Posted by: Debra Kolkka | February 5, 2013

Fun in the snow

We have no snow down here in Ponte a Serraglio, but the surrounding mountains have a gorgeous white blanket of thick snow. On the weekend I went with some friends for a drive through the snowy alps in the Garfagnana.




The roads became a bit treacherous, so we walked along some of the snowy tracks.



The views of the mountains with a glorious blue sky behind them take your breath away, or was that the freezing wind?





Frozen icicles make a gorgoeus picture.

In some places the snow was quite deep.


So the sensible thing to do was lie in it.



Alfredo managed to remove himself from the snow…with a wet bottom…but you can see where he has been.


I don’t think there will be any takers for a swim in the river for a while.


I may have found the perfect mountain house for you.


Our area has lots of wonderful things to do in any season…I love the winter here.


  1. that is winter how I like it. Snow and blue clear sky!! Oh lucky You. I wish you could pack some of the view and send to us. Have a wonderful time.

    • I love winter here, especially these clear, blue sky days. We have our share of rainy days too, but then you can sit inside by the fire.

  2. Debra,

    That’s how I like winter, too. I can go play in it, and when I get cold and/or wet, I can go home to a warm fire. We haven’t been ignoring you – Martha and I have had some challenges. We promise we’ll email you more questions when the dust settles. It’s midnight here and I was just finishing up one of the… “chores”… so I could go to bed when I saw your post pop up. NIce! I wonder how much they want for that “Mountain Home”

    • I don’t even know that it is for sale, but I have passed it a few times and I just love it.

  3. Gorgeous! Love, Rose

    • I hope there will still be some snow when you arrive.

  4. Winter fairyland! Love it!

    • I think winter is a lovely time to be in the village.

  5. Fab shots! Amazed that there is still a bit of tenacious green clinging to some of those rocks!

    • Some of the trees stay green all year and there are some pretty tough ferns and lichens.

  6. What route did you follow? Through which villages?

    • We took the road towards Tereglio, but turned off to the right before going into the village. The road heads towards the Orrido di Botri and there is a road to Montifegatesi as well, but it didn’t look all that inviting at this time of the year.

      • yeah that road can be a bit dodgy in the summer in good light, never mind in the winter; best avoided unless absolutely necassary

  7. Such a stunning sky…. You could take a lot of winter with skies like that above you.

    • Blue sky and sunshine makes all the difference. Today is grey, so I’m glad we went yesterday. You have to make the most of good days.

      • I shall frame that! x

      • I was tempted to throw myself into the snow, but I didn’t want to sit in wet clothes all the way home.

  8. So beautiful photographs Thank you for taking me too into this amazing views… Love, nia

    • Our mountains are beautiful right now.

  9. Fine photos! That blue sky is gorgeous. That house would be perfect for me.

    • I wonder if you could actually live in it.

      • I could, actually I would if I could pay for it.

  10. I expected to see Heidi waving back at you in some of those shots! I love the icicles.

  11. Beautiful post Debra! Thank you.

  12. Beautiful mountains indeed … many thanks … and an email awaits you.

  13. Beautiful snowy pics, Debra. Love the one of Alfredo’s outline in the snow. 😀

  14. Nothing lovelier than bright snow and winter warmth. I’m hooked. Here on the plains it’s grim but up in the Dolomites there is the same brilliant beauty. To be savoured!

    • The mountains look gorgeous any time, but particularly now with their white tops.

  15. Oh, that’s exactly what I would do, throw myself into the snow! How utterly lovely. When you look at those mountain views it’s hard to believe that there could be anything wrong anywhere in such a lovely world.

    • On such lovely days, it is difficult to believe there are tough times out there.

  16. A wonderful day captured not only in your memories but through your gorgeous pics Debra…love Alfedo’s print in the snow 🙂 Carla x

    • Alfredo was a good sport, he did it for us.

  17. That’s always good views! … when you’re area isn’t snowing but looking afar the mountains are.

    • Our mountains here are very beautiful. I may go for a drive up there this afternoon to see what I can see.

  18. Hi Debra, I am from the U.S. and staying the winter here in Avane with my daughter and her family. Avane is about 10 miles south of Lucca, before Vechiano and PonteSerchio. I googled fabric stores in Lucca when your blog came up. I am enjoying your perspective on this little corner of the world and look forward to reading more.

    • You must have found my post on the biggest fabric shop I have ever seen. If you sew, you really should try to get there, it is excellent. Have a great time in Avane.

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