Posted by: Debra Kolkka | April 21, 2014

Let Spello cast her spell on you

There were too many gorgeous things in Spello for just 1 post. Here is part 2.

There are lots of wonderful doorways.

…some lovely shops.

…gorgeous frescoes and wall decorations.

There are the remains of a Roman forum.


We found the most beautiful restaurant, La Cantina, in the main street, and were served delicious food.


A beautiful park decorates the centre of town. You can sit and rest quietly in the shade or have an aperitivo from the nearby bar.


The views over the surrounding countryside are wonderful. You can see Assisi in the distance.





Every year, this year in mid June, Spello holds L’Infioriata di Spello. I will return for the event. Enormous floral displays cover the streets, a winner is chosen and a procession comes through and tramples the displays made up of hundreds or thousands of flower petals…stay tuned.


  1. My favourite little town in Umbria might even drop in from Spoleto soon.
    Frank and I will be exploring Le Marche on our next trip .. actually we leave tomorrow.. La Bella Italia I just cant get enough x x

    • Have a great time in Italy. Are you coming our way?

  2. Beautiful!!!

    • Spello is very beautiful, I’m glad we visited.

  3. Love doors like this! 🙂

    • There are lots to choose from in Italy.

      • My dream is to return someday!

      • I hope your dream comes true.

      • Thank you..

  4. I love your photographs.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous!

    • I am glad I am going back soon.

  6. That’s a very peaceful park, so green. Spello certainly is enticing.

    • The park was delighful. We sat there and enjoyed a drink before dinner.

  7. Yes, La Bella Italia is a constant source of delight, exploring towns off the beaten track, certainly a country to return to time and time again. Have fallen under the spell of Spello through your pictures, Deb!

    • Spello is a beautiful town…there are too many to visit in one lifetime in Italy.

  8. Love these doorways. What is the significance of the lion over the pig/cow relief? Spello is very charming

    • I have no idea. I couldn’t find a lot of information as many places were still closed…the season hasn’t really started yet. The lion was over the entrance to the Palazzo Comunale Vecchio built in 1270…and it wasn’t open.

  9. Amazing… so many beautiful details and moments in one town.

    • Spello is full of delights.

  10. Spello remains one of my favorite towns in all of Italia!

  11. What an enchanting little place. Happy Easter!

    • You must visit Spello.

  12. How fabulous – you know my love of doorways, Spello looks like door heaven!!

    • Spello is heaven in many ways.

  13. What a lovely town. I particularly like the photo of the doorway of the framing/picture shop with the wonderfully curvaceous dancer to the left. The interior of the restaurant looks so seductive – i would feel I was enjoying my meal even before my bottom landed on a seat. The park is very pretty and how amazing to have the remains of a Roman forum in one’s home town – beats a glass and stone tower block hands down.

    • La Cantina is one of the nicest restaurants I have been in. Everything about it was wonderful.

  14. Images of Italian doors and arches never gets tiring! Spello looks very captivating!!!!

    • Spello is delightful. I will become a regular place for us to visit.

      • Accessible by train? … Driving time?

      • The train stops in Spello. We drove from Bagni di Lucca in about 3 hours 30 minutes, so it must be about 2 hours from Florence by car.

      • Good know for future reference.

  15. So true Deb. I love how you can literally see one town on a hill from another. Is Assisi going to be the next in a trilogy perhaps?

    • We didn’t get to Assisi on this trip. We have been a couple of times and love it…we will be back. I think you should move to Spello, then I could visit you often.

      • Hey what a brilliant idea!!!!!!!

  16. Hit me up when the flower festival comes up, Debra.

  17. I am so lucky to be in Spello right now Debra! The weather is warm and sunny, the tiny street are bedecked with flowers and the people of Spello are delightful. It is a little slice of heaven!

    • I am looking forward to another visit.

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