Posted by: Debra Kolkka | November 30, 2012

Things to do at the beach

I love the beach. I love to walk on the beach early in the morning and in the late afternoon. Take a look at some of the fun things I saw in the last days of spring at Main Beach on the Gold Coast here in sunny Queensland.



A life saver going out for some early morning practice.


I like the matching green floaties.


Building sand castles is always fun.

We used to do a version of the next activity when I was young. It was called skim boarding. Our boards were round and we would throw them onto the sand after a retreating wave and run and jump on them and skim across the film of water. The boards were flat and if you hit a bump a painful tumble would follow.

The new boards are a different shape, but the idea is the same.





Taking the dog for a swim.


Just watching the water is fun too.


I think this would be one of the more enjoyable police beats.


Waiting for waves.


The waves weren’t very big, but I saw some good rides.

There is a different way of surfing that I haven’t seen before.


The riders stand up on their boards and paddle to catch a wave. It looks extremely difficult, but there were quite a lot of people doing it.



Just hanging around is fun too.


The lifesavers bring in the boat after practice.



Meet George (with the fish) and Milton catching dinner.


And the seagull keeps watch.



  1. What a sight – I mean the first picture! I love the beach too.

    • There is nothing like that first jump into a wave.

    • You took the words right out of my mouth! Heehee.

  2. It is so cold here in Europe that I really envy you!

    • I have just been looking at snow in Helsinki and we are having a heat wave here!

  3. Living so close to the coast definitely has its advantages and looks like we’re in for a scorcher of a summer!

    • We are having a heat wave just now. I hope it doesn’t last too long.

  4. Yes a very thought provoking first photo….;)

    Lovely to meet you today Debra, I’ll look forward to hearing all about your Sydney trip when you get back!

    • It was fun to meet you too. I will report on my Sydney trip soon.

  5. How beautiful there!!!

    • This is my favourite beach. I think it was the perfect place to grow up.

  6. Back home just at the right time! Enjoy it.

    • I love the beach….it is one of the things I miss when I am in Italy.

  7. Beautiful post Debra! It makes me dreaming… Here is cold and it’s raining and snowing…

  8. Oh, ah hem. {blush} Love the first shot – went great with my afternoon coffee! 😉

    • Do you have lifesavers in Sardinia?

      • None that look like that! 🙂

  9. Way to celebrate winter time!

    • It is winter for you, but summer has just begun here and we are having a heat wave. The beach is the best place to be right now.

  10. Hehe I count a lot of pairs of Speedos! 😛 Lovely, happy photos 🙂

    • I love this beach. I have spent quite a large part of my life on it.

  11. Great seaside pics, Debra. Love the first one, but then, you knew that. 😀

    • Our lifesavers do a fine job of protecting swimmers and manage to look good too.

  12. I grew up in California twenty minutes from the beach. I miss it so much. I love the sound of the ocean. It is so soothing.

    • We lived across the road from the beach and spent hours very day there in the holidays. I still love it. Our house in Italy is beside a river, so I hear the sound of running water here too, and our house in the mountains has a spring which makes a wonderful noise as it tumbles down the mountain.

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