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Antenore, Dante and DHL

When I was in Padova last time I went in search of the tomb of Antenore, the supposed founder of Padova, or Patavium as it was called then. Antenore was a Trojan prince mentioned in Homer’s Iliad.

The stone sarcophagus was built in 1274 by the citizens of Padova to honour their founder, and it remains in its original position, in what is now called Piazza Antenore.

Tomb of Antenore Padova

Antenore' tomb Padova

Antenore's tomb Padova

The city has grown around it.

Opposite the tomb is the 15th century Palazzo Sala with its beautiful facade.

Palazzo Sala Padova

Palazzo Sala Padova

Palazzo Sala Padova

Beside it is the gothic Palazzo Romanin Jacur, where Dante Alighieri was said to have stayed to escape arrest after he was charged with political corruption and banished from Florence . There is a plaque in his honour on the facade of the building.

Palazzo Romanin Jacur Padova

Dante Alighieri in Padova


While I was admiring the tomb and the old buildings, a DHL delivery truck turned up. A matching bicycle appeared to ferry the deliveries to an address down a tiny alley.

DHL Padova

DHL in Padova

DHL in Padova

I really love the way Italians adapt their modern lives to the ancient streets…much better than demolishing buildings to widen streets…just build smaller vehicles.



  1. Loved Padova – merits a return visit

    • Padova is a great place to visit. I will be back.

  2. What an ingenious tricycle! Love it!

    • I was very impressed.

  3. I love the cute delivery bicycle! It does add a comical touch to the practicalities of life commuting throughout lovely old cities. Another comical touch are the little electric buses careening in and out of the narrow streets of Florence. I had such fun riding in those ingenious modes of transport. The Italians I met in those buses were so friendly and helpful. There are many reasons why I LOVE Italy!

    • There is much to love about Italy.

  4. Wow, top marks to the City planners – such beautiful and old structures deserve respect.

    • It is great that old and new live together so well.

  5. The DHL pic reminded me of see a small speedboat for DHL in Venice. As always, thanks for showing me another treasure.

    • I have seen the DHL boats in Venice. Deliveries in Venice take some diligence.

  6. The streets are so narrow and that’s a clever way to do it! Could you imagine if they tore the buildings down. That would be a tragedy.

    • …much better to make smaller cars.

  7. Debra, I enjoy your beautiful little articles from all over Europe, and Italy of course. My grandfather was from Bagni di Lucca. Today, I visit my family that remains in this beautiful little city every year.

    • Thank you for your kind comments. My other blog, Bella Bagni di Lucca concentrates more on our lovely collection of villages. I hope I meet you in Bagni di Lucca one day.

      • I hope to meet you too Debra!

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