Posted by: Debra Kolkka | August 23, 2013

This little piggie


My friend and I were sitting on the terrace enjoying the view from Casa Debbio when I spotted my neighbour Vittorio making his way up the driveway. Walking beside him was his pet cinghiale, wild pig…not something you see every day.


Piggie headed straight for the newly planted tomatoes and was ready for some serious digging when Vittorio dragged him away. He then tried to go inside, but Vittorio and Bella headed him off.



Piggie is quite tame. He allowed himself to be scratched behind the ear before he wandered off with Vittorio.



You never really know what the day will bring at Casa Debbio.


  1. Oh my goodness! I remember I knew a woman in Accra whose piglet grew into a massive adult pig. Still tame and friendly, I was always afraid it would just sit on somebody in an act of dangerous loving!

    • I suspect that piggie may not always remain a pet, but might end up as dinner.

      • Oh noooooo!! Don’t eat the piggie!!

      • It won’t be up to me.

  2. Where else would you see such a sight! Glad piggie didn’t get to taste the tomatoes before you did.

    • He was a very cute little pig, but I may not have been so pleased with him if he had dug up my grass and tomatoes.

  3. I LOVE it!

    • You should ask Vittorio to see the pig.I think it lives under his house. I hear it sometimes when I walk past.

  4. Happy little piggy, innocent and untroubled. If he does end up on Vittorio’s plate at least he will have trotted untroubled through his little life.

    • If his life is short at least it should be happy.

  5. Now there’s something you don’t see ever day … a friendly one at that!

    • Piggy was very friendly and really enjoyed his walk.

  6. I have heard pigs make great pets. The pigs we had growing up were for eating and we didn’t get very attached to them. They were big and very stinky. I love little amusing sights like that.

    • While on the subject of unusual pets, I came across a chap who used to walk with a fat woolly sheep, a goat and a alpaca following him around the streets of Firle, my little suburb! I even had the chance to pat the alpaca which loved a scratch behind the ear and gave me its idiotic smile. Pity I didn’t have my camera as I haven’t seen them for a while.

      • For a while there was an ostrich living in Bagni di Lucca not far from my house. I haven’t seen it for a while.

    • I think pigs are quiet intelligent. Piggie was happy to be out for a walk with Vittorio.

  7. Oh that’s fantastic! How on earth did the cinghiale become a “pet”…did he find him orphaned or something? I love it! The view from Casa Debbio is stunning…you lucky girl!

    • I don’t know Piggie’s story. The visit was short and sweet. When I go back I will try for some more information.

  8. I adore pigs! They’re such funny creatures full of personality 🙂

  9. Wow Debra, fancy having a pet boar. Thanks for sharing more about your neighbour’s interesting pet.

  10. I can only image you would have sprung into action had Vittorio and Bella not been around Deb! x

  11. LOVE the pet pig! How fun it that! Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend, my friend.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  12. That just tells you that even Italian pigs have remarkable taste. Ahihihihi

  13. I would sure like to find out!

  14. That sounds terrifying!! Aren’t cinghiale mean (much like our wild boars?) That’s an amazing story and only in Italy would someone learn to tame one! I guess that one isn’t going to turn into a salami anytime soon!

    • The pig was very tame. He responded to Vittorio’s calls, although not immediately. I think he will most likely become dinner at some stage.

  15. A cinghiale is not your typical visitor…your post gave me a real laugh. 🙂

    • It made us smile as well.

  16. Hi Debra,
    I’m so glad I popped over and caught this post. I’ve never seen a tame piggie – he let you scratch his ear and he didn’t eat your tomatoes! Too cute.

    • He was very happy to have is ears scratched.

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