Posted by: Debra Kolkka | April 19, 2014

A spell in Spello

A few years ago, when we were driving between Assisi and Spoleto, a gorgeous hilltop town called out to me from its lofty position…Look at me, look at me…it said. It took a while, but we finally visited Spello in Umbria.


The stone in the area is pale pink and the whole town glows a glorious shade of pink on a crag on a southern slope of Mount Subiaso. Spello has been built and rebuilt over the centuries as different powers struggled for possession since before Roman times. It was severely damaged in 1832 by an earthquake, another blow to its economy, and the years after WWII were difficult.

Spello seems to be quite prosperous now. Very good olive oil and wine are produced in the area and tourism is on the rise. The town is beautifully presented. The buildings dating from Roman and medieval times are restored well, the streets are lined with lovely potted gardens and there is an obvious pride in the town.

Several of the gates which were part of the strong walls that protected the town still exist.

Porta Urbica


Porta Portonaccio.


Porta dell’Arce.


Porta and towers of Properzio.


Porta Consolare.


Here are some of the lovely streets, laneways and buildings in Spello.

Isn’t it gorgeous? I will show you some heavenly doorways, frescoes and food in Spello in the next post.

We stayed in a lovely B&B called  I Narcisi, in Piazza Partigiani, just outside the Porta Urbica. The owners were delightful and had lots of information as well as some delicious olive oil and wine which they produce themselves.


  1. Debra…one of my favorite Umbrian towns…..if ever you get the chance go there for corpus domini 60 days after Pasque. Your camera will be in overdrive.

    • I am going to Infioriata in June…can’t wait. I think I booked the last hotel room in town for the event.

  2. It’s so beautiful out there… nice images 🙂

    • Spello is a gorgeous place, I look forward to returning.

  3. Lovely photos, I must visit someday!

  4. Just wonderful!

    • It is a beautiful town. I’m glad we finally got there.

  5. Beautiful! I want to visit it now!

    • Spello is beautiful place to visit.

  6. Ah, Spello…what a lovely place for a wander! I liked Spoleto, too.

    • We enjoyed Spoleto too…both gorgeous.

  7. Loved this town…it has been many years since we have been there…but your pics brought back all of the memories! Thanks!

    • It is beautiful. There are so many gorgeous place to visit in Italy, all different.

  8. Spello looks lovely. The collections of potted plants are gorgeous, I have, over the years, grown plants in pots but they never looked as thriving or as artfully arranged as the ones in your images. Happy Easter!

    • The whole town is beautifully presented.

  9. Beautiful photos,thanks.

    • Spello is a gorgeous place to visit.

  10. What a beautiful town. Another one to add to the ‘must visit’ list.

    • I’m sure you will love Spello.

  11. We loved visiting Spello Debra- and were there for the Infiorate last year! Just wonderful!

    • It was you who told me about it and I will be there in June.

  12. It looks stunning Debra. I’m curious though, where are all the people?

    • There were people, but I usually try to leave people out of my photos if I can.

  13. Your post brought back memories of Spello. We stayed there for a week in 2011 in a liitle apartment that used to be a hospital ‘ in centro’. The food was sensationl , the views from the top… thanks for these glrious photos.

    • We had some great food there, I am looking forward to my return visit.

  14. Love it love it .
    Can’t wait for the next post.
    HappyEaster and I hope it has stopped raining in the Village today. x, and

    • We have a fine day today so I will go to Casa Debbio.

  15. Oh my oh my oh my … what an outstanding find!

    • Isn’t it lovely? I will be back in June.

  16. <3

  17. Just gorgeous Debra!! Yet another place to visit next time!

    • You will love Spello.

  18. Umbria is bringing out your poetic side…. Spello does that especially well. It’s a very well kept secret…the sort of town I can imagine would be fascinating to live in too. So much good wine and food and art…sigh!

    • I could live there. It has lovely shops, restaurants and galleries.

  19. Another beautiful village….thanks for the tour.

    • I’m pleased we finally got to Spello.

  20. I was just thinking of planning a trip to Assisi and wondering what else was nearby. Perfect timing. Loved the post. Thanks!!!

  21. Mmmm….. another place for the ‘bucket list’! Thank you for this excellent expose, Debra

  22. What I noticed is that it looks like a very concrete-y, block-y place. 😀 No paints on the bricks of the walls, even the street grounds.

    • The buildings are made of the most beautiful pink stone. It would be a crime to paint them.

  23. […] A few years ago, when we were driving between Assisi and Spoleto, a gorgeous hilltop town called out to me from its lofty position…Look at me, look at me…it said. It took a while, but we finall…  […]

  24. Spello was such a discovery. Six years ago we were married in Spello – officiated by the Mayor.

  25. We seem to have the same taste in Italian towns not to be missed. We ebjoy your area as well, as folks who travel by bicycle.

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