Posted by: Debra Kolkka | March 1, 2013

Greetings from Greenport Long Island

Greenport is a pretty town on the north fork of Long Island. It was settled in 1682 and was previously an important port for fishing, whaling and ship building. Tourism is the main activity these days, with water sports and vineyards and wineries being the main attractions.

My son is currently working at one of the local wineries, so I thought it was time for a visit. He and his lovely girlfriend Liz, came to meet me in New York and we boarded the Hampton Jitney for Long Island. You can also catch the train, but the Jitney sounds much more exotic. It is, in fact, a bus.


My first day in Greenport was relatively fine, so it was the right time for a walk around town…first stop, the beach.






I love the wintery look, but I would also love to see the scene in summer, filled with boats and people having fun.

The town is still mostly closed for the winter, so there is not much to see there. Come for a walk with me to see the pretty houses.



















Somebody has taken the trouble to provide homes for the birds.


I love the fire hydrants.


The sun tried hard to shine.


Spring will soon be here…the signs are appearing…snowdrops.


…and rhododendrons (I think)


Soon the town will be full of people and the businesses will spring to life…I will have to come back.


  1. Isn’t the architecture pretty? (Not quite the word I am seeking, but it will have to do.)

    • Pretty is actually a good description of the architecture here. The whole town is lovely.

  2. Classic New England–you captured it well!

    • It is a lovely area, and it going to be gorgeous in a few weeks when everything turns green.

  3. Even in the middle of winter, that area is still gorgeous! Enjoy your stay!

    • It is pretty in winter, but it is going to look absolutely gorgeous in spring.

  4. New York State – Summer holiday cottages for the rich and famous…

    • Some of the houses are very grand indeed.

  5. It all looks so nice!!! birthday wishes for the 2 of you reaching major milestones. enjoy your celebrations šŸ™‚ chris

    • I had a great birthday. It was fun to be with my son.

  6. Hey Deb hope you are having an amazing birthday in the big apple! Congrats to you and Brandon. Big hugs & kisses when you get home (this home). xx Lindsay & Bryce.

    • Thanks for the birthday wishes. Being 60 is so much fun.

  7. Love that style of architecture. Wish you could share some interiors. Mad about the Hamptons style. Thinking Diane Keatons house in “Somethings Gotta Give”

    • We drove around the Hamptons on Saturday and I have decided that I have to go back in spring. Unfortunately I wasn’t invited into any of the gorgeous houses.

  8. Such lovely architecture – how fabulous to be able to live there. I notice that the little rain coated figure on the front of the boat is very much like the picture used to advertise the biscuits made at the Chelsea markets biscuit factory isn’t it. Have a happy birthday Deb; as my brother would say, you have now boarded the 60 bus – so enjoy the ride.

    • He does look like the biscuit boy. The 60 bus is just fine and dandy.

  9. Love the houses Deb. Happy belated birthday, we hope you had a lovely day.

    • I had a great birthday, thank you.

  10. I loved our walk to see the pretty houses Deb. Thank you! This style is fascinating for all its quirks and colours.

    • It is the most gorgeous area. I really need to go back when it all comes to life in the season.

  11. This post really makes me miss the east coast. Thanks for the lovely photos.

    • It is a beautiful area, I’m not surprised you miss it.

  12. Thanks for taking us with you on your birthday trip Debra! Greenport is a beautiful place – I’ve never seen photos of the town before. 1682… so much history…The houses are all so charming.

    • Greenport is lovely. I would really like to be there is spring to see it come to life.

  13. I love this post, especially the photos. Thanks

    • Greenport is a very pretty town. I hope you can visit one day.

  14. What a cute town. The homes look like doll’s houses! it must be gorgeous to catch up with your son and see where he is living. New York is the best place to celebrate a birthday…Buon Compleanno!

    • It was great to catch up with my son and meet his new friends in this lovely place.

  15. What a great part of the world. Your pics are really lovely. Those houses are right out of the Saturday Evening Post’s Norman Rockwell collection! I have a sister on the island (Long) and last year we took the Ferry from Orient Point, NY to New London, Connecticut. Great way to travel and see a different side of New York for sure. Thanks for another great post.

    • The whole area is gorgoeus. I really want to go back when everything is open and the trees are green.

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