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The second most beautiful cemetery in the Mediterranean

If you have to be buried, you might as well pick a great spot. I can’t think of anything much more dramatic than being on the top of the cliff in Bonifacio, Corsica.


It was a cold blustery day when we were in Bonifacio, which only added to the drama and beauty of the cemetery.





There are about 300 graves in the Cimetiere Marin, said to be one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the Mediterranean.















This is said to be the second most beautiful cemetery in the Mediterranean. I wonder which is the most beautiful. Any suggestions????


  1. Wow, really spectacular!

    • The cemetery was stunningly beautiful.

  2. These Pictures are just wonderful. You certainly are having a wonderful trip
    Pam Proctor

    • Sardinia and Corsica are wonderful places to visit.

  3. I’ve often noticed that the very best spots around a village, the ones with the most inspiring views, are the areas reserved for the dead. Perhaps because it provides a form of solace for the bereaved?

    • I think it helps if people think their loved ones are in a beautiful place.

  4. Good point there bout ‘solace for the bereaved’, Shelagh. I am fascinated with cemeteries – they reveal much about the history of the area. This one looks like a miniature town with its beautifully constructed tombstones. I love the beauty of the salmon clouds, the stark trees and the pretty flowers in between the stonework. You have a keen eye for striking detail against a backdrop of sky, Debra.

    • It was easy to take interesting photos here.

  5. Love the poppy!

    • Me too! The poppies were growing all over Sardinia and Corsica.

  6. Wow Debra! This is such a gorgeous post! I love the shots of the cemetery against the gray sky and the red poppy is out of site. I would love to go to Corsica. I lived in Marseille for a summer during my time living in France and desperately wanted to go but never made it. I am looking forward to learning more about it. Are you visiting anywhere else before you head home? My parents are actually in Italy right now on a golf trip. They are at a large lake, can’t remember name, not lake como but another one like it. They are meeting some good German friends and touring around. I’m jealous as I really do love Italy! have a nice time!

    • We went to Ajaccio, where Napoleon was born, Propriano and Porto Vecchio as well. There will be a few more posts on Corsica over the next few weeks.

  7. Absolutely spectacular. Wonderful photos.

    • Bonifacio is a gorgeous city high on the cliffs in the south of Corsica.

  8. It is beautiful, it really looks more like a place for “spiritual retreat”. I wouldn’t mind restoring the large family tomb which looks abandoned…
    Great photos! I do love these old fashioned cemeteries.

    • I find cemeteries fascinating. I love to wander to look at the different tombs, from the simple to the elaborate.

  9. Yes a spectacular position overlooking the Straights of Bonifacio and so proudly maintained by the families of their dearly departed.

    • It would be difficult to find a more spectacular position.

  10. just catching up on sardinia… oh how beautiful it all is! I’ve always wanted to go there, and your pictures just make me want to go even more… even the grave ones.

    • Sardinia and Corsica were both beautiful. It was a great trip.

  11. What an amazing position for a cemetery – a beautiful spot to remember a loved one.

    • It would certainly be a pleasant place to visit family and friends.

  12. Some of these photos are so amazing that they look like paintings! 😮 Stunning!

    • The white tombs against the sky and the new spring trees were quite dramatic.

  13. It would be almost uplifting to visit a loved one here. I like the white mixed in with the patterns and the lighter shades. Seems so much more appropriate somehow. Plus your beautiful photos show it off so well Debra. Thank you!

    • Fortunately the cemetery was beside the car park, or we may not have come across it.

  14. What a gorgeous final resting place. Almost as though you can touch heaven from there. Your photos are stunning–almost like being there.

    • The cemetery was so beautiful, I could have spent hours there.

  15. Thanks for sharing the beauty!

    • It really is the most incredible place.

  16. It’s beautiful indeed.

    • It is a pity the residents don’t get to enjoy it.

  17. There is something romantic about tombstones and seas.

    Personally,I want to be buried here:

    I am already in paradise but this cemetary has a view to die for!

    • Unfortunately you would have to die to be there.

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  21. As we walked around here I said you told me it was the second most beautiful in the world, the best and most beautiful is…..???? so I can tell him.

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