Posted by: Debra Kolkka | April 20, 2012

Growing wild on Sardegna

Despite the rocky terrain, things grow on Sardegna. There is wild lavender everywhere and it smells divine. Some of the plants here are not native to the island, but they are very pretty.





























The last flower is the second last one closing up for the night.


  1. Wow! What a wonderful display of beauty to begin this rainy Friday morning! Thank you Debra! Rose

    • It seems to have rained all week in Bagni di Lucca. Here we have ferocious winds.

  2. Beautiful photos, Debra. The flowers must be getting the right amount of rain in order to look so healthy and gorgeous.

    • The vegetation is quite thick here. It is much greener than I had imagined.

  3. The pictures are beautiful, just what you need to look at on a very wet miserable day. They certainly cheered me up!

    • We have had rain here too, but not too much.

  4. The ones that look like gerber daisy’s are amazing. Glad u made it back safe-can’t wait to see more on this interesting location.

    • There is lots more to tell about Sardinia. It will take a while to sort through the photos.

  5. Have enjoyed every moment of this trip with you Debra. How come my pictures of the very same things are not as good – perhaps it is the fabulous camera and the very good photographer. Anyway totally agree – a stunning display of wild flowers and plants.

  6. Your photos are like perfume Debra! And I love the prickly pear!

    • The prickly pear is all over the island, the bits we have seen anyway.

  7. I swear to God, nothing smells better than lavender. But, the red and yellow striped petal, daisy-looking flower is gorgeous. Great, great photos, Deb. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

    • This wild lavender is heavenly.

  8. The pictures are so crisp and clear, it’s easy to imagine the delicious fragrance of the flowers!

    • The lavender smells delightful and the yellow spikey bush smells very sweet.

  9. Wonderful!

  10. those spikes are amazing on the yellow flowered plant!

    • The spikes were very impressive.

  11. I love lavender – it must be glorious to see masses of it growing wild.

    • Lavender is everywhere here, growing between the rocks.

  12. Have you tried the figs from the cactus?

    • I haven’t tried them, but they should be interesting.

  13. What a beautiful group of photos! I love flowers so much! I hope you are having a great time and you had fun meeting Jennifer!

    • It was great fun to meet Jennifer. There will be a post about her soon.

      • Wonderful!

  14. Great camera work, Debra. You must be using a filter or a special lens. I can’t get that type of photo when I do close ups.
    the lavender look like what I have on our deck, hummingbirds come every morning to sip nectar.
    I recognize some other flowers, especially the African daisies, which have another name in the U.S.
    And the round cones . . . what are they? I’ve seen before but don’t remember where?

    • I don’t use a filter or have a special lens. I have a Canon G 12 which I use on automatic.

  15. Love the wildflower photos…stunning.

    • Sardinia and Corsica were covered with wild flowers…..beautiful.

  16. Gorgeous colours, excellent photography, what a beautiful place

    • Sardinia is gorgeous. There will be several more posts on the island.

  17. Beautiful images…what camera/lens was used for these photographs if I may ask? My favorite nature shot in Tuscany are the girasole! Of course!~

    • I use a Canon G12 on automatic. I don’t crop or use photoshop.

  18. One of those looks like a strawberry tree almost and I can see lots of ‘relations’ of plants I know from here. What a fabulous trip you have had, flowers jumping up to be photographed ! Just beautiful 🙂

    • It is a strawberry tree, I saw it described in a book about Sardinian plants. The island is full of gorgeous plants. I love the way you say they were jumping up to be photographed…..they were!!!!

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