Posted by: Debra Kolkka | February 7, 2013

Spring shop windows in Florence

I had a great day in Florence today. The sun was out, it wasn’t too cold and there are almost no tourists about, so I was free to wander the city without crowds.

The shop windows are full of brand new spring fashions. It is going to be a colourful season.

After my ritual coffee at Giacosa, I went next door to Roberto Cavalli.


I was most impressed with the cuff.


If you don’t like pink, there is the blue collection.



His menswear is excellent as well.



Max Mara are showing checks.


With shoes to match.


Ermano Scervino has beautiful lace.



Men are not forgotten here either.


Dolce and Gabbana have gone Sicilian.




Valentino is always exquisite.




I liked the next shop for the birds on the walls and the decoration inside.



Miu Miu is a bit Oriental, sorry about the reflection.

Gelati colours are popular this season.


Louisa in Via Roma has models with long skinny legs.

Men’s jackets are tight with an interesting tie treatment.


Is that Arnie in the photo?


Twin Set has a great shop in Florence.


This dress and hat appealed to me.


The Chanel windows are beautiful.




Time for a break and a walk across the Ponte Vecchio. The Arno looked like a water colour painting today.


Accessories are colourful, or interesting.

Philosophy and Alberta Ferretti always impress.



Cacharel  in black and white.


Spring is beautiful at Pucci.



White at Burberry.


Fabulous Fendi.


Colour at Celine.


Gorgeous Gucci.


More colour at Zadig and Voltaire.


Etro is always a favourite.


Children are not forgotten.

Or men.

Shoes come in all colours, shapes and sizes.

I spotted some Florentine fashionistas on a mission. I hope they found what they were looking for.


It looks like a season with something for everyone. I love all the colour and floral prints.

I am hoping to see and end to…

Leggings worn as pants…horrible!

Cropped pants of all kinds…they make everyone look shorter and fatter than they are.

Dropped crotch pants…they are just plain stupid.


  1. It must be so nice to enjoy a coffee and then have a designer boutique like Cavalli right next door! These photos are fantastic – glad you are enjoying Florence!

    – Jonathan I

    • Cavalli owns the Giacosa. It is my favourite place to have coffee in the whole world. All the people from the nearby shops, Gucci, Prada, Armani,Bulgari etc come dashing in dressed to kill for their morning fix.

  2. mmmm yum! Lovely to see the new season, and I agree with the leggings – didn’t know cropped pants made me look fat 🙁 and cropped pants – yeah unless you are on a Thai beach 🙂

    • I meant those ugly dropped crotch jeans…yuk!

  3. WOW!!! What a great window-shopping experience. Thank you! And those 2 real women are pretty fabulous too!!

    • They looked even more amazing from the front, but I wasn’t game to photograph them looking at me.

  4. Thanks Deb. .. Everything looks marvelous! Just wish I,as those long skinny legs!

  5. Deeply envious. I would love to be in Florence looking at the shops.

    • It was a fun day. I love window shopping especially at the start of the season.

  6. What a feast of fashion in Florence! The Italian designers know how to make use of the fabulous fabrics that are ‘very Italian’ in cut and design. Cavalli’s blue and white suit would attract the bold and brave, and I love the soft lines of the Spring look – feminine and fun. However, how do women manage to walk in dangerous platforms and impossible stilettos over cobbled Florentine streets? – these sure are taken to a heightened fashion reminiscent of the swinging 70s. The butter yellow shoes with the white bows are exquisitely crafted. Love Ermano Schervino’s delicate lace outfit and Fendi’ geometric outline. I’ve had a lovely time wandering along with you, thanks Debra!

    • I have no idea how or why women walk around in sky high shoes on cobblestone streets. It can’t be easy…or good for you.

      • Yeah… I would think that would result in cobblestone shaped indentations in one’s forehead. No?

  7. Thanks for the fashion show – lucky you!

    • It was a lovely day in Florence.

  8. Looks like lots of floral prints for spring summer. And I hate cropped pants. Very unflattering.
    Love the Gucci outfits.
    Thanks, Debra.

    • There are some very pretty florals this year, very summery.

  9. How absolutely wonderful to sit on the morning tram in Melbourne and be transported home. You spared me a thought in your wanderings I know. 👣😊🇮🇹

    • I absolutely thought of you when I passed the Rucoline shop on sale.

      • Haha, bless your heart! xx

  10. Oh Deb, I would have SO loved to have gone window shopping in Florence with you! 🙂

    • Perhaps one day we can do this together.

  11. Deb, I was so excited to see my favourite, Ermano Scervino once again doing fine whisper lace in white. Love it !! Want it. Also that Etro jacket is sensational and the Chanel and the —–list goes on. Thanks -wonderful quick overview to the new Spring.

    • It is quite a colourful mix this year…and there will be lots moe to come.

  12. Oh my! That is retail therapy with a vengeance. Wonderful photos, Debra. My credit card feels quite warm already. 😀

    • Wouldn’t it be fun to have an unlimited budget?

      • Heavenly thought. 🙂

  13. Window show is amazing and I loved some of them too. Thank you dear Debra, you took me there again, love, nia

    • Window shopping is a lot of fun, and very inexpensive.

  14. great look at the Florence fashions Debra! How gorgeous! Whetting the appetite.

    • You will be here soon enough to do your own wandering.

  15. This is great, I get to go window shopping in Florence whilst sitting in SA! Thanks Debra, this was lovely!

    • Florence is a gorgeous city, and it does shopping very well.

  16. Love it – particularly the short hot pink doona jacket – shoes are not so great – I bet Etro was gorg.

    • There is a lovely check shirt in Etro with your name on it.

  17. Hi Debra, lovely window shopping photos reflecting a very interesting range of fashion in Florence. Some is quite beautiful but all that fur is absolutely repugnant. Why do ‘fashion houses / designers’ insist on promoting the diabolical fur trade? The Ermano Schervino white lace & cashmere (I’m guessing) outfit is stunning. Great photos – especially the Arno which does look like a painting. Firenze e molto bello!

  18. I guess they do it because people buy it. If the fur is a byproduct from something else it is not as bad…rabbit or fox, as these animals can become pests, but I agree with you about animals killed especially for their fur.

  19. Thank you for the walk around the streets of Florence. Luisa is my favourite shop in Florence though I need to do a lot more walking before I could get into those jeans! I’d love it if you could just pop up to Milan and take us around the streets of the Golden Triangle as well (with a quick detour to Dieci Corso Como of course!!)

    • If I go to Milan soon I will certainly be photographing shop windows there. 10 Corso Como is a bit picky about photos.

  20. My goodness Debra that was the best fashion show I’ve ever attended. 😀
    I loved Ermano Scervino’s beautiful lace (although I don’t think I could wear it). I like funky clothes so was interested to see Dolce and Gabbana’s Sicilian look, but it wasn’t quite what I had in mind….

    That’s a serious fur coat on the fashionista you met on the street!

    Your photo of the Ponte Vecchio and the Arno River looked like a water colour painting. Too lovely…

    • Ermano Scervino always does this beautiful lacey knitwear, and I love it. Luckily it wouldn’t fit me so I don’t have to fret about the price.

  21. Debra, I really enjoyed window shopping through Florence. Particularly loved the bird print wallpaper. The Ponte Vecchio certainly looks like a moody watercolour painting – beautiful. Jenny

    • That shop appears to be fairly new. I was on a mission the other day, but I will go back soon and have a good look inside.

  22. Thanks for the preview Deb, love the colours.

    • It looks like being a pretty season.

  23. Debra, incredible. Have send this to our daughter to her college where she is studying fashion design. She knows most of the shops in Florence from her month there last year and she was doing the same thing here with her camera for her own portfolio – and now your fantastic entry. Well done – I walked right next to you, everywhere, lol and had my coffee, too. And the good news, no tourists!! Thank you for brighten up our days.

    • I have been involved in the fashion industry for a big part of my life and even if I can’t wear these clothes I still love to look at them.

      • And btw – I forgot something last time: The whole family agrees with you re your 3 pet hates you mentioned: leggings…, no, no. Cropped trousers are worn by toilet cleaners, the other pants worn by dirty looking back packers (the other b.p. know better!) I was told by our daughters and friends, that they all thought European always dress like this back home, until I came onto the scene and we took them on an extensive trip to Europe – what an eye opener.

  24. Love the Fendi…and the Valentino…isn’t it nice to “shop” all day via windows, and not spend a dime? LOL! I always love the shoes and the way they are displayed. Pretty colors! Ready for Spring…!

    • The Fendi window was beautiful. They have moved to Via Tornabuone.

  25. The pic of the Arno does resemble a painting. Wow! A special setting/treatment or just skilled luck?

    • There was no special setting and I don’t photoshop…I rarely even crop my photos. It was just a beautiful day.

      • Cheers to when the day helps deliver a great picture!

  26. Wonderful Firenze and what an update!

    • The spring fashion is in every window, now we just need spring.

  27. […] is actually in Florence at the moment and as I read her post I was transported back to my life in Florence as she took me […]

  28. What a wonderful fashion roundup – loved it!!!

    • Thank you…I had a lot of fun collecting the photos.

  29. hmmm my fashion sense is sorely lacking, I think I will take some inspiration from your gorgeous images and update before we leave xxx

    • Wait until you come here…it will be fun.

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