Posted by: Debra Kolkka | July 20, 2013

Fun with food

This weekend in Brisbane there is a wonderful food festival beside the river at Southbank. Regional Flavours brings together food growers and producers and winemakers keen to show their wares and knowledge. More than 100 stallholders from across Queensland are showcasing the state’s best produce to taste and buy.

My friend and I were there early to beat the crowds and take advantage of some lovely winter sun. Come for a walk through Southbank and Regional Flavours with us.


We started off at the Food Imaginarium where Reginald Bertwhistle and his friends entertained children and their parents with interactive workshops and demonstrations and food-themed fun.


A city garden with a clever water feature entertained children as well.


There was delicious food for sale from food trucks and pretty tents.


There was a delightful area beside the river.


We sampled delicious ocean trout from Stokehouse.


Later we had a mini chicken burger.



And raspberries and cream.


While a crow watched from above…hoping something might fall to the ground.


Lots of wineries displayed their wares.


Martin Duncan was there to tell us about delicious food from the Sunshine Coast and the Sunshine Coast Real  Food Festival to be held at Maleny on 7th  and 8th September at the Maleny Showgrounds from 9.00am – 4.00pm…I think we will have to go…I love a good food festival.


Regional Food is on again tomorrow, Sunday 21st July…go along if you are in Brisbane, it’s great fun.


  1. Is that a Pavlova with strawberries? I would kill for one!

    • Yes, doesn’t it look delicious?

  2. Yuk ! So Australian !! — we just spent five wonderful days in Sabina ( Casperia) and have just taken residence in Hotel Julia for a few nights — marvelous hosts — Ciao Tewes . :):)

    • Say hello to Rosa for me!

  3. You may have missed the art festival in Bagni, but you got to attend this wonderful event!

    • I know! I would like to be in both places at once.

      • LOL … wouldn’t we all. 🙂

  4. Looks like a fantastic event Debra. So pleased that the weather was bright and sunny. Maleny is a very nice part of the world too…..I think you should book it in.

    • I am definitely planning a Maleny trip in September, I haven’t been there for ages.

  5. I love how you put all the photos together so artfully in the galleries! Beautiful! 🙂

    • I have to thank WordPress for that, it is a great feature they provide.

  6. Looks like fun, Debra. And thanks for the Real Food Festival in Maleny – I’ve marked it in my diary – my first Aussi appointment, and it’ll be Spring 🙂

    • I might see you there! It is winter in Brisbane right now…about 22 degrees with sun…not bad.

  7. Fabulous pics, Debra. I’m hungry now and off to make dinner. 🙂

    • We have a wonderful selection of produce here in Australia, we are very lucky.

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  9. Thought we should go today to try the chilli chocolate . Did you try it

    • I have tried chilli chocolate…very good. I also like the one with sea salt.

  10. What a fabulous day out! Thanks for taking us with you, Deb. Especially loved the water play, such a clever idea to keep the kiddies entertained! xx

    • There was a push/pull pump that brought water up into the various devices…great fun for the children.

  11. Love the photos! Next best to being there.

    • It was a fun day, there was a bit of rain in the afternoon, but it didn’t spoil things too much.

  12. Many thanks Deb – just forwarded to foodie friends visiting from Melbourne and they are going there today on your recommendation and your early post meant I could let them know. Roz

    • I was keen to do the post as soon as I got home to encourage more people to go. I hope your friends enjoyed it.

  13. seems that it was a great day to be there… fascinated me all these colourful photographs, Thank you dear Debra, love, nia

    • It was a fun day, with lots of lovely food.

  14. Oh look at that sun and colour! And isn’t Martin lovely? 🙂

    • Martin is charming and delightful, I really need to go to his place on the mountains.

  15. Great post, Debra.
    Just shows we Aussies can do this stuff as well as anyone 🙂

    • I attended this event last year as well. It is very well organised.

  16. Lovely shots…festivals like this are so fun to attend…and to photography. I went to a Rennaisance Faire this weekend (in Oregon)…got some great shots.

  17. What a yummy post 🙂

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