Posted by: Debra Kolkka | January 24, 2012

Fallen leaves

I grew up in south east Queensland, a subtropical place, without much change from season to season. In Bagni di Lucca the seasons are clearly defined. I particularly love autumn in Italy, and autumn 2011 was the most beautiful I have seen. I became a bit obsessed with autumn leaves. I have already done a couple of posts on the beautiful trees around Bagni di Lucca. Here are some remnants of autumn in Italy.























I love the patterns they make on the ground.

Click here and here to see more of lovely autumn.

The very lovely Nia of Nia Sunset has turned these leaves into works of art. Take a look here.

There are, of course, compensations for missing out on autumn colour here in Queensland. I found these on the footpath today when I walked into the city.







  1. Debra,
    Another great post of photos demonstrating the patterns found in nature. beautiful.

    • Thank you, I love these leaves. I’m sure people thought I was a bit strange wandering around the streets photographing leaves.

  2. Debra…absolutely glorious. These photos are inspirational for me. I would love to do a series of etchings of these glorious, golden leaves. All my favourite colours – so when it stops raining….(etching and rain are not a good combination)…..I’ll do you a little print!!!

    • I can’t wait to see it!!!

  3. They were beautiful – I have never taken so many photos of trees- gorgeous photos

    • It was a spectacular season.

  4. My favourite photo is the one of the Ghinkgo leaves, a wonderful Art Nouveau shape in my opinion. I should plant a tree in the garden next Autumn. Thanks for the inspiration Deb.

    • These trees are amazing! There is one in Villa Borghese in Rome, where I took these photos, that was incredible. There are a couple in Lucca. You MUST plant one.

  5. Dear Debra, these are all so artistic… You really created such a beautiful images with these fall leaves…. Some of them are so impressive. I wish to make them like a painting too… Great set. Thank you, with my love, nia

    • Thank you Nia. Please show us your painting when you do it.

  6. Autumn is my favourite season and your photos are just great… as always.

    • Bagni di Lucca was glorious in autumn 2011.

  7. Goodness, who would have ever guessed that autumn leaves could be so lovely–even off the trees. Great photos, Deb.

    • It is such a pity when they all blow away.

  8. It was only when I looked at all these lovely photos that I realized the variety of colours in fallen leaves.

    • I love the colour and shape of the leaves.

  9. What a gorgeous collection, autumn leaves are so seductive. c

    • I love to walk through banks of them and listening to the rustle.

  10. Its amazing the power nature always have to surprise us and make us appreciate the most simple things in life isn’t it? I have also posted pics of fallen leaves at my blog. My favourite are those in shape of hearts =O)

  11. […] […]

    Thank you once again dear Debra, with my love, nia

  13. Gorgeous, now we’re talking patterns and texture!

    • I couldn’t get enough of those leaves.

  14. Another beautiful inspiring post.

    • Thank you! Don’t you love autumn???

  15. I’m a lover of fallen leaves, so, am delighted to admire the different angles you photographed the autumn leaves, Debra. I agree with your readers that you have an artistic eye for the ordinary things in life and make them beautiful. So, thank you for making my day with a favourite theme.

    • Autumn is such a beautiful season. I also love the starkness of winter and I look forward to being back there soon.

  16. Just love them!

  17. […] here to see the original: Fallen leaves « Bagni di Lucca and Beyond This entry was posted in Lucca and tagged bagni, bit-obsessed, italy, love-autumn, lucca, […]

  18. I’m going to sound a bit strange here but I often dream about a place that has a lot of autumn leaves around it. I actually wonder if I will ever visit it!

    • I am sure you will, and you won’t be disappointed.

  19. I totally understand your Autumn thing! It was exceptionally lovely this year wasn’t it. I guess normally the rain comes and spoils it too soon. Very little rain here still, and no snow. I think you will be shocked by how little river we have, which is the downside.

    • My first few winters in BdL were very wet, but for the last couple of years the weather has been lovely. I hope there is some rain soon, I love to see the river full.

  20. Beautiful photos of the leaves. 🙂

  21. Those maple leaf pics look almost Canadian, except that here they turn bright red and orange. I have always loved autumn.

  22. Wonderful photos! This makes me want to go on a very long fall walk.

  23. I visited Italy during the Fall once, and it was magical. In Fall, the colors always seem more brilliant and I remember the leaves were so colorful. Your pictures capture them very well. Thanks, also, for sharing your friend;s blog – her artwork is wonderful as well.

    • For me it is a difficult choice - do I prefer spring or autumn?I can't decide, I like both.

  24. Beautiful photos, I love Fall too!!

    • I am fascinated by the changing colours of autumn.

  25. I followed Nia’s link here and then realized that I was in familiar territory. A great set of photos. I didn’t want to “leaf” your site. 🙂

    • Thank you! I had fun collecting my leaf photos.

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