Posted by: Debra Kolkka | March 4, 2012

A winter day at the Ponte Vecchio

It was overcast on a recent trip to Florence. The Ponte Vecchio managed to look gorgeous just the same.








The views on the bridge and from the bridge a pretty good too.





The seagulls get to enjoy the bridge from every angle.


Of course they are much more interested in eating than taking in the view.



  1. I just love Florence in winter. Such still grey water. Superb Debra.

    • I love being here in winter without the crowds and the heat.

  2. It is one of my favourite promenades in Florence: through the Ponte Vecchio, looking at all the beautiful jewelry pieces (particularly the antique and vintage ones) and then, lunch at Bordino. Winter or summer, sunny or overcast, it is always a delight. Your photos look great, Debra.

    • I agree, it doesn’t matter what the weather is like, the Ponte Vecchio always shines. I did have lunch at Trattoria Bordino.

  3. Looks like a perfect day to me! I love the reflections you have captured.

    • It was a great day in Florence.

  4. I miss Florence, its a beautiful city. I think the best part is walking along the river which you have captured here. I like your 2nd picture the best =)

    • The reflection was beautiful that day.

  5. Great photos Deb – looks cold

    • It wasn’t too bad, it was overcast most of the day, but I have been colder in Florence.

  6. Debra, these photos are just gorgeous…so incredibly painterly…almost better, yes I think so, because of the cold and overcast sky. Such saturated colors. Fantastic.

    • I love the winter here. It looks beautiful in its own way.

  7. Fabulous images, I love the reflections in the still water.

    • You have to be lucky to catch it at just the right time.

  8. I can only echo everyone else’s comments and say, what beautiful and evocative images! The reflections are superb, especially the second one. I have only been in Florence in the summer, and would love to visit it when it is NOT hot and crowded. Sounds wonderful.

    • I don’t know why everyone comes in summer, mind you, I hope it stays that way. I like having Florence to myself

  9. These reflections fascinated me dear Debra. You captured such a beautiful photographs… And also the seagull too. I loved so much. Thank you, have a nice new week, with my love, nia

    • I was lucky to be there at the right time.

  10. Wow! You’ve constantly managed to capture such fascinating angles of the Ponte Vecchio. I love the mirror-like reflections of the bridges and the houses, the glassy river and the ripples surrounding the seagull. These are what makes you such a fascinating photographer. The combination of possessing a good camera and a keen artistic eye is unique indeed. I look forward to more!

    • It is difficult to get a bad photo of the Ponte Vecchio.

  11. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful… the place and your pictures, I fell in love with Florence when I was 17 -agons ago- and still makes me sigh.
    The reflection of the bridge is a fine shot.

    • Florence is a beautiful city. It is easy to spend hours wandering there.

  12. It’s like looking at the clouds down instead of up. Fascinating!

    • It was a great reflection.

  13. Thanks for sharing, Debra. Have wonderful memories of Firenze, but only in summer. Your reflection photos were incredible. Thanks for keeping us in touch w/ Italia!

    • You should come to Italy in winter or spring or autumn….so much better.

  14. Beautiful!!!

    • The Ponte Vecchio always looks good.

  15. Gosh, Deb, these photos are amazing in their mirroring!

    • I love the Ponte Vecchio.

  16. Those reflections are simply divine! 😮

  17. That bridge is the centre of the world maybe? Lovely lovely photos 🙂

    • It is a lovely place to be.

  18. Debra those pictures are amazing!!! you could sell them or have an exhibition.
    Great artistic phots!!!

    • Thank you! It is easy to get good photos of this bridge.

  19. beautiful photos and always great to have restaurant recommendations in Florence.

    • Florence is a constant delight.

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