Posted by: Debra Kolkka | February 27, 2012

Random photos from Lucca’s wall


It was a beautiful sunny day yesterday so I went to Lucca to walk on the 4 kilometre wall that surrounds the town. There is a wide road on top of the wall which is high enough to give excellent views into the town. The road is lined with trees most of the way, making it an absolutely delightful place to walk. Lots of other people obviously felt the same way I did as many were out enjoying the winter sun.


This young chap was helping the gardeners with his mower, but he wandered of the grass a bit.


Some people were not walking.


These trees will soon offer some welcome shade in the summer.


Some early spring flowers.


Old rooftops with new TV antennas.




Looking towards the mountains of the Garfagnana.



Looking into the roof of the cathedral.


The campanile.

As I set out there was a very well dressed couple walking towards me. The man looked particularly stylish. He was wearing a pair of butter yellow corduroy trousers with a dark navy sweater, matching yellow scarf perfectly tied, and a light tan jacket. His trousers were cut slightly short so that when he stepped out his socks were revealed….the same shade as his sweater. I wasn’t quick enough to get his photo, so imagine my delight when I spotted the yellow trousers heading towards me later on. Unfortunately he had got a bit warm on his walk and the jacket had come off. It was folded inside out to reveal the lining and the protect the jacket. He didn’t look quite as perfect as before, but I did manage to photograph the pair.



I love the way men dress here. They are not afraid of colour and take pride in how they look.


  1. Beautiful Lucca, throughout the seasons…and beautiful people, too. You find some very elegant ones there, even wearing casual clothes.

    • You can’t beat a well dressed Italian.

  2. It’s hard to believe that it was snowing not so long ago when your beautiful photos show such a stunning day in Lucca. I agree with your thoughts on italian men. Young and old, they certainly know how to wear clothes and colour. It’s taken me years to get my husband to wear a scarf!!

    • Jim buys most of his clothes in Italy. I haven managed to get him into coloured trousers.

  3. Amen Debra! You possibly know this is one of my favourite rants…. Italian men love dressing up more than us girls. I’m convinced of it. I love your collage of images here. I loved walking the wall on my one day in Lucca.

    • There are as many menswear shops in Italy as there are womens….a sure sign of the interest.

  4. You must be thrilled to be in your other favorite home in springtime! c

    • I love it here at this time, with spring waiting around the corner.

  5. I love the man’s yellow pants! And what a lovely place to walk. Thanks for sharing it with us!

    • Lucca is one of my favourite places in all of Italy.

  6. Simply wonderful and just what I needed to get into the spirit of my upcoming trip. I can’t wait!

    • May isn’t far away.

  7. The yellow trousers are very stylish -I like the way they stop at the ankle. I don’t always like matchy-matchy outfits but this combo looks good on him.

    • He was very stylish without being overdone.

  8. Men here in the States don’t care how they look- with some exceptions. Italian men have such sense of style!

    • I saw some very well dressed and very well groomed men in New York.

  9. There is a man who has a Lamborghini in my city. I am sure he is Italian, he cruises gently through the roadworks in immaculate clothing and shades. He looks a little incongruous here in scruffy Bris, but I always smile when I see him purring past. Love those yellow trousers! 🙂

    • He must be Italian.

  10. The man is dressed in such a classically Italian way! You don’t see that look anywhere else – the yellow pants, the tan shoes. Even the way they always fold their jackets in, so they don’t get soiled, is typical. Do they learn this stuff in school???

    • They learn it from their parents from birth.

  11. A stylish crowd there!And some are dressed for the weather that we are having here – Summer! 😛

    • It was a delightfully warm winter day in Lucca. Everybody was out and a out after the freezing weather we have had.

  12. I’ve already put walking the wall in Lucca on my “to do” list for the few days Barbara and I will spend there before coming on to BdL. Thanks for the wonderful photos and it looks so warm too! My husband came home from one of his trips to Italy with 2 prs of trousers – one yellow and one red. Sadly, he was hardly ever game to wear them in Australia despite my urging. I loved them!

    • Jim has a pair of bright green trousers he bought here. He wears them and always gets good comments.

  13. i love the picture. the nature is beautiful even in winter.i would love to go back to Lucca. maybe this summer, see some other part of it.

    • Lucca is gorgeous. I like spring and autumn the best.

  14. Wonderful to see photos of the Lucca walls – they are so distinctive and fun to walk. Oh, those Italian men – a feast for the eyes.

    • Lucca is gorgeous and the men are OK too.

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