Posted by: Debra Kolkka | May 7, 2015

My big fat pink peony

Last year I bought several peonies from the garden show on the walls of Lucca. 2 of them were tree peonies. I very carefully planted them in pots at Casa Debbio.

This year they have both appeared and are growing. Just one of them grew a bud.

My peony

It grew.

My pink peony

…and it grew. It got caught in heavy rain and I thought the poor flower might drown.

My pink peony

My pink peony

My pink peony

My pink peony

…but it didn’t. This is what it looks like today. I think it is magnificent.

My pink peony

My pink peony

It is huge. That is my hand as a comparison.

My pink peony

I have several other peonies with buds. One has at least 20. I can’t wait to see those develop into peonies.

My peonies



  1. Yes Deb it is magnificent

    • I have been watching it closely since the bud appeared. I love it.

  2. Really magnificent, Deb!

    • Isn’t is amazing? It is a pity they live for such a short time.

  3. I can imagine how excited you’re feeling seeing your peony grow so beautifully, Debra. It is a truly spectacular flower. I loved the pictures of the bud opening in stages and the raindrops on the leaves. We derive such pleasure watching nature burst into bloom.

    • It has been fun watching this one grow…now I want more.

  4. Peonies, I can’t get over them. My favorite all-time flower.

    • They are just so beautiful, you couldn’t dream them up.

  5. Magnificent indeed, the colour is so vibrant.

    • The colour is heavenly and right inside the flower the pink is even better.

  6. Beautiful ..
    Bet it smells divine 🙂

    • It does, but you have to get very close.

  7. Peonies are my favorite also, I just bought 5 stems and I enjoy them so much. Your photos are gorgeous .

    • Peonies are my favourite flower. I once saw a bunch of tree peonies in a florist in New York. I was going to buy them for my sister, but they were $200, now I know why.

      • My 5 peonies cost $6.95 at Trader Joe’s and they were gorgeous. $200 ,only in New York !

  8. peonies have always been my favorite flower. Growing up in Pennsylvania the were plentiful in the spring and I can remember picking them in my grandmother’s garden .

    • I now have 35 peony plants at Casa Debbio and I am hoping they will all thrive and in a few years the garden will be heavenly.

  9. How gorgeous

    • Come over next spring and see them.

  10. Beautiful Deb….do they have a perfume?

    • This one does, but you have to be very close. Of course I have liked my nose right into it.

  11. Bellissimo!

  12. Wow! What a beautiful flower!

    • I was amazed when I saw how big it was going to be.

  13. Gorgeous – my favourite flowers

    • Mine too. They are simply stunning.

  14. Magnificent blossom indeed! Must be one of the largest I have ever seen!! Right placing, right care ! My neighbour has two and they can be oh so slow to grow in the beginning . . . we both go ‘talk’ to hers and even let the music flow from indoors to get the right vibes. . . .:) !!

    • All the peonies I planted last year and this year have come up, but you are correct, they are very slow at first. I have one that was on my balcony at Ponte in a pot…going nowhere. I took it to Casa Debbio 3 springs ago and this year it is quite big. It is the one with 20 buds. I can’t wait to see them open. I think by next spring I should see some better growth.

  15. I’d like to bury my nose into that thing! I bet it smells heavenly. I LOVE peonies. And that one is stupendous.

    • I have buried my nose in it and will do exactly that again today.

  16. What a gorgeous flower! And it’s my favorite color. I am anxiously awaiting my neighbor’s peony blossoms 🙂

    • I’m sure Paul’s are going to be wonderful.

  17. Debra, that is incredible! My peonies are all in bud, and are beautiful when they open out, but nothing like the size of yours!!

    • This one is amazing. I wonder what the others will look like.

      • Look forward to finding out!

  18. I love peonies….. and this one looks like the start of something big! Beautiful colour too.

    • I have 35 peony plants. Imagine how good my garden will look in a year or 2.

      • Pink with envy, sigh!!!!

  19. so beautiful dear Debra, you did great watching of her… How amazing colurs coming up… Thank you, have a nice weekend, love, nia

    • I feel like a proud mother, she is vety beautiful.

  20. Hi Debra,
    Stunningly beautiful, perfect photos of a magnificent pink peony.

    • I had no idea that bud would produce such a perfect flower…may there be many more.

  21. my moms favorite. we had many plants grwing up in Seattle. i brought some of the plants to the house i live in today and they are that same exact color. very special memories. they are so deep in color but are now big and more of the pink tone. gorgeous.

    • I think they are so special for me because it is too hot where I live in Brisbanr to grow them. I am thrilled that they like Casa Debbio.

  22. my mom favorite. i brought plants to the house i live in today. over 40 year old [plants. same color. george miori

    • Apparently they can live for a long time. I hope someone loves them when I have gone.

  23. So gorgeous, Debra. I’m happy that the peony made it through the bad times. It’s really huge. 🙂

  24. We always look forward to peony season. It’s my favourite flower! 😀

  25. Gorgeous, the texture and colour would have me staring at it for ages and often.

  26. They are such a large, grand flower.

  27. Wow that is gorgeous and so huge!!! Mine haven’t bloomed yet but I can hardly wait as I love peonies.

  28. Beautiful Debra, thank you for this post. I have never seen a peony like yours before, absolutely amazing!

  29. Hello Debra,
    Happy to find your blog yesterday–your photos are lovely! As I was typing my own post about peonies, this post came up as a related post, so I included it in my “related articles” section. It’s at the bottom of this post, if you’d like to check it out: Looking forward to seeing more posts from you!

    Joy Sussman

    • Your peonies are gorgeous. I currently have a plant with about 20 huge crimson peonies. They are magnificent. I will post some photos soon. We are in the process of building a garden in our house in Tuscany. I have 35 peonie plants. Next year they should put on a really good show.

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