Posted by: Debra Kolkka | May 8, 2014

Pigeon party

I came upon this little pigeon gathering on a rooftop in Gombereto, one of the villages of Bagni di Lucca. They were enjoying a bit of spring sun, chatting and preening and doing what pigeons do.










I was impressed with the variety of pigeons in one spot. I know not everyone likes pigeons because they poo on things, but I find them fascinating, and some of their relatives earned Dickin Medals, the animal version of the Victoria Cross. 32 pigeons were awarded medals between 1943 and 1949.


  1. These are beautiful. Like paintings. The colors, the compositions. I’m with you. I rather like the little buggers. Have you ever seen a baby? I can never figure out where they roost and where the small are born…there just seem to be millions of adults.

    • I have seen a nest in a hole in the wall beside our river, but I have never seen a baby now that you mention it.

  2. Deb, how funny. I have pigeons on my roof and they puff and preen just as much.. Not just that, we have adopted one very much like the brown and white one sitting there all fluffy and cute . My kids have named her Miranda pigeon. We feed her, she comes over when we call her down from the roof. She knows we have bird seed with us. Since she travels in a flock, the others have become quite a nuisance – nudging her out of the way and eating up her food.

    • We had one years ago that we called Walter Pigeon. He moved in and liked to sit and chat and enjoyed the free food, but one day he just moved on.

  3. Yes, I am not fond of pigeons but they are all Gods creatures hey.

  4. I love pigeons. Cities and villages will not be the same without them. And they are not dirtier than any other bird. Perhaps I feel like this because I had a pet pigeon as a child, who used to go around the house sitting on my shoulder…

    • I think they are fun to watch, with their posturing and preening.

  5. Nice post – on the Dickin medal there was even a cat among the pigeons awarded it – see my post at

  6. We have wood pigeons congregating on our roof, I’m sure they wear little clogs the racket they make!

    • I can imagine, they can be noisy little critters.

  7. Ah, what you have are a mix of Digeons and Poves. Very common in Tuscany, and beautiful.

    • I thought they were beautiful. I stood and watched them for a while.

  8. Nice pigeons.

    • I thought they were gorgeous and worthy of a photo or 2.

  9. You can make art of anything you choose Deb! Beautiful pics x

    • They made very nice roof decoration.

  10. Well, why wouldn’t they gather in such a beautiful spot?

    • …no better place to be on a warm spring afternoon.

  11. Have they not chosen wisely. What a glorious spot for a warm spring afternoon! Recently we were in a well know theatre in Kirribilli, Sydney enjoying pre dinner drinks and to our amazement we could see pigeons nesting in between the piers adjacent to the wharf. As we were familiar with current real estate prices along Sydney’s harbourside we thought, at the time, their choice of lodgings and the veiw it afforded them quite savvy.

    • Meant to say I thought your photos gorgeous!

    • They know how to pick the best spots.

  12. Good to see someone who likes pigeons. They are brilliant little animals.

    • I think so too. I can see a nest from my window here in Ponte a Serraglio. I would love to see the babies.

  13. The Pigeon Collective, I love it

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