regularly. The coffee is great and the food is delicious. Wine is available by the glass and later in the year Marchetti will be open for afternoon and evening aperitivi…I can’t wait for my first Campari or Aperol spritz.

Call in and say hello to Michael and Virginia and the rest of the team.

Phone…07 30031344




  1. Cheers to Michael’s and Virginia’s efforts of bringing the taste of Italy to Brisbane.

    • They are doing a great job. It is a welcome addition to Brisbane.

  2. We will have to go to Marchetti if we visit later in the year!

    • You must, you will be impressed.

  3. Those sfogliatelle look absolutely delicious!

    • They are very good indeed, just like the ones I sampled in Naples.

  4. Magari…..
    An Italian girl translated that as ‘I wish’. With a sigh.

    Wateringly beautiful, dribble

    • Come for a little visit to Brisbane and we will go together.

  5. I’ll have to give this place a try on the weekend!

    • I’m sure you will like it.

  6. It looks like a good spot. And I would call in if I weren’t so very far away!

    • I will admit that it is a bit far for you to travel for a coffee.

  7. I was in the city on Wednesday and noticed this lovely caffe but was looking at shoes.. I will be going back .
    Thanks Debra and welcome back to Brisbane..
    Lorraine x

    • You must go back…better than shoes.

  8. Ooh those pastries look divine. They used to make them up the road from here until the patisserie closed – only on Saturdays, and they called them “lobster claws”.. 🙂

    • There seems to be a lot of work involved in these pastries, worth it of course.

  9. Fabulous Deb! I knew the cafe was poised to open about now… It looks very authentic too. A home away from home for you.

    • It will be a regular spot for me.

  10. Welcome back to Brisbane Deb…How was Helsinki and visit with Kirsi?
    Looks great, will have to try this weekend!
    Sfogliatelle look delicious!

    • We had a lovely time in Helsinki. You can see one of our jaunts on Beautiful Helsinki. I’m sure you will enjoy Marchetti.

  11. Hi welcome back Debra. I will have to try out Marchetti.
    All the best Helen

    • It is nice to be back for a while. Enjoy Marchetti.

  12. Ooh I do love sfogliatelle! I made it once and the dough was so complicated! Great that you have something in Brisbane for when you are “homesick” 😀

    • I can’t imagine making them, it looks so complicated.

  13. Oh yum!

    • Definitely delicious.

  14. I know Michael well – he was my brothers best man and we went to the same schools. It’s a small world

    • I think Michael went to State High. My son went there too, just a few years later.

      • Yes, Michael was the year under me. We also went to the same primary school.

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