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Stay in Bologna

Bologna is one of my favourite cities in Italy. The city centre is a wonderful jumble of narrow streets, amazing buildings and kilometres of porticoes. The central food market is filled with delicious produce that makes me want to find a kitchen and cook.


Luckily, my friend and neighbour has an apartment right in the centre of Bologna which is available to rent. It is in the historic Via Marsala.


It has a comfortable living room, mezzanine bedroom, bathroom and well equipped kitchen.









It is minutes from Piazza Nettuno,  the food market, museums and restaurants and cafes.

Email Cathy at if you are looking for a great place to stay in Bologna.

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  1. What a beautiful city! And what interesting curved ceilings in your friend’s apartment!

    • Bologna is a fabulous city, and not really on the tourist trail. Cathy’s apartment is in a 400 year old building!

      • OK…so my husband and my two Wheaties will be there….I wish…so lovely!!

  2. […] Bologna is one of my favourite cities in Italy. The city centre is a wonderful jumble of narrow stresource […]

  3. I should have stayed. Just caught the train there (to Firenze) and obviously missed anything worth seeing. Next time.

    • There is a lot to see in Bologna, it needs more than a few hours.

  4. Never been to Bologna,
    after seeing this pictures makes me think
    we must visit next time we are in Italy,
    it looks beautiful.
    Staying in your friend’s apartment would be
    a bonus.
    And I have to say I like how you put the
    photo of the pappagallo next to the pappardelle.
    nice touch.

    • Bologna is a really interesting city to visit. There are lots of incredible buildings to admire and the food is very good.

      • Thanks Debra, sorry about my silly
        little joke, always enjoy your posts.
        I can’t wait to get back to Italy.
        Still so much to see.

      • It is nice to hear from you Elsear, it’s been a while.

  5. It is a beutiful city and you have described it nicely through your amazing photographs.

    • If you look in the Bologna category, there is more on this city.

  6. Another city to add to the list. Think we are going to run out of time here.

    • Bologna is great, but wait until it cools down a bit.

  7. Bologna is also one of our favourite places in Italy. Beautiful, elegant city and great food. Next time we decide to spend a few days there, we will certainly contact Cathy. Thanks, Debra!

    • I love my visits to Bologna. I always come back laden with food goodies.

  8. I’ve never been to Bologna but it looks lovely. I have visited Florence and Siena and flown into Pisa airport and spent a night in a hotel in Pisa. Those areas were brilliant. Thanks for sharing.

    • Bologna is well worth a visit next time you are in Italy.

  9. I love the overhead shot of the city. Isn’t it amazing that all this life takes place in something so utterly old? Coming from a “new” country (US), I am always amazed at the way Europeans continue charging ahead while living in the husks of the past. Keeping and maintaining, instead of replacing. I love that. It makes me feel more at peace. I worry about the future less when the past is all around me (and over my head).

    • I climbed to the top of the tower for that shot…498 steps to the top.

  10. Lovely post on Bologna. Very informative. Bologna is definitely on my list of places to visit

    • Bologna is a great place to visit. I recommend the walking tour of the city.

  11. This is a town that I always seem to pass through but never stop…what a shame. We are always in a rush to get from Lago Maggiore (my home base) to places south and never have time to enjoy what’s in between! From your pictures, it looks beautiful. I especially liked the painted ceilings in the porticos! Thanks for showing it’s charm…and your friend’s apartment is charming as well 🙂

    • Bologna is a wonderful city, you should call in for a few days next time you are in Italy.

  12. Was always a favourite place for us to visit years ago, love old Neptune with his trident. Cathy,s apartment looks gorgeous. Do I remember right that there 22klms of covered walkways in Bologna? Great for shopping in bad weather anyway .

    • It is probably closer to 40 kilometres of porticoes…great if it is raining.

  13. Yes, definitely on the list for our next trip. What a wonderful city, thank you for sharing 🙂

    • Bologna can be very hot in the summer and freezing in winter, try spring or autumn.

      • I much prefer travelling in spring and autumn, last time we were in Italy it was Spring so I’m aiming for Autumn next time although I would love to experience a white Christmas somewhere in Europe.

  14. Great apartment and we would definitely consider it next visit grazie Debra

    • It is a great apartment right in the heart of the old city.

  15. It’s a city that I can’t recall visiting …. but it seems like another fabulous place to me. Love the apartment!

    • Bologna is great…and not all that far from Pescia.

      • I will keep it in mind … thanks for the recommendation!

  16. I do love Bologna would go back in a Heartbeat maybe 2015 ??
    Thinking about going to Slovenia and Trieste next year have you been there Debra !! Take care x x

    • We haven’t been to Slovenia yet. The new house has been keeping us busy, but it is mostly finished now so we might be able to get about a bit more.

  17. I love the apartment and next time in Bologna would be thrilled to stay there!

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  19. Recommending this apartment to anyone who comes to visit me in the big BO! Thanks 🙂

  20. Thank you for taking me to Bologna. We were going to explore Bologna but it quickly replaced by the Ferrari experience in Maranello.

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