Posted by: Debra Kolkka | October 18, 2012

After the rain

I have been walking regularly along the road to our new house in Vergemoli. The road is mostly under the cover of chestnut trees.

I have barely noticed a tree stump which I must have passed dozens of times over the past few weeks, but today the path was wet after heavy rain, and I was watching my footing on the slippery leaves….and I spotted this.



On closer inspection I saw the stump was almost covered in a crop of tiny mushrooms.


















I can’t decide whether they look like clusters of tiny parasols, or limpets, or nipples….what do you think?

Take a look at some enormous (and delicious) mushrooms on Bella Bagni di Lucca.


  1. nippled sea creatures

  2. Good shots to show details that many don’t ever notice!

    • They were very tiny, no bigger than my finger tips, and so pretty.

  3. What great shots :Deb,National Geographic worthy ( is that magazine still in print)

    • I had to squat for some time to get close enough….I hope they appreciate it.

  4. Great pictures – you are a wonderful photographer and I agree “worthy of National Geographic”
    Pam Proctor

    • Thank you, it helps having lovely subjects.

  5. ¡gorgeous finding Debra! a whole world of parasols… there are tiny worlds everywhere, and sometimes we are lucky enough to get to meet them

    • I was there again today and the tiny mushrooms are already starting to shrivel.

  6. We are going mushroom hunting this weekend. My hubby like to put them in oil with some garlic and parsley. I hope you didn’t pick these … ? Great shots, love the first one the best. Huge tree stump with lots of beautiful life left in it! 🙂

    • I imagine they are poisonous, but I wouldn’t pick them anyway, it would be a shame to ruin the scene.

  7. Some clearly mini parasols, some, yes, nipples. But whatever, Debra, what a lucky find for your camera. Envy! lol. Carina

    • There were several types together, such an interesting little group.

  8. They really look beautiful! So gorgeous that I would almost bet that they are poisonous. Chestnut woods seem to get covered by wild mushrooms as soon as there is a bit of rain. Great photos, Debra.

    • I thought it likely they would be poisonous.I would be reluctant to pick anything without an expert beside me.

  9. Love the photos, Deb, especially the close-ups of the fungi. To me, they resemble delicate parasols. The white stump sticking out (in the fifth picture) looks like a squirrel gazing at the mushrooms. What do you think?

    • You have a lovely imagination, it was a stone.

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    I can remember my Old childhood days of collecting mushrooms going through this post!

  11. fantastic, and so delicate.. c

    • They were tiny fragile things which will only last a few days.

  12. Looks like you discovered an entire ecosystem inside the stump of that one tree! It always amazes me how much life there is all around us without us even noticing. Great observation today!

    • While I was on the path today I saw a large horned wild goat, at least I think that is what it was. He took off when he saw me.

  13. Gorgeous. Such dainty delicacies. Are they edible???? Debra, do you know a couple from Santa Fe NM who live in bagni di lucca? Won’t name them here, but just curious. They’re friends.

    • I don’t think the mushrooms would be edible, and they are too cute to pick anyway. I don’t know the couple from Santa Fe.

  14. These mushrooms look so pretty – I think they look like miniature parasols.

    • They don’t last long, they are already fading a day later.

  15. I’m always in awe of mushroom pickers – I’m too scared to eat anything I find! Great photos, Deb! Do you know what sort they are?

    • I don’t know what type of mushrooms they are, I have never seen them before.

  16. I am often delighted when I come across wild mushrooms! Some here are as large as plates and so colourful 🙂 There are so many of those little ones!

    • We have huge porcini mushrooms here at the moment, they are delicious.

  17. Love the close ups

  18. They look like such delicious little parasols! I love how they sit so beautifully in the moss.

    • I thought it was a gorgeous little collection.

  19. Beautiful pictures. They remind me a little of delicate sea shells.

    • They are very tiny, fragile looking things. A day of sun would be the end of them

  20. Love these pictures Deb. Reminds me of a magical place in a child’s special story book.

    • I can imagine someone creating a fairy story out of this little forest of mushrooms

  21. All that and more Debra 😉 What a magical discovery! Just goes to show what nature reveals when we slow down and watch our footing…

    • It is a lovely walk up to the house (especially when I am not carrying stuff) I must remember always to keep my eyes open.

  22. Aw, go on, just nibble a little bit and see what happens, Debra. They might be worth some money in the coffee shops of Amsterdam.

    • I’ll pick some and send them on to you to try first.

  23. How beautiful! I think it looks like a fairy village.

    • It does look like a fairy village.

  24. Fabulous photos ! I have been lax in reading blogs the last few weeks and just read the Marilyn one too – hope you are well xx Jo

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