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No Brigitte Bardot sighting in St Tropez

We stopped for the night in St Tropez on our way back from Spain to Italy, wouldn’t you? To me St Tropez means Brigitte Bardot. I wouldn’t be surprised to see her pop out from behind a yacht. Of course she wouldn’t look the same as she did in her heyday.

the tiny boat harbour at St Tropez

late afternoon in St Tropez

looking out to sea

along the coast

the other way

they look like twin orcas

sunset in the harbour

We finally dragged ourselves away from the harbour to find a restaurant. We decided on Meat Packing District – named after the area in New York I suppose – at 5 Rue Eglise, a tiny street behind the harbour. It was very good.

the tiny restaurant

my delicious prawns

The next morning there was a fresh food market in the square.

French bread - yum

more French bread

French bread with cheese

French olives

French sausage

French asparagus

We found the fish market in an old arcade.

the wonderful fish market

fresh fish

ready for the pot

a big crab


colourful fish

interesting fish

There was a little flower market there too.


pink peonies

white peonies

There was just time for another look at the harbour and we were off.

morning at the harbour

a beautiful morning

lucky man

It took only 6 hours to drive from St Tropez to Bagni di Lucca. Look what we had for dinner.

French dinner in Italy


  1. Love the lobster!

    • What a shame he was going to be someone’s dinner.

  2. Such a coincidence our apt has copy of Bridgitte Bardot in St Tropez and was reading it yesterday,she was stunning but all that smoking and suntanning did not stand her well former old age!
    see you soon in Brisbane.

    • She was absolutely gorgeous and it would appear she has had a rich and full life.

  3. I love your title Deb, lol lol everybody love Brigitte Bardot… or maybe ate least our generation does….
    Lovely pictures Deb! what kind of camera do you have? since I bought my new Nikon I am so interested in cameras now….

    • I wish we had seen BB in St Tropez. It really would have made our day. My camera is a Canon G11 and I love it.

  4. We also like to stop in St-Tropez on our way back to Spain from Bagni. Depending on our moods and availability, we tend to spend a minimum of one night in either Antibes, Cannes or St.-Tropez. It is an excellent break for a long journey. In St.-Tropez, we love to go to the bars at the harbour and drink Ice Tropez, a mix of white wine, carbonated water and natural peach flavour that comes in a lovely small bottle which you can also buy at any of the local grocery stores or supermarkets, but only in that area, it is not sold anywhere else. It has a lovely pale pink colour and it is the best drink to have in that place.
    As for BB, she does not like the limelight anymore and it looks as if too much suntan has not agreed with her skin; however, she refuses to have a facelift and she does not care what everyone thinks (good on her!)

    • I’m definitely looking for that drink when I go back to St Tropez – and I am going back. Good on BB for doing her own thing.

  5. I’m glad you chose that French bread with cheese-I was eyeing it off from the photos!

  6. Have you ever had the white asparagus. I have often seen it but never tried. It is one veggie my kid will eat. The breads and olives remind us of the market at Viareggio last year…oh we are ready to get back!

    • We bought the green, purple and white asparagus and ate them for dinner that night and they were delicious.

  7. Great photos. I can see how Bardot once inspired S. Tropez, but she’s turned herself into something that doesn’t inspire much, anymore.

    • The years have not been kind to BB, but she looks after animals and does her own thing – not so bad.

  8. The photo of the lobster is wonderful. You should print it off for a card Deb……love it and no Brigitte Bardot? Did you know that Elkie Sommer lives here in Marloffstein?

    • You told me about Elke. Have you had a sighting?

  9. Oooh, what a lovely post, Deb! All that seafood looks simply amazing, and how nice to see what St Tropez harbour actually looks like! Thank you..

    • The seafood market was in a wonderful old arcade. We had seen it empty the evening before and I thought it would be the perfect place for a market. I just love seeing good food markets. The food was actually quite expensive, much more expensive than in our little village in Italy.

  10. Look at all those market goodies! Yum. Beautiful looking breads.

    • I can report that the cheese bread was delicious.

  11. You manage quite well the food theme in your photos!
    French food is among my favs.
    Thanks once again.

    • The food in France is excellent and they are wonderful with presentation.

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