Posted by: Debra Kolkka | January 16, 2013

Farewell Australia

My international flight took me over gorgeous Sydney. I always get a window seat…and this was my reward.






The very nice man at Qantas upgraded me to premium economy. This is the first time it has ever happened to me, and I like it! had a very comfortable seat, excellent service…I could get used to this.


  1. Only way to fly – once you have tried Premium Economy. Great value – lucky you to get an upgrade – don’t hear of it too often any more. Love those Sydney pics out of the PE windows.

    • This was a first for me…an upgrade and Premium Economy…I like it.

  2. Bagni di Lucca waits for you with some snow 🙂 Must be beautiful! Hugs Rose

    • I hope there is still some snow when I arrive.

  3. Ah beautiful Sydney. Where I am from. Lovely amazing photographs

    • The harbour is certainly impressive from above.

  4. How nice for you to get an upgrade! I wish I’d known you were overhead – I would have waved! 😉

    • This is my first upgrade…I hope there are many more.

  5. With such frequent flights so you should get a upgrade! But they don’t give them very often, I am still waiting for one. Happy travels

    • This was a first for me. I hope Finnair gives me one too.

  6. Sidney is huge! What great photos. The nice man at Quantas deserved a bacio.

    • He certainly did. I hope I get him next time.

  7. Oh, nice – upgrades are great!

  8. Wow, Infinity and Beyond – and a comfortable seat to view it all from. Doesn’t Sydney Harbour look wonderful.

  9. Happy travels Debra… Finland first?

  10. I think I could see our house in the final shot, Debra. Sorry I’ll miss you (again) when I’m in Brisbane the week after next. Have a great time in Italy.

  11. upgrates are always appreciated especially when one leaves a place one got attached to. Have a good and happy time back in Italy. Ciao Carina

  12. Upgrades are a wonderful way to start a vacation!
    Loved your photos of Sydney!

  13. Sydney looks lovely! Glad to hear that you got the upgrade.

  14. Have a nice and pleasant flight!

  15. Upgrades are a wonderful surprise!

  16. Sydney – one of my all time favourite cities.

  17. Looking forward to your fabulous pictorials!!

  18. Safe travels Debra! 🙂

    • Thank you, uneventful flights are always welcome.

  19. Ahihihi…. I had been upgraded from economy to business first-class 😀 😀 😀 when I flew from Italy to Philippines. It was Qatar Airway.

    • I really like being upgraded. I hope it happens again.

  20. R has been upgraded twice to first class, but never me 🙁

    • This was a first for me…I hope it happens again.

  21. Spoiled forever!!! THe worst thing about getting an upgrade is your next flight down the back….

    • I am quite accustomed to being at the back of the plane. The upgrade was a lovely change.

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