Posted by: Debra Kolkka | May 5, 2014

Casa Debbio report

Lots has been happening at Casa Debbio since I returned in March. The weather has been much better than last year meaning we have been able to do much more work in the garden.

I have had delightful Filippo from Vergemoli helping me to plant things and to thin out some of the acacia trees that threaten to take over our terraces. We have uncovered cherry trees, fig trees, wild rhododendons and gained space to plant more beautiful things.

Meet Filippo. He looked after the garden for me last year when I wasn’t around in the summer. Since we have been working together this year, little tales are coming out…he told me that we got 2 raspberries last year, he ate one, but he is not sure who got the other one.



Here he is with Rocco, who has been clearing some rocks and building rubbish from below the house.



Those logs are the old chestnut beams from the original house. We will find a place for them somewhere, I can’t throw them away.

Here are some photos of our changing garden.

…and here are some of our recent views.











This week we will be planting tomatoes, basil and other herbs, and the geraniums will be going into pots for the summer.


  1. Please visit my new blog, hope you like it 🙂

    thank you so much 🙂

    • you have beautiful photos.

      • thank you so much dear 🙂

  2. Lovely garden and handsome men!!!!

    • The garden is progressing well with their help.

  3. Great work – great results!

    • We need this spring sun to continue.

  4. Simply gorgeous, Debra. Hope you’re loving your house.

    • I do love the house, and I am really enjoying building a garden, the first time for me.

  5. Just beautiful Deb…would love to see it in real life one day!!!

    • You won’t be far away soon, it will be an easy trip.

  6. Hi Debra, What is the name of the village on the hill? Fantastic weather you’re having!

    • The first village is Vergemoli, a 10 minute walk away from the house. The one in the distance is Trasillico.

  7. Very beautiful

  8. What a fantastic place, great photos.

    • The garden is really growing now that spring has arrived.

  9. Unbelievable transformation from when I saw Casa Debbio. Not that I had any doubts you would do this beautiful place justice. Keep the reports coming!

    • We have done lots of work since you were here…time for another visit.

      • Was talking about this just this evening. Indeed, it’s time!

  10. Wow… beautiful images… it’s like a dream place for me 🙂

    • The garden is really starting to take shape. By next year it will be even better.

  11. Worth all the effort, hard work, expense and love you have put into that place. You deserve it to be looking so good.

    • There is more to do, but there has been good progress this hear.

  12. I can’t get enough of looking at this house and its surroundings! I love it. Tell me…how far is it from Milan? And how far does one have to drive to get ‘in town” or to food stores? Can you tell I’m fantasizing…

    • I would say it is about 4 hours from Milan. There is a bar, a shop and a pharmacy in the village. The nearest supermarket is 8 kilometres away…down the mountain.

  13. What an adventure you’re having – such good results from last year’s plantings, and unearthing so many treasures. It’s looking terrific already, looking forward to watching your garden grow 🙂

    • I am thrilled that my peonies, columbines, roses, wisteria, clematis and other things reappeared from last year.

  14. Oh Debra it is looking so lovely. You have been very busy.

    • It is worth the effort when you see things growing.

  15. It is looking great. I do envy your garden!

    • It is starting to take shape. I love to see things growing.

  16. Lovely photos

  17. Wow Debra what a difference a year makes.

  18. You live in a beautiful spot!

    • I don’t live here full time, but I love the months I spend here.

      • And so you should! 🙂

  19. The place is looking great … so keep working hard!

    • There is still lots to be done.

  20. Your landscaping is just beautiful Debra. Just love spring.

    • We had the lovely terraces to work with, and some great hazelnut, cherry and chestnuts already here.

  21. lovely. Am so looking forward to seeing this delightful house with the gorgeous views

    • The view is spectacular, and ever changing.

  22. Cannot believe the changes in 5 weeks……Bella Bella…..on Ischia now and so enjoying it.

    • Spring has made a big difference, things are growing quickly.

  23. Thanks Debra, I have been waiting for this update. Love it big time. Wish I could have been there to work the garden with you.

    • We will be able to help each other soon.

      • Looking forward to it. My European green fingers are itching. The soil and weather and plants are so different from WA.

  24. Always a lovely place!

    • I love being here, especially on these gorgeous days.

  25. Stunning photos, Deb. It’s come so far since you started! I don’t know how you can bear to leave it…

    • I hate to leave, especially when things are beginning to grow, but it has to be done.

  26. Casa Debbio looking rather good

    • It is coming along. I planted tomatoes and basil today.

  27. What a gorgeous place.

    • Thank you, we are pleased with the results.

  28. Wow Debra it’s looking more beautiful than ever, I know how you love to garden

    • This is really the first time I have built a garden. It has been a challenge, but fun.

  29. Your garden is looking very pretty! Such unusual an spectacular varieties of flowers to set off your beautiful stone home. I imagine Spring will be a favourite time of the year for you….yet, each season has its own beauty…

    • I love spring here, but when the fireflies arrive I love summer too,

  30. It looks like a very beautiful place to live. I wish I could live in such a beautiful, charming place one day.

    • It is a perfect spot in the mountains. We have sun all day and the views are amazing.

  31. Gorgeous! Thanks for the update!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • The weather has been quite good this year, a big improvement on last year.

  32. What a gorgeous haven of tranquillity!!

    • The only sounds are the birds, cuckoos and woodpeckers right now.

  33. Gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing!

    • Perhaps you will come an visit one day.

  34. Your garden is beautiful: I LOVE the plants and trees you have in it.

  35. Wow! It’s been a long time since I saw your last report of this. It’s nice to see it now in fruition.

    • Rommel, you should come to see Casa Debbio for yourself. The garden is coming along very nicely.

  36. The garden is really beautiful. When do you expect it to be finished?

    Someday, when I get to Positano, I’ll have to take a side trip to Casa Debbio and see these beautiful gardens for myself.

    • The garden is a work in progress. We started last year, but were held up because of the rain. We were lucky we had some great trees to start with. This year we have planted a dozen more trees and the fruit trees will go in the ground in autumn. I will also plant lots of daffodils for next spring. I expect to see a lot of growth this summer, but it will be next summer that there should be a big difference. I want the back of the house to be a sea of peonies and the rhododendrons to be putting on a fine dispay under the trees.

  37. Looks a little familiar to Monterey about 3 weeks ago; flowers blooming, green hills, low clouds in the valley.

    I leave for Milano in 3 weeks, eager to renew friendships and pursue publishing “Thirteen Days in Milan” in Italian. My translator just finished and I have a new paperback in English I’ll be bringing.

    Hope to meet up this summer, Debra!

  38. wow stunning, it’s coming along so well. Nice to meet the raspberry ripper

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