Posted by: Debra Kolkka | November 21, 2013

Winter has arrived in Bagni di Lucca

Bagni di Lucca had its first cold day today. The temperature didn’t rise above 6 degrees and it rained most of the day.

When I walked up to La Villa this morning I noticed cars driving through with chunks of snow on their roofs and bonnets, which meant snow in the higher villages. Instead if sitting at home by the heater we decided it would be a good idea to head up towards Montefegatesi to find some snow.

We didn’t have to go that far, half way up the mountain we drove into snow.




Montefegatesi looked wonderful with its white coat.







There is the thunder again tonight. I wonder what we will find tomorrow.

Click here to see a bit more of Montefegatesi in the snow on Bella Bagni di Lucca.


  1. Sorry I did not see you in the am. Looks like I left just in time. Florence was very cold too. Rome was warmer. I will be back in March, hopefully.

  2. Deb thinking of you in that beautiful snow. We are having 30 degree days with thunder storms here – Brisbane in November opposite to November in Bagni di Lucca, enjoy

    • The snow looks gorgeous and I don’t mind the cold.

  3. How beautiful. I think I would have set out to find the snow, as well. I’m going to miss it here in Cuenca.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • The villages look beautiful in the snow…we had to set off to see it.

  4. Our city is holding off the snow,and heating up enough to convert them into rain.Lucky for us.

    • We don’t get snow all that often here. It is lovely to look at, but it can be a pest to drive through.

  5. Good to see you are getting climatised for Saariselkä…

    • I am definitely practising.

  6. How refreshing it looks to us here in Brisbane.

    • It is delightful…so different from where I grew up.

  7. Looks magical. Take care and stay warm.

    • It is lovely to see the snow on the mountains and a real treat to see it in the villages.

  8. So incredibly beautiful! How long are you there this time?

    • I will be here for several months. We are heading up to Finland for Christmas and then come back here until the end of June.

      • Wonderful!!!! Can’t wait to see your pics from the holidays in Finland!!!

  9. Although beautiful, I’m not ready for the snow!

    • It usually doesn’t last long here, just a few days. There is snow on the higher mountains, but not in the villages very often.

      • At least temporary is good.

  10. Gorgeous! It is beautiful in any season.

    • The Bagni di Lucca area certainly is very beautiful at anyy time of the year.

  11. So beautiful with the snow sprinkles, Debra. Keep warm. 🙂

    • A coating of snow enhances any view.

  12. Snow came sooner there than In Southern Finland!

    • It won’t last. It will probably be gone in a couple of days.

  13. You were very brave, Debra. The road to Montefegatesi is quite narrow. But the photos are great!

    • I chose lunchtime to go up so that there was little chance of meeting other cars. Kerry took some of the photos from the car.

  14. It was so lovely to see. Thanks Debra.

    • It was perfect for your last day. There has been more snow and the mountains surrounding us are covered.

  15. The first snowfall of the year is always so lovely, making everything so clean and white. I didn’t realize that it snows regularly there. About how often do you get snow?

    • We have snow on the higher mountains throughout winter, but it doesn’t snow regularly in the villages…perhaps once a year. Here at Ponte a Serraglio it doesn’t happen every year.

  16. I just love the view from Montegastesi …Looks even more amazing with the snow. Now did you drive up ?? I was terrified when Frank and I drove up, but it was worth it…

    • I drove up to Montefegatesi. I am used to the mountain roads. It took a while, but I don’t mind them as long as i don’t encounter too many other cars.

  17. Very nice photos.

    The landscape looks so different now.

    • It looks amazing now with snow. I love the winter months.

  18. Debra –

    We leave for Brisbane in a couple weeks, spending four days before heading up Gold Coast to Cairns. Any tips on interesting places to visit? We’re staying at Annie’s in downtown area, looks pretty central for
    exploring Brisbane.


  19. What a magical landscape! Envying you all that gorgeous snow Debra! 🙂

  20. Yes, as you might already know the snow is back in Bagni di Lucca. It started Sunday morning at 4am and by 9am we have over 10 inches of fluffy white snow. It continued to snow all Sunday and along with it the cold winds blew. No one ventured outside their houses that day, so it was the perfect day for a hot choc, log fire and TV day.

  21. oh Wow! how exciting!

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