Posted by: Debra Kolkka | October 16, 2012

Just one photo of autumn in Tuscany

We recently drove through the gorgeous rolling hills of Tuscany. Usually I am the passenger and I get to take photos through the open window, but this time I was driving which makes taking photos difficult. There aren’t always places to stop easily. I managed just this one photo from the side of the road.


At least I got one photo of glorious autumn in Tuscany.

As I am writing this a huge early morning storm is rolling through our mountains. Lightning and thunder are cracking and growling. The rain is about to begin. I love these storms when I am safely inside my warm house, watching from the window. The river, which has become a tickle, will turn into a raging torrent…..and we have lost electricity……again.

Click here and here to see more of lovely Tuscany in spring.


  1. So peaceful! Beautiful!!

    • Autumn is a beautiful season in Tuscany.

      • It sure is 🙂

  2. Beautiful shot, Debra. We’ve had some serious storms here too. One night the thunder was so loud and the lightening lit up the night sky every second. I can’t say I’ve ever seen a storm so wicked.

    • The thunder sounded like huge explosions. The storm must have been right above us.

  3. Would this be the Ciclone Cleopatra that everyone is talking about? The photo is beautiful…classic. Don’t you just love the geometry of it? Thanks, DK.

    • It is no wonderful that Tuscany is so popular. Those hills are marvellous.

  4. Thanks DK, a beautiful classical shot. Storms where you are? Come here to South India, we are still at the end of our Monsoon Season – the rain is ok, much needed, but it goes with a price – no electricity for hours on end, so no internet, so no blogging, so no work!!! Ciao Carina

    • I am in Bagni di Lucca, northern Tuscany. We had heavy rain most of the day yesterday, but the sun is out today.

  5. One photo maybe but an iconic one. Stunning!

    • Driving through this part of Tuscany is wonderful in any season.

  6. lovely photo. that looks like somewhere south of san gimignano/sienna hills.
    If you ever get the chance (completely off post now!), and you’re out in the car south of sienna, go and have a look at a beautiful monastery called Monte Oliveto Maggiore. Its a working monastery. You can eat there, and watch the life of the Monastery as it goes on on a daily basis. Stunning countryside and buildings.

    • Thanks for the tip. I will certainly look for the Monastery next time I am down Siena way….probably early next year.

  7. Great shot. Love how the cypresses echo the gentle contour of the hill.

    • Thanks, I love this part of Italy.

  8. We really needed lots of rain. It has been a dry, hot summer. Now, wehave been getting storms throughout Italy, but the sun is shining again. We had a wonderful day at Paestum. Awesome!!!

    • It absolutely poured here yesterday, but the sun came out today.

  9. Oh, Deb, I love the description of your writing setting. Great little detail. By the way, I know I missed some posts during my couple weeks of excess art production, but how are things with your other house? I remember you were staying there and then had to leave when power went out.

    • I was up there yesterday and had planned to stay, but the storm put an end to that when it knocked out the power again. I went again this morning and got things working again. It was a glorious day up in the mountains. Things are going slowly at the house, but we will get there.

  10. Sweet capture

  11. Your words are captivating and the photo draws me in. Beautiful.

    • Those hills were made for postcards.

  12. I may be passing through your lovely area in a few days for a meeting near Pisa. Now I’m trying to find your hotel recommendations!

    • Have a look at the page…Stay in Bagni di Lucca.

  13. If you could only get one photo, this one was a beauty! x

  14. Just one photo but an extremely good one. Shame about the electricity going hope it all gets sorted soon.

    • I have fixed the electricity, all is well.

  15. Yes, that is Tuscany, simply gorgeous. 1 photo says it all Lyn

    • Tuscany looks wonderful in any season.

  16. I’d love to visit Tuscany-and I love being a passenger so that I can watch everything. There’s so much to see! 😀

    • I like being a passenger too.

  17. Pure Poetry, Debra!

    • Thank you Roberto.

  18. A beautiful photo Debra. And an even more vivid picture of the impending storm. Having been there I can almost hear the boom of the thunder. I hope you enjoyed it!

  19. Beautiful, thank you for your wonderful posts, as always.

  20. beautiful Debra. I love that moment just before a huge storm is to hit as well.

  21. It’s comforting being cosy inside and watching a storm – it’s mesmerising, isn’t it?

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