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Guest post from Rimini

Kathryn Burrington, who writes a wonderful blog called Travel with Kat , has generously offered to write a guest post for us about Rimini, a town on the Adriatic Coast. I haven’t spent much time in this area, but it looks wonderful…there is a never ending supply of amazing things to see in Italy.

Sunrise over Rimini…by Kathryn Burrington

Last year I spent a wonderful few days in Rimini as part of a prject organised by the Emilia Romagna Tourist Board called Blogville. They invited bloggers from all over the world to come and visit this beautiful region of Italy.

They provided accommodation and took us out on a couple of wonderful excursions. It was great to see the countryside around Rimini, which is more wild and rugged than the rolling hills of Tuscany and we passed through many pretty villages, visited cheese makers and we even had a cooking class in a remote farmhouse.


Rimini is well known for its beaches and party atmosphere, but I fell in love with old Rimini, its quiet cobbled streets and the ancient Roman bridge, Ponte di Tiberio.


Our apartment was by the beach and each morning from our balcony you could see the sunrise across the sea, or at least we could have if we had been up. Luckily, one morning I didย just that and I hope you agree it was well worth the early start.


After taking a ridiculous number of photos I couldn’t resist an early morning swim…bliss! Then it was back to the apartment for breakfast before another wonderful day exploring Emilia Romagna.

Soon I will be heading back to Italy and I’ll be staying in Bologna as part of this year’s BlogVille and I can’t wait to share more of Italy with you.

Take a look at Kathryn’s blog and share her travels…Travel with Kat


  1. Lovely photos and memories – I’m looking forward to returning to Emilia Romagna with Blogville & Kat next week too! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I wish I was going!

      • That would be fun! – sign up for next time… ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Thanks so much for sharing my post, Debra. I’ll find out what plans they have for next year regarding Blogville and let you know.

  2. The sunrise photos are gorgeous! “Ridiculous number of photos” is exactly the right number! I always take that number, too. The surrounding area and town look fabulous. I always think of beach, since what you always hear about. This gives a new perspective of Rimini. Thanks!

    • Thanks you so much ๐Ÿ™‚
      Rimini is so much more than just wonderful beaches. The surrounding countryside is beautiful and fascinating to explore as is Rimini town. I’ve so many more photos I haven’t shared yet and I must do another photo essay on Rimini’s old town too.

  3. Kathryn images are beautiful – Italy has so much to offer …

    • Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ It certainly does and I can’t wait to discover more next week.

  4. Beautiful photos! And yes, the old town is not as well known as it should be. Bologna is wonderful. you will have a great time there… and the food is simply superb!

    • I’m rather worried about putting on weight but it is important research that must be done! Lovely to hear you like the photos, thanks.

  5. Gorgeous photos Kathryn.

  6. Great photos Kathryn. Just another place to add to the list of villages to visit….we are going to have to come back.

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