Posted by: Debra Kolkka | December 5, 2012

Piancastagnaio in southern Tuscany

Piancastagnaio is a beautiful Tuscan town in the Province of Siena. It rests on the slopes of Monte Amiato.

We went there to see an exhibition of wonderful art by Roberto Alborghetti which is being shown in the Rocca Aldobrandesca, the magnificent castle on the edge of the town.



While we were waiting for the castle to open we wandered through the town.
















It always amazes me that each of these tiny towns is quite different from the next one, and each has something lovely to offer visitors.

Roberto took us to the top of the castle for wonderful views over the countryside.



We stayed at a delightful bed and breakfast just outside the town called Hotel Relais San Lorenzo.
The room was lovely and had a view over the grounds planted with chestnut and fruit trees. They have a restaurant that serves delicious local food and the price was very reasonable.



For more on Roberto Alborghetti’s exhibition which will continue until January 2013, click here. Thousands of visitors have already been to the castle….don’t miss it.


  1. Crickey Debra — your Up early!
    I’m up in Mission B — simply stunning up here !

    • It is not too bad here either…not too hot yet.

  2. Another gorgeous Tuscan town! Great photos, Debra… as usual. You spoil us!

    • This area is lovely and once you start to climb Monte Amiata, quite different from the area around Montalcino and Siena.

  3. Looks so nice! Definitely to be in the places-to-go list

  4. Oh, my gosh–la bella Toscana! They do such an amazing job in Tuscany & Umbria of preventing urban sprawl….. gorgeous. Love that foggy park too.

  5. Visiting these hidden Tuscan gems is something my wife and I definitely want to do! Thanks for the tour.

  6. A lovely mix of formal and informal shots. You captured the scene beautifully. And another impossibly perfect sky….I would love to sample the B&B. Looks lovely!

    • Relais San Lorenzo was a great find. We awoke to thick fog the day we left, which made me wish I had taken photos of the lovely grounds the day before.

  7. Gorgeous Debra.

    • I want to return to the area to revisit Saturnia in the winter to sit in the hot springs.

  8. Thanks Debra for the pretty pics and information. Would love make a visit to Tuscany soon….

    • There are enough gorgeous towns in Tuscany to keep you busy for years.

  9. Thank you so much Debra for your wonderful reportage about Piancastagnaio e for recalling my exhibition at Aldobrandesca Fortress. I will forward your post to the Piancastagnaio Municipality and to the Major, dr. Fabrizio Agnorelli. Thank you again Debra and have a nice day in Brisbane!

    • I hope the mayor approves.

      • You post is wonderful! And Tuscany may be grateful!

  10. Everything is so photogenic there! Even the laundry is photogenic! 😀

    • Piancastagnaio is a gorgeous little town, with lots to see.

  11. Oow, the small alleys, the stone road, the bricks, the windows, these little things, the roofs! This is what I love about Italy. So many of these small town charms.

  12. […] Roberto Alborghetti’s art exhibition took us to the delightful southern Tuscan town of Piancastagnaio. […]

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