Posted by: Debra Kolkka | July 7, 2014

Torcello revisited

Torcello is the abandoned island in the Venice lagoon. It is where Venice began. I have been a couple of times in winter and autumn. ( see a previous post here, with photos of the cathedral interiors)

The island offers a completely different Venice experience. A few people still live on the island and it is a quiet, green space to escape from the crowds of the main islands. On a hot summer day we wandered among locals enjoying picnics on the grassy areas beside Venice’s first cathedral.

Come for a summer walk in Torcello.









There is a lovely vineyard near the cathedral with some interesting sculptures around the edges. The first one may be intended to keep you out of the vineyard.







We had lunch at the same place as last time in the beautiful garden restaurant. The food is excellent and very reasonably priced.



One day I might find the shop open to buy one of the gorgeous sculptures…getting it home might be a problem.



Don’t miss Torcello on your next visit to Venice.

Take a look at the recent post by Madhu from The Urge to Wander on Torcello for lots more information.


  1. That bridge is the one we took so many pictures on in our few hours spent there… your photo brought back so many good memories which I thank you for 🙂

    • Torcello is a beautiful place to visit, so peaceful and quiet.

      • Indeed it is! Far from tourism, sunny & most peaceful, totally agree 🙂

  2. What a lovely place to leave the crowded streets of Venice for and just relax in the peace and quite.

    • It doesn’t really feel like Venice at all.

  3. yes, it is gorgeous…a nice respite in summer as still not alot of people go there and eeriely quiet in winter:) and the cats there too:) lovely jet black ones..

    • It is very quiet in winter, but there were a few people wandering about in June when we were there.

  4. Hi Deb,

    Can you add LinkedIn on your share button links… i would love to share some of these with my LinkedIn connections.

    • I think I have connected with Linked in. I hope it works for sharing.

  5. I really like this place. Those statues captivate me with their timeworn faces. Thanks for the new information!

    • Torcello is lovely. It is quite rural apart from the couple of buildings along the main canal.

  6. I would love to own the house with the boat moored on the side…

    • I love that house, I have dozens of photos of it.

  7. The faces have such interesting expressions! 😮

    • I would love them for my garden at Casa Debbio.

  8. Wondeerful place dear Debra, I loved these sculptures… Great Italian artists. Thank you, love, nia

    • Torcello is a wonderful part of Venice.

  9. A lovely refuge from the chaos of Venice isn’t it? Thanks for the shout out Debra.

    • Torcello is a great place to visit. I love all of Venice, with the possible exception of Lido.

  10. It is lovely to see photos of Torcello, we didn’t get there on our last stay in Venice but definitely will be making the effort on the next trip. Looks like a wonderful place to take a break from the busy, tourist filled centre of Venice.

    • I love the busy parts of Venice too, but Torcello is a special place.

  11. Thanks to you and Madhu, I’ve added Torcello to my list for the next trip to Venice!

    • I’m sure you will love Torcello.

  12. I certainly won’t miss it Deb.. I like the low key look and all those lovely faces. xx

    • Torcello is a great place to visit.

  13. Torcello looks like a beautiful place to visit. I hope you find that shop open one day. I am sure you will find a way of getting a sculpture home!

    • I am fairly resourceful. I have managed to get all sorts of things home with me.

  14. Looks so inviting. And none of Venice’s madness! I must get back there – maybe when it’s cooler?

  15. The campanile has just recently been re-opened for the climb to the top, and wonderful views of the lagoon. It’s an easy climb, it’s a series of ramps, not steps.

    • Thank you for the info. The scaffolding has been up the last couple of times I have been there. I will definitely climb this on my next visit.

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