Posted by: Debra Kolkka | February 29, 2012

Venus Rising over Brisbane

Venus rising is Brisbane’s newest public art. It was unveiled just before I left for Italy. It is quite impressive. The torpedo shaped stainless steel and brass structure was designed by UK artist Wolfgang Buttress. It is comprised of hundreds of interlocking rods and bracing circles giving it a lace like appearance. At night it is illuminated from the base.
It sits rather grandly in the public gardens atop Kangaroo Point cliffs with sweeping views over the river and the city.






It also looks good from the inside.



The gardens are on the site of the old TAFE college and it is an extension of the public space along the Kangaroo Point Cliffs. There are playgrounds for children and people are flocking there at all times of the day. Shady trees have been planted and when they are fully grown it will be even better.


  1. Just another reason to come home to or to live in Brisbane. Venus rising is symbolic of how public art is thriving in this very modern creative diverse city.

    • Brisbane is a great place to live. The Kangaroo Point cliffs area has great views over the city.

  2. yes was at the Kangaroo Point Cliffs cafe last week and had a close up look at this new structure- interesting enough – looks better from a distance with the wonderful city sky line behind it. Yes you are so right the area is very popular for phototaking and family gatherings and also saw a bride and groom posing near by
    Dianne Cant

    • I was there the day after the covers came off. I think it looks great.

  3. Beautiful! I wonder if anyone might replicate that as a building… perhaps Dubai?

    • I can see this as a building in Dubai.

  4. Nice to meet you two, I look forward to reading more of your blog. I live in Brisbane – you do a great job of highlighting its wonders. I didn’t even know about this art piece (I’ve been overseas) but will go over and have a picnic at the cliffs before the summer’s over.


    • Thank you for the kind comments.I am in Italy now for a few months so there won’t be much from Brisbane for a while.

  5. Wow! And I didn’t know it was there. I will definitely go and have a look

    • It hasn’t been there all that long. The whole area is looking good.

  6. How did I miss this!!!!! Will go and have a look. Thanks Debra for keeping the locals aware of what is new around us………

    • It is quite new, you are excused for not seeing it.

  7. On our way now to Brissie and look forward to seeing the sculpture, good to have something new to admire in the city.

    • The area at the top of the cliffs has been very nicely developed, I think you will like it.

  8. Obviously inspired in Norman Foster’s architecture… (and he really gets copied) but I am sure that it is an interesting addition to the gardens. Great photos, Debra.

    • The public had a say in the sculpture. There were 2 to choose from. The other one was a large kangaroo.

  9. I live in South Brisbane, and I had no idea it was there either!

    • You should be able to see it from some parts of South Brisbane.

  10. I don’t know how I’ve missed this either – I drive past quite often and I don’t usually drive with my eyes closed. Although, last year we had morning tea with some young friends we hadn’t seen for some time and on first sighting them and amid my excited gabble – I failed to notice that the young wife was pregnant – very pregnant – like, boil the hot water and send for the doctor, pregnant!! I love the last photo by the way.

    • Stop and have a look next time you go by.

  11. What a beautiful art/sculpture… Fascinated me, Wolfgang Buttress! Thank you dear Debra, with my love, nia

    • It is quite impressive. especially looking up from inside.

    Dear Debra you should visit his blog, he is amazing. I loved the video in the beginning… Thank you for introducing me this amazing artist. With my love, nia

    • I will check it out, thanks.

  13. […] […]

    Thanks and Love, nia

  15. Good God, Deb, these photos are amazing! This one should be Freshly Pressed!

    • It helps that it was such a great day with those blue skies.

  16. Very cool structure!

    • I think it looks pretty good.

  17. It’s very impressive indeed. It looks almost lacy in some of the images.

    • I like it from the inside looking up.

  18. Wow what a beautiful piece of art!

    • I’m sure the sculptor will be very happy to hear you say that.

  19. It must be a nice place to live, unfortunately on the other side of the world …

  20. It reminds me of a red carpet Oscars dress! All sleek lines and a fish tail hem 🙂

    • That is an excellent description of the sculpture. I can imaginne Nicole Kidman in it.

  21. Very cool indeed…and super photos!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

    • Thank you! It was a beautiful day.

  22. Looks like some kind of rocket ship to me… but then I am into sci-fi!

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