Posted by: Debra Kolkka | September 24, 2014

Hand made in Lucca

I think it is great to see beautiful things made by hand. There is a shop in Via della Fratta in Lucca where a father and son team make great items from leather. They do handbags, wallets, belts, books and photograph albums.

I met them recently and they happily posed for me.



The day I was in their shop they were doing a roaring trade, which is good to see. Have a look at some of their lovely wares.

They assured me that everything was made by hand. They have help, I think a few other family members are involved. If you are in Lucca, drop in and say hello.


Officina della Pelle…Via delle Fratta 29

There is another shop in Via Filungo at number 196.



  1. Beautiful leather goods – love the colours! I could go crazy in there!

    • There are lots of great things to choose from.

  2. Yes love some of those great colours. And what did you buy ?

    • I bought a yellow and tan leather bag…very nice.

  3. Hi Deborah, funnily enough we were in the Via Filungo branch Saturday evening where I bought a lovely wallet. I can certainly attest to the beauty, quality and value of the goods!

    Managed to get Fay out without buying a bag on this occasion, though I’m sure I won’t be so successful next time….

    • She can always get one next time.

  4. Their use of colors captured my attention.

    • They have some great colurs to choose from.

  5. Ooooh beautiful! I’ve tried for far too long to get a little leather bag handmade. I gave up. Looks like I need to go to Italy after all.

    • Quite clearly you need to come to Italy, especially Lucca.

  6. WOW! I would love to go there!

    • It is a great shop, I hope you visit soon.

  7. Another lovely find in Lucca….great to see handmade traditions still thriving.

    • Lucca has quite a few hand made shops. I found a beautiful shop full of handwoven items. It will be on the blog soon.

  8. I love leather bound notebooks – I’ve never owned one but have always been drawn to ‘contemplating’ them – I think I could do a lot of contemplating in that store. I love the look of the soft little bags and the father and son look like a delightful duo.

    • There is a good supply of leather bound books here. You will be able to choose one when you visit.

  9. OMG, those colors and designs are beautiful, I would spent lots of money there!!!!

    • I think the proces are quite reasonable.

  10. Everything looks so much better handmade – and the colours are certainly eye-catching. I would probably end up buying a few notebooks and maybe even a belt. Thanks for drawing it to our attention!

    • I hope you visit Lucca one day James.

  11. It’s quite amazing as yesterday we were discussing this very shop with our family as part of our imminent Italian trip. We have bought a number of beautiful things from there on past visits. A lovely family. So we agreed we will visit there on 9 October on our way to Ponte la Serraglio!

    Sue and Alan

    • I look forward to catching up when you arrive.

  12. Such an amazing array of leather goods! I am attracted to the leather bound books….those slim shoulder bags look beautiful, too. Next time in Lucca…..

    • There is lots to choose from, you won’t be disappointed.

  13. Ooh the leather for those bags looks so soft! 😮

    • The leather is excellent. I know I am going to enjoy the bag I bought.

  14. Went in there in the summer and can testify to the quality of the goods.
    Nice to see father and son team working together.

    • It seems lots of people know this shop. I have passed it many times, but this was the first time I have been inside.

  15. And I happened to pick up a wallet in the Via Filungo branch on saturday! Great pair of shops with beautiful stuff

    • I’m sure I have been in the Via Filungo shop. I will have to return to be sure.

  16. Hi Debra, we were actually in that shop today! We are staying at number 5 Via Serraglio exactly opposite your place – we can see the scafolding and the renovation! Sorry haven’t made contact yet. Going to Florence tomorrow, but will be about over the weekend maybe we will see you in the Piazza. Ciao Debbie, Rob, Barbara ans Chris

    • How amazing. The balcony renovation is progressing. I am hoping it will be all done by next week. Have a great day in Florence.

  17. Lovely shopping, Debra. I bought a few leather goods in Italy. Love them. 🙂

    • Italy does leather very well.

  18. It is a wonderful shop and the colours are amazing. The quality of the leather is superb. So soft!

    • I am very happy with my purchase.

  19. Wonderful. I love the idea that family businesses of this type still thrive in Italy. And leather.. swoon!

    • I love the family businesses too…long may they last.

  20. Oh Deb, those bound journals( I think) have done me in. I want some. I have a handmade pitcher from Lucca that I was happy to buy on my trip there. It brings me so much joy to see things are that made with love.
    I see lots of more of Lucca that I have missed so much on my previous trip – I need to make another with my family.

    • Another trip to Lucca is definitely in order.

  21. Absolutely beautiful! I love your rainbow color photos, and it brings back memories of the incredible leather work to be found in Lucca.

    • Lucca is actually great for leather, no need to go to Florence.

  22. Deb you will have to offer walking tours to all the lovely places you have discovered in Lucca.

    • That could be fun, but quite illegal. I would have to attend guide school for 3 years and be licensed and that is not going to happen…nice thought though.

  23. Very nice. I also am a leatherworker. My stuff is very different than yours. What type of leather do you use? The colors are beautiful.

    • I wrote the post about the shop in Lucca. I am not the leather worker. If you look at their website (there is a link at the bottom of the post) they may give more information.

  24. I bought a beautiful orange purse there a few years ago and recently to my dismay a pen leaked on the leather and left a large black spot. Anyone have advice on how to remove? I tried alcohol, shout, water.. nothing takes it out

    • I would take it to someone who works with leather, even a shoe repairer. They might be able to help.

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