Posted by: Debra Kolkka | April 12, 2013

Botero in Pietrasanta

Colombian artist Fernando Botero Angulo has spent several years in the lovely Italian coastal town of Pietrasanta. Born on April 19th 1932, the artist is famous for his generously proportioned figures.

His very impressive sculpture called The Warrior stands boldly at the entrance to the town. Try to ignore the silly string someone has chosen to attatch to various parts.



As well as The Warrior, there are 2 satirical frescoes in the Church of Sant’ Antonio e San Biagio in Via Mazzini. The frescoes were painted in 1993. The one below is titled La Porta del Paradiso.



It is nice to see Mother Teresa looking a bit chubby.

The other one is called La Porta del Inferno.



Pietrasanta is a really interesting town to visit…look out for Botero’s art when you visit.

Click here to see more of Pietrasanta.


  1. Thank you for the tip. We might stop for a while next week when driving close by.

    • Pietrasanta is a delightful town. Have lunch at La Giudea.

  2. Oh, yay! A few years ago, I somehow heard about Pietrasanta and Botera and had the chance to wander around this quite fantastic little city. There’s also a connection with Michelangelo, I believe.

    Thank you so much for reviving happy memories.

    Teresa Maria, do stop there, you won’t be sorry.

    • Michelangelo stayed in Pietrasanta.There is a plaque on the front of a building in the main piazza commemorating his stay.

  3. I love Botero’s paintings but had never seen his sculptures and didn’t know that he’d done frescoes in Italian churches. They’re so lovely. (very funny to see a chubby Mother Theresa)

    A bit of synchronicity: I served a woman at my cash register just last week who told me she knows Botero because she comes from the same village…

    • It is a funny world with odd connections.

  4. I saw him in Paris once, he had to leave Columbia on account of being a target for kidnappers since he was wealthy.

    • I like his work and Pietrasanta is one of the lovely towns near here that we visit often.

  5. Botero and his wife – who is also an artist – spend three months every year at their Pietrasanta home, not only because they find inspiration there, but also because they work with the famous Fonderia Artistica Mariani, a renown bronze foundry, that produces their bronze sculptures. The town of Pietrasanta is a hub for artists and a great place to visit. A short drive from Bagni di Lucca… Aren’t we lucky?

    • Thank you for the extra information. I knew that he visited Pietrasanta regularly. I believe The Warrior was a gift the to town he loves. We are very lucky to be so close to Pietrasanta. It has some particularly interesting galleries and shops.

  6. I found the English site

  7. To me, the statue seems so un-Italian. Nonetheless, great collection!

    • Botero is Colombian and has his own wonderful style. Pietrasanta has interesting art in lots of different styles. You should visit on your next trip, I’m sure you would like it.

  8. The statue is so full of character – love it!

  9. So interesting to see such different and more recent frescos and statues

  10. Botero’s great- I love his work – he’s even helped create a new adjective with his well-filled persons: A boterian figure…

    • I like his work too. I think The Warrior makes a wonderful introduction to Pietrasanta and I take all my visitors to see the frescoes in the church.

  11. I love that chunky statue! I’ve also seen a lot of his paintings in galleries in
    Venice and Milan, but not so much sculpture. I love the idea that this is in a town piazza.

    • The warrior is great and it is good that he is out there for all to see. The town is full of art and there are regular displays in the main piazza in the centre of town.

  12. We never really see sculptures like that do we? Even the Rubenesque paintings aren’t quite like this. Thanks for showing us these treasures!

    • Pietrasanta is full of interesting art…a great place to visit.

  13. I loved those! I’m not sure when we will next be heading north in that direction but when we do that will be a stop for sure!

    • I’m sure you will love Pietrasanta. It is a delightful town.

  14. Well done Debra !
    Now, will u be in residence in Ponte May 20-30? Any update on the Bridge Hotel ?
    Ciao Tewes

    • I look forward to catching up in May and I can fill you in on all that has been happening.

  15. Great find Debra. I love how an artist can still become so much part of their adopted town in Italy. They still know how to celebrate art! Have a lovely Sunday!

    • This town has a wonderful focus on art, which is great.

  16. I like both the chubby warrior AND the chubby Mother Teresa! 🙂 PS. Sorry I’ve been absent in commenting – WP turned off my email notifications without telling me!

    • I love them too! The mysteries of wordpress….

  17. Chubby Mother Theresa is awesome!

    • She’s great isn’t she?

  18. I love his work – thanks for sharing!

    • I’m so happy that he spends time in Pietrasanta and we get to enjoy his work.

  19. We encountered several of his sculptures in Lugano in 1997, and in 1999 in Florence. Love the scale of his works. Thank you for sharing, Debra.

    • Until I went to Pietrasanta I had only seen very small representations of his work. I love the big stuff.

  20. I caught a Botero retrospective in Istanbul a few years ago and have been a fan ever since. Never saw a sculpture though. The warrior is adorable 🙂

    • The Warrior is fabulous with his jaunty little moustache.

  21. Great to know this. Thank you!
    Botero’s masterpieces are in Palermo, Sicily for a current exhibition in the capital’s fabulous Norman Palace. If in Sicily it is a must see for Botero lovers.

    • I can’t wait to visit Sicily…one day.

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