Posted by: Debra Kolkka | January 26, 2013

Snow at Casa Debbio

I have been up to Vergemoli to check the progress on Casa Debbio and to see how it fared in the earthquake. All is well and I appear to have the heating working (with help from Rod) and will stay in the house for a while. I have been back to Ponte a Serraglio for supplies and am now heading back up the mountain.

  The road from the village to the house looks lovely with the remnants of the recent snow fall.




We have a new fence in front of the house. Soon I will plant wisteria and climbing roses on it.


I still have a bit of work to do inside, so I will show you the lovely winter view from the terrace.



Can’t you see this fence covered in wisteria and roses? I can’t wait for spring to get the garden growing.

This is the view from the village of our nearest snow covered mountian.



  1. Wonderful place!!! Enjoy your days there.

    • It will be even better when I can get the heating working properly.

  2. Just a splash of snow for a touch of beauty.

    • The winter view is very pretty.

  3. What I wouldn’t give to just move right in!

    • Just let me know when you would like to.

  4. Great to hear that the house is fine. Take it easy and do not work too hard. In any case, it would be more pleasant now that the heating is on. I have just received news from Cristina. There has been no damages in the area.

    • Unfortunately the heating is not working properly and the house is freezing. With a bit of luck the technician will be here tomorrow to sort out the bugs.

  5. I just went to your “rent our mountain house” link–what a gorgeous place! And heating will make it that much cozier.

    • Heating will make the house wonderful…when it works properly, I was a little hasty in saying it was working.

  6. So glad that your casa fared well through the earthquake!

    • It seems there was no damage in the area…lucky this time.

  7. In my mind’s eye I can see the fence covered it wisteria and roses – it looked gorgeous.

  8. It looks good, the road, I thought it would be covered with snow. I cannot beliee that house will ever fall down, with earthquakes. Enjoy it up there!

  9. Such a lovely place! Can’t wait to see your flowers too !

  10. How peaceful up there. Looks like spring and summer will be beautiful and inspiring as well!

  11. It’s such a beautiful place. I imagine it must be a very peaceful place to be. I like the look of the fence and I think rambling roses and Wisteria sound de-vine (sorry:)

  12. So peaceful….I can smell that wonderful air too! I know it must be doing you good after sticky Brisbane. Must seem a world away. Dreamy post for a Sunday!

  13. Cooee Deb – walked the road with you looks wonderful love the fence

  14. Looks wonderful – that view of the mountain!

  15. Beautiful post on our rainy Sunday morning. Enjoy your lovely casa, Debra.

  16. Looks so enchanting!

  17. It looks so totally different from our vista at the moment!

  18. such a view

  19. Looks as though you’ve arrived at the right time…with the snow melting and the sun shining. Roses and wisteria will look fabulous along the fence.Not long to wait now!

    • It is very cold right now, spring seems a long way off.

  20. So pleased to hear both you and the Casa are unscathed from the earthquake – they are frightening!

    • I am delighted that the house stood firm against the earthquake.

  21. Hope all is well after the tremors. Sure is a pretty view – love the way you can see all of the land in the winter with no leaves.

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