Posted by: Debra Kolkka | June 10, 2012

The annual bicycle challenge at Ponte a Serraglio


Every year 2 very good friends, Collodi and Mao (Claudio and Maorizio) challenge each other to do 2 circuits of Bagni di Lucca. Lucky me, I was here to see the spectacular event this morning.

At 8.30 the participants began to arrive at the piazza. The race is between just 2, but their friends go along for the ride as well.


Mao, in the white T shirt arrives.


There is preliminary discussion with Collodi, in the red shirt.


Then there is more discussion.


There are advisors.


A small problem with a bike.






More discussion.


And they are off.


Collodi takes an early lead.


The others join in


2 wives and a daughter are there to see them off.



Friends gather for more discussion.


Collodi is in the lead after the first circuit.


The others follow.


And here they come down the last bit.


I actually missed photographing the end because a car got in the way.


Mao won with Collodi a close second.


Collodi lives to ride again.


Still friends.


There is more discussion.



A couple of gratuitous photos of men in Lycra.



Congratulations Mao!


I hope I am here next year for the big race.


  1. They obviously had a great time!

    • A lot of fun was had by all.

  2. Ah, men in tights 🙂

    • It is a bit off really, I would prefer a nice pair of shorts.

  3. I love the hand-made sign and the flowers at the end of the race! Great story!

    • I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

  4. I was noticing your balcony’s plants look great….so pretty. Tell Bianca hers look great also!

    • Our geraniums are doing very well and it is raining tonight so I won’t have to water the ones on the bridge tomorrow.

  5. Hilarious! Italian men in Lycra. Tis the season! 😉

    • It was a fun morning! I’m so glad I was here for it.

  6. I always notice men who seriously ride bicycles have lovely legs. Thank u for showing us Deb

    • I did notice some fine looking legs.

  7. I love this kind of thing! So much fun to witness. Oh yeah, and nice lycra butt shots there, Debra 🙂

    • I liked that photo too.

  8. Love your story telling, Debra. 🙂

  9. Some good looking Italian men Debra!

    Pam Proctor

  10. Too cute Debra! It is even more fun to see your Ponte posts now. You are a huge asset. I hope they start to appreciate what they’ve got in you! xx

    • It was a greatest to be in the village.

  11. Looks like a good race. By the way, how’s your house coming along?

    • I am going up today with furniture. Hopefully there will be some new photos soon.

  12. A wonderful tradition. How many years have they done this?

    • Tanti anni is all I was told. I am not usually here in June, so this was my first.

  13. Hubby is mad about cycling too. If he were there and invited, he would have happily joined! 🙂

    • Anyone is welcome to join in. There will be a second event in a couple of weeks.

  14. It looks like everyone is having fun. And it’s a family event, too!

    • Everybody was there to watch the fun.

  15. How fun! Nice shots…all of them. Did favor the gratuitous shots of men in lycra. :o)

    • There were some very nice looking gentlemen there.

  16. What a happy way to spend a Saturday! Fun event, obviously!

    • It was great fun. I love being here for the local stuff.

  17. Brilliant! I chuckled!

    • I am so glad I was here for the race. I’m sorry I will miss the next challenge in 2 weeks.

  18. Definitely my sort of event, Debra, though I wouldn’t put any money on me to make a ‘podium finish’.

    • It was all in good fun, as you can see.

  19. Wow !, I guess my cousins were in the race too. Nice to see them having fun

    • Lots of men from the village were in the race. It was fun for everyone. The very good looking man with the tiny megaphone is Giustina’s son and the young man with the red hair is his son. I think they are your cousins.

  20. Yes, they are my cousins Diego the red head came to visit me in California last year. Hope all is well if you see my aunt give her my regards. Thank you

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