Posted by: Debra Kolkka | July 23, 2013

New York skyline

I love New York! It is a fun, vibrant city with endless possibilities. I was there in March and despite some fairly oridnary weather I spent days walking the Manhattan streets rediscovering my favourite things.

I have to keep reminding myself to look up…the skyline is amazing.






























Did you notice the temperature in the last photo? It was cold!

Don’t forget to look up when you are in New York.


  1. what a wonderful bordercrossing when combining the old church and the modern skyscapers. A builing that used to be the highest ins hidden now behind those towers of business and modern live.

    • New York combines old and new very well.

  2. Makes Brisbane look like a bad dream ?

    • Brisbane is a great looking city!!!

  3. It’s such a long time since I was in New York – looking at these images makes me want to go back …

    • I love New York. I have spent quite a lot of time there over the years…never enough.

  4. Great photos. They are a lovely reminder of my trip to New York.

    • It is a wonderful city…I’m sure I will be back there before too long.

  5. I have never been Debra but your shots make me feel I simply must. And soon! Gorgeous!

    • New York is very exciting, I’m sure you would love it.

  6. New York, one of my favourite cities. And dinner at “Peasant” in Little Italy, the best Italian restaurant outside Italy. Your photos are great, as usual.

    • It is one of my favourite cities too.

  7. Your photographs are amazing,it must be a great city.

    • It is a great city to visit, I hope you go one day.

  8. New York. It’s on my bucket list

    • I hope you get there soon.

  9. NYC is a photographers gold wine!

    • ha ha … I mean mine.

      • My camera was certainly kept busy.

  10. Thank you Debra. We that live here sometime take NY for granted. Your photos are beautiful.

    • How lucky you are to live in New York!

  11. Fabulous photos of NYC Debra. We were there in March/April last year. Such a fascinating city, just wonderful. So much to see and do. It’s never ending.
    Robyn in Brisbane

    • I have benn several times and I am always looking for excuses to visit.

  12. I lived in the Big Apple for a decade, and can tell that you really did walk your feet off while you were there, Debra. Nice shots!

    • I walked from Soho to 72nd St and covered most of Central Park… on one day.

  13. Deb these are BEAUTIFUL!!

    • Thank you, New York is a great subject.

  14. Love New York….we need to get back there at some stage and explore the city again. Great photos.

    • It is one of my favourite cities in the world, along with Paris, London, Rome, Florence, Helsinki…the list goes on.

  15. it’s so beautiful New York… that you cant not look to the skyline..

    • Walking in New York is fascinating.

  16. There’s something about big cities, isn’t there? And they don’t get bigger than New York! 🙂

    • If you like cities I think New York is a must visit.

  17. Such fabulous photos Deb. I love the contrasts between the old and the new. The architecture is quite amazing. The 13th photo reminds me of your Helsinki photos.

    • Helsinki is full of Art Nouveau buildings and New York has lots too.

  18. We had the opposite experience – we were there during a headline-making heatwave. You can’t help the weather!

    • I think I would rather be there in the cold than the heat.

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  20. Hi Debra,
    Unfortunately I don’t receive your blog updates anymore so I drop in once in a while….love you photos of N.Y. My daughter and I were there in April and stayed in Lower West near 8th and 14th …..certainly handy to everything including the subway!.Also the High Line, a disused railway track reclaimed as an elevated, beautifully landscaped walkway which affords a wonderful rare view across the skyline for about a mile and half. Hoping you got to Eataly, an amazing huge restaurant right near the Flation Building in your photos above. It is not to be missed and is the closest one comes to Italy outside it’s borders! Definately not to be missed while in N.Y.!

    • Perhaps you could subscribe again. I went to the Skyline, but it was raining and miserable that day and the photos I took were useless. I went a few times to Eataly and enjoyed it a lot. I did a post in it back in March along with a couple of others on New York. You can see them if you look in the New York tips category.

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