Posted by: Debra Kolkka | November 23, 2013

Honorary Ponte people

Jim and Kerry from Perth left Bagni di Lucca yesterday after a 6 month stay…and they will be missed.


After retiring from work they wanted to spend an extended period of time in Europe. Luckily for us they chose Ponte a Serraglio.

They fitted perfectly into the community…a more delightful couple you could not find. They made friends with locals and other visitors. They did a good job of learning the language, eating the local food (with gusto), enjoying all the things the area has to offer…and being great company, everybody’s favourite guests.



Ponte a Serraglio turned on a gorgeous morning for their departure.


Kerry was my photographer and reporter through the summer and kept me up to date with the happenings at Ponte a Serraglio while I was in Brisbane…what will I do next year???

Kerry wrote a blog about their time in Bagni di Lucca. Click here and go back through her posts to see her impressions of our village.

We all hope that Ponte a Serraglio has got under their skin and that they will be regular visitors. Ponte will welcome them back.



  1. Thanks for the very kind words Deb. We will definitely be back to visit you all. It has been the holiday of a lifetime.

    • I am so glad you came to Ponte a Serraglio. We all look forward to your next visit.

  2. They are delightful people and it was a pleasure to be able to meet them. We also hope that they will come back in the near future.

    • I’m sure they will be back soon.

  3. You will have to go back through all the posts. Kerry did a great job on the blog.

  4. very nice and friendly people..hope to see them again in future

    • They have been a great addition to Bagni di Lucca for the last 6 months.

  5. Lovely couple, hope they come back, we wish them well.

    • I’m sure we will see them back in BdL soon.

  6. We were very fortunate to meet them and share some great times in Ponte a Serraglio ….and some with Deb too. Very much enjoyed following their blog too! They certainly seemed to have had a great adventure!

    • Kerry’s blog has been great fun.

  7. I’ve been trying to convince my parents to do this – perhaps will send my Mum over to Jim and Kerry’s blog!

    • I’m sure they enjoyed their 6 months here.

  8. Big hug to them! They were such a nice couple!

    • They were great fun to spend time with.

  9. You will miss them,they were good company for you.

    • I will certainly miss their company, especially at Il Monaco every morning.

  10. Cheers to good friends who are also good people … simply something we can never have too much!

    • The people you meet on your travels make the experience more special.

      • Well said. Cheers!

  11. West Ausies —expect no less :):)

    • I have only met good ones so far.

  12. What a lovely tribute to two lovely people. Well done Deb

    • They were great fun to have around. We all want them to come back.

  13. Why do I know Jim’s face so well. Is he famous or have I met him somewhere? I live in Qld and he lives in WA. Anyway, I really enjoyed his and Kerry’s blog and envy them their long stay in BdL. My stay of 2 weeks was just a teaser.

    • Jim is famous In Ponte a Serraglio. Perhpas you have met him somewhere. You need to come back for a longer visit.

  14. Debra,
    Thank you for this update.
    We agree with your assessment. Jim and Kerry are wonderful, friendly folks.
    We enjoyed meeting with them and talking over cappuccinos. They are delightful persons. We wish them the very best!
    John and Sandy Spevak

  15. Imagine having 6 months to kill in Italy, that must have been very tough!

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