Posted by: Debra Kolkka | June 12, 2012

Moving along at Vergemoli

Things are happening in Vergemoli, not quickly enough for me, but they are happening.

Yesterday I went up to the house in time to see the tractor arrive with some furniture deliveries. Enrico drove up to Vergemoli with his van loaded with stuff. Eliseo drives his tractor up from the village with deliveries because the road is not yet ready for a delivery van. Enrico jumped on board the tractor to help with unloading.


The tractor coming up the road to our house.


Behind the tractor you can see a small stone construction. That is our electricity box, but we still have no electricity even though Enel said it would be connected last Friday. We have been waiting since last April. The poles are in and the cables are up to the house……we just need the final bit.



The boxes were unloaded and the 2 men went to work to assemble the furniture.


I got covered in dust sweeping the entire house from top to bottom…..and then I admired the view for a while. It was a gorgeous day in the mountains.


Enrico enjoyed a ride in the tray on the way down after a hard day’s work.




Today was a different story with the weather. It was windy with rain squalls.



We managed to get another load up to the house between the rain showers.




I got to scrape bits of cement off bathroom fittings, clean the kitchen, sweep more dust, cleans steps, pull bits of protective coating off the internal doors, get water from our spring, because without electricity we have no pump, and without the pump we have no water to the house…..and look at wild flowers.


Had anybody been there with a camera they would have got a great shot of Enrico and I riding back to the village in the tractor tray, in the rain, with a bright yellow umbrella held high above us.

I am really hoping the house will be almost complete by the time I have to leave at the end of next week. We were hoping to have it available for rent this summer, but it is getting a bit late to advertise it and I don’t want to do that until I am sure it will be ready. The garden will not be ready this season, but we will rent the house at a seriously reduced rate if anyone is interested.

Soon I hope to be able to show you some completed rooms inside.

For those new to the blog, take a look in the New house in Vergemoli category to see our pile of rocks transform into a beautiful new stone house.


  1. Being relatively new, are you building to move, building to move, or building to move then rent when you aren’t there?

    Thanks for the category suggestion!

    • The house has been built to sell, but because of the current economic situation we are going to rent it until such time as things improve. It is a beautiful house on 10,000 square metres of land in a national park with uninterrupted views of the village below and the surrounding mountains. It will be hard to part with it. I am looking forward to staying up there next week….if we have water and power, and perhaps even if we don’t.

  2. Thank goodness Godzillavilla already has electricity, however paltry. I’ve kept it connected all this time – even when we’re not using it – because this seems to be a rather major issue for a lot of renovators.

    • There was no power to the site when we bought it. The old house had been empty for decades and the lines had to be brought from the village to the site….not a long way, but these things don’t happen quickly. We do have our own spring with wonderful clear water, which makes up for other shortcomings.

  3. Don’t panic Debra. I’m sure the three of us can fit into your apartment somehow if your electricity isn’t connected.

    • Hi Dianne, I have somewhere to stay if it is not ready, but thank you.

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    • Are you heading back over to Bagni again Dianne. We so loved our time their last year when Paula, Kathy and our husbands were there. Enjoy.

      • I have been here since the beginning of February and will head back to Brisbane at the end of next week. I don’t want to leave.

  4. Glad to hear that it should be finished by the time you have to leave.

    • I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  5. Congratulations Debra! I look forward to visiting the house in the near future!

    • Perhaps you can come next week before I leave.

  6. Thank heavens for the tractor!! The view is stunning. With all your hard work, it must be hard to think of selling it!

    • It will be difficult to sell it. I hope it goes to someone who will love it.

  7. If there’s any chance my Sara gets a job, we’d be interested in renting. But, God knows when that will happen. I keep thinking about that house. What I’ve seen of it captures my imagination. I fantacise about owning a home in Itlay and I’ve never even set foot in the coutnry. Think it might be the mafia thing? I was surrounded by Italians the entire time I was growing up.

    Thanks for sharing this update, Deb!


    • You must come to Italy. Think of it as research

  8. Congratulations dear Debra, should be exciting now… The view is amazing and I know the house is too. All my best wishes for your new house… I hope one day I can make a travel there… Blessing and Happiness, with my love, nia

    • It will be great to see it finished.

  9. Pity no one got that photo Deb but we get the picture anyway. Cannot wait to see the house finished- lots can happen in a week. Good luck

    • I will get my part finished and that is all I can do.

  10. Sounds so exciting; I can’t wait to see the finished product. Congrats, Debra!

    • There should be some more photos next week.

  11. Debra, I feel privileged to share your personal odyssey with the Vergemoli house, and sense your excitement each step of the way in making that dream from a pile of rocks into a beautiful reality. Even though the work in progress has been slow, I imagine the locals involved feel as much part of the project as we do. Having each step photographed makes it special. We look forward to the finished product!

    • I am looking forward to the finished product as well

  12. I’m impatient for you! I want to see it completed 🙂

    • With a bit of luck there will be a lot more done before I leave next week.

  13. What a lovely little tractor, that’s fun, and what a lovely place Deb. I’m looking forward to seeing more of the interior – it would be such bliss to work on the landscaping. Tonight is “State of Origin” game two and I have three ancient footy fans glued to our TV – I can tell by the moans and yaaays, how things are going:)

    • I’m glad I’m not there to hear the footy fans and their groaning. There won’t be any landscaping done on this trip, next time. I will be happy to get the interior finished.

  14. Wow Deb this is so much fun watching your house be built, and what a view! It looks sensational. And you are going to rent it? On VRBO? How cool!!!! I would love to visit Bagni di Lucca someday! I’m sure I will!

    • We would like to rent it while it is waiting to sell, but it is now getting a bit late in the season.

      • I didn’t know you were selling it Deb. I thought you were going to be moving in to it! Do you have a house already in Bagni or do you rent? This new place looks spectacular and I truly have enjoyed following its progress on your blog.

      • We have owned our place at Ponte a Serraglio for 9 years. You have seen this over the years on the blog, or at least my balcony with its view over the river below. The Vergemoli house was always intended for sale. Because of the not so good economic climate we will make it available for rent until someone is interested in buying it.

  15. How exciting … I’ve enjoyed following the transformation. What a lovely clear day – those mountains are so beautiful.

    • The view from the house is magnificent at any time of the year.

  16. Love the pictures of the “delivery truck” full of furniture! LOL! I sure hope you get that darn electricity in and working soon. So sad that you have to leave soon…I sure enjoyed meeting you and your hubby and hope we can connect next year! Safe travels “home”.

    • I just wish we could be told the truth about when things will happen. Don’t tell me next Thursday if it is not next Thursday.

  17. The view from the house is fairly picture perfect. I hope all that needs to be done gets done before you leave next week.

    • Me too, but I doubt it will happen.

  18. Oooh Debra. It’s great seeing more progress. Even though more incremental than you would want. You read my mind as I have been thinking lots of you and wondering about your gorgeous house. I am so delighted to have seen it. Truly. Corraggio! A big hug. Jxx

    • Things are happening… snail’s pace.

  19. I can feel your frustration! I have my fingers crossed that you will get to enjoy the finished house before you need to leave and look forward to seeing it on your blog, and hopefully also for real!

    • I will finish the things I can do and not worry too much about the rest.

  20. Debra is it really time for you to leave again? I love your house posts and seeing how the beautiful house as emerged.

    • I have been here nearly 5 months….time to go home.

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