Posted by: Debra Kolkka | January 26, 2013

A little earthquake

Yesterday at about 4.00pm there was a little earthquake in Bagni di Lucca. The epicentre was not far away, near Castelnuovo in the Garfagnana.

This was my first experience with an earthquake and it felt as though a large truck had hit the house. There was a loud noise and the floor shook for a couple of seconds.

I went outside to see if I could see anything, to find others out in the square as well. There was no truck and no damage.

I was genuinely frightened…and I don’t scare easily. I can’t imagine how terrible a serious earthquake would be.

There are no reports of damage today and life goes on as normal…I think I might get earthquake insurance.


  1. Exciting Debra 🙂

    • This was my first earthquake…more scary than exciting.

  2. That call for a glass of wine

  3. Stay safe xx

    • Thank you! I hope that was the only one.

  4. I’m glad to hear that you and BdL are all safe. I experienced one in Japan and it certainly was scary. Here in Bargara & surrounds, we have had 3 mini tornados. Roofs off, power lines down, 2 people seriously hurt after a tree fell on their car. So not too mini by the look of the photos. Lots of rain causing localized flooding. I’m safe here in my Village.

    • Queensland is really copping it right now with the heavy rain and flooding, while there are fires in the south. Let’s hope it all settles down soon.

  5. I remember my first earthquake too! It was a small one so I wasn’t sure what it was at all! 😮

    • This one was small, but the house shook quite a lot. I don’t want to be around for a big one.

  6. We felt the ones in Emilia Romagna last spring. Even though we were 80kms from the epicentre the house shook for a very long time. Terrifying! When another big one came the week after (the aftershocks went on for ages) I was practicing and I swear my piano moved! Keep with the wine.

    • There was another smaller one late at night but I slept through it. With a bit of luck there will be no big ones to come.

  7. With us living in a geologically stable part of the world, earthquakes also scare me. Is there a fault line running through the area?

    Hope it’s your one and only earthquake.

    • The whole of Italy is an earthquake zone. Ours is a low risk area, but you never know.

  8. Glad your safe! 🙂 Very scary indeed.

    • I wouldn’t like to be around for a big one.

  9. Hello Debra, I’m glad that all is ok!

    • All is well here, thank you Roberto for your concern.

  10. Crickey Deb, I can imagine how very frightening that was. I hope there are no more. Here in Brisbane the wind is becoming fearsome. It’s not nice to feel vulnerable to the elements is it. Stay safe.

    • I think what Brisbane is copping is much worse than here. Stay dry!

  11. Oh, thank God it wasn’t bad. I felt the tremors from the Indonesian earthquake last year and remember being scared out of my wits.

    • The sensation of your house moving under you is very frightening indeed…I don’t want a repeat.

  12. thank God you and everyone around you are safe. My first one was in Trinidad (and Tobago), chairs with us in them moved from one side of the room to the other side – pretty scary indeed., Take care.

    • There is not much you can do except hope it doesn’t happen again.

  13. I’ve been in what are nothing more than tremors, but I can’t imagine. Cheers to the sturdiness of your home!

    • The house is about 200 years old and built on rock, so I hope it is strong enough to withstand earthquakes.

  14. Wow – that must have been frightening. We experienced a small one in Ohio in the 80’s. A few things moved in the house but no damage.
    Stay safe.

    • It is not an experience I would like to repeat in a hurry.

  15. I have to get my two bits worth in here too…only to be a support for team Debra. It IS frightening! There is no preparation and the sensation is hard to fathom…two summers ago, when a lot of people weren’t even aware of it, here in Toronto, a quake ‘visited’. The cat noticed it first, staring in the direction of an outside wall, a tap, tapping coming from an unfamiliar place. I thought I was having a dizzy spell, the windows seemed to be moving…it probably only lasted a few seconds, but it felt much longer, like riding a wave. I remember being curious and scared at the same time; very unnerving. I hope the memory of this fades quickly for you and all the good in your life buries any residuals. Lovely Spring is on its way.

    • I think I will always be a little wary, but what can you do? Is anywhere really safe? Brisbane has just had some terrifying weather and there is a possibility of more floods.

  16. I’m glad you are fine, the experience is frightening ideed, and unexpected as it is nothing can make it better; but believe it or not, people in areas where small ‘movements’ happen often, get used to them.

    • Nobody here seemed very concerned, so they must be used to it.

  17. yeeesh–the earthquakes that used to roll through Alaska–never will I forget the primal terror of understanding that there was no place to go to be safe.

    • It seems there is nothing you can do when there is no warning at all.

      • Even with warning, where would we go? The doorway tends to be recommended…. But when the earth beneath is shifting and creating gaps, our houses are pretty insignificant, I’ve found.

        Utterly terrifying.

      • I wouldn’t know what to do if there was as serious one…hope for the best I suppose.

  18. thanks for keeping us all updated

    • It is a good thing that nobody was hurt and life goes on as usual.

  19. Living in southern California we are all too familiar with earthquakes. Hopefully you won’t have another one-glad to hear that allis okay with you and your town.

    • There isn’t much we can do except hope that there isn’t a big one.

  20. I have never experienced an earthquake and hope I never do; the whole idea of natural disasters scares me silly. We are prone to hurricanes in SW Florida but usually get enough warning to get out of their way. Glad to hear there is no damage.

    • Yes, it seems we were all lucky this time.

  21. It is so scary…and a weird sensation. We were in Genova last year when the big one hit Italy, on the 12 th floor, and the entire ROOM moved around…we could hear the building make a groaning noise, and the bed moved in circles…scary! It was late at night / early in the morning, and we just knew that it must have been really bad sonmewhere. When we woke up and turned on the news, we saw all of the damage that was done. Tragic to see that and to know we were right there to feel it. Be safe, my friend! Will be thinking of you.

    • Genova had some terrible things happen, I saw it all on TV. This was just a little one, but it was my first….and hopefully my last.

  22. I’m glad you’re ok, Deb! It must have been quite a shock! x

    • It really sounded and felt like a large truck had hit the building, which would be possible where I live. I thought I would go outside to a disaster, but everything was OK.

  23. Deb just heard about the earthquake I know you’re not a drinker but bottoms up may help with the nerves

    • It could probably turn you to drink if it happened often.

  24. Very frightening, glad you’re safe.

    • Scary stuff, but I think what is happening in Queensland is worse. I hope you survived the storm and that you don’t flood.

      • Thank you, we came out of the flood and storm with little damage, it is heart breaking to see the number of trees that have been uprooted in our local area and I feel for those that have had their homes flooded again.

  25. URgh, now I’m reminded of my first earthquake experience when I was a kid.

    • It isn’t a pleasant experience. Let’s hope we don’t have another

  26. Deb, with all the time you spend here, I’m surprised that was your first experience…and glad. It is terrifying. The utter sense of having no control. I’ve been through about 5 since coming to Milan, and I always start saying “Make it stop! Make it stop!” But of course no can. It’s very, very unsettling. Literally. I am so glad you and your house are alright. Take care.

    • I have been here for at least 6 months here in each of the last 10 years and this is my first earthquake. I must have been lucky so far.

  27. Glad to hear all’s well – shaken but not stirred!

    • Not knowing what it was is the worst part. I guess I will be a little better prepared next time.

  28. Wow I would be scared beyond belief! I have never felt one before but would hate too.

    • It is not something I would like to experience again.

  29. I can almost understand and feel you dear Debra. I had many experience from the childhood till today… None of them was good. It always makes me scare… I am glad nothing happened. But please be in safe and take care. Love, nia

    • Thank you for your concern Nia. Let’s hope we don’t experience it again.

  30. Being from California, I have experienced many earthquakes. Thankfully, all but one was minor…and that was enough to last me a life time. They can leave you with a sense of unease, but I always think that the little ones relieve the pressure inside the earth, thus preventing a big one from occurring. Whether this is scientific fact or not, it makes me feel better! So, hopefully knowing that some internal pressure has been release will put your mind at ease 🙂 I’m loving the new house – very pretty and with a gorgeous view!

    • Let’s hope you are correct about the little ones. I don’t want a big one.

  31. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to earthquakes, even though I grew up with them.

    • I doubt that I would get used to them either.

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