Posted by: Debra Kolkka | July 13, 2014

Meet the growers

In Australia 2 large retailers have most of the market in fresh food. I don’t really think this is a good idea. The big supermarkets have too much say in prices and even what farmers grow.

This is just one of the reasons I like to shop for food at farmers’ markets. We have some great markets here in Brisbane. Yesterday I went to the Powerhouse markets in New Farm. It was a gorgeous sunny winter day and there was some great produce on offer.

The markets are very popular, which is great so see.



One of the fun things about the market is that you get to meet the people who grow your food.


I met a particularly delightful farmer who,  with her family, grew the delicious mandarins, limes and lemons below.






In all cases the produce is picked as close as possible to the selling day, meaning it is going to taste better and last longer…and be better for you.

This is my haul for the day.



Do you shop at farmers’ markets?


  1. Gotta love a good market with local products.

    • We have great produce in Australia…thank you growers.

  2. Up here in the Atherton Tablelands, there is a market at a different town each weekend. You’re so right, the produce is excellent, and not at the inflated prices forced on us by the supermarket monopoly. I’ve been told that the produce grown up here is shipped down to Brisbane, and then distributed around the state, including right back where it was grown! Pazzo!

    • I am glad that growers’ markets are popular here in Australia. It is good to know where your food comes from.

  3. Unfortunately I had an unpleasant experience here in Sydney shopping at a similar Farmers Market. Beautiful fresh produce, but upon completion of my purchases asked for a receipt which was not forthcoming so just asked them to write prices down on a paper bag….when it was re added there was a discrepancy for which I was refunded but left a bitter taste…know what I mean? Still need to be vigilant no matter where one shops!

    • I hope that hasn’t put you off shopping at markets. We do need to support our growers.

  4. Here in Margaret River farmers markets are very popular. Great place to shop for fresh locally produced fruit, veges, cheeses, meat and breads, as well as locally made handcrafts etc. Very good.

    • There are good meat and seafood suppliers at the Powerhouse markets as well. I think the prices are good and I have always been pleased with what I have bought.

  5. I quite often go to Everleigh St markets here in Sydney. They are great – but I must admit it ends up costing quite a lot more than going to a greengrocers. It’s really easy to get sucked into the market atmosphere and buy more than you normally would without actually thinking about the prices. When I’m in Italy though I always shop at the market.

    • It can be very tempting to buy too much. I have stopped taking a shopping trolley. If I have to carry what I buy it holds me back a bit.

  6. Farmer markets are the best! As you know, in Europe it is the way to shop. In San Francisco, they are becoming very popular. And the produce is excellent!

    • It is good to know where your food comes from and that is a bit difficult when it is on a tray covered with plastic at a supermarket.

  7. Hope you got apples for Jimlet

  8. We need to support these farmers. It is unhealthy that 2 major supermarkets in Australia have so much of the Australian market

    • It is extremely unhealthy for the big supermarkets to control the market. I almost never buy fresh food from supermarkets as a personal protest.

      • Deb we need for many more Australians to not support the big super markets so much. People don’t know the grave they are digging for themselves. Monopoly is scary and dangerous

  9. Hear hear! And how much better does it taste!!! Nearly as good as when you grow it yourself, but variety a bounty without you being a slave to your gardens

    • There is nothing as good as standing in your own garden eating cherries from the tree or raspberries from the bush as I can do at Casa Debbio, but markets are the next best thing.

  10. Totally agree with you!!! (I have to say, I got stuck on the lemon lady’s teeth; they are perfect!! What a smile!) The market looks beautiful. I go to markets for food, but also just to cheer myself up if I’m feeling down and there’s one going on. I love the color and the energy and the freshness! And, yes, the personal interaction which is totally missing otherwise. So glad you posted this.

    • It is great to meet the people who grow our food. Wandering in the markets is a great way to spend a couple of hours. We have some wonderful markets in Italy and I go whenever I can.

  11. Such an important message Deb. Your beautiful winter weather lends itself perfectly! Looks a thoroughly delicious haul!

    • Winter in Brisbane is excellent. In summer I have to be at the markets very early in the mornign to miss the heat.

  12. Gorgeous market shots Debra. I would love to shop at farmers markets, but there are precious few in our big city.

    • We have a city market in Brisbane every Wednesday, which is great. I will be there tomorrow.

  13. I know those New Farm markets. Good to see them doing very well, as are the farmers’ markets in Sydney. Over the four or five years that our daughter has worked there, we’ve watched Marrickville market double in size, then double again.

  14. Dang, you did haul!!! That looks so fresh and good! Hard to think of “winter” in July…..

    • Our winter is just about perfect. Most days are around 20degrees and we have glorious sunshine.

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