Posted by: Debra Kolkka | January 23, 2012

The rooftops of Paris

On a recent trip to Paris I became fascinated with the rooftops. I hope you find them as interesting as I did.




I love the chimneys. They come in all shapes and sizes





I would love an apartment here!


This could be my bedroom window.


This one would suit as well.











This cute little balcony had a view over the Seine. I took this photo from 

La Tour D’Argent, where I had the most delicious lunch.


There are so many beautiful apartments to choose from. All I need is a lot of money.





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  1. Love the geraniums and the chimney pots.. rooftops are so hard to take, i want to drive around in a cherry picker/hydra-ladder.. anything to get me higher. i have stood on top of my car on more than one occassion!! these are lovely shots .. c

    • It would be fun to get closer to some of these places. I would really love to go up and have a good snoop though some of them.

  2. Chambre de Bonne are the top floors that traditionally servants lived in, the windows are so cute but hate climbing the stairs to get there. Roz

    • You can’t have everything!!! There would be no room to intsall lifts in most cases either.

    • I saw “Women on the sixth floor” yesterday, which prompted me to put up this post. I absolutely love Paris.

  3. I absolutely love Paris. I is my favorite city in he world and I got to spend a semester abroad there during my junior year of college. It is a dream of mine to someday rent an apartment there for he summer. Ahhhhh I need to dream big. Great post and I love the pics of the rooftops which I adore too.

    • I think you need to go back soon.

  4. WOW – great pictures Debra. You are such a great photographer. Such detail. I am off to California soon to stay with Julie for 5 weeks

    Pam Proctor.

    • Have a great time!

  5. One thing that caught my attention when I was in Paris was indeed the rooftops which all seem to have this greyish color. It is one of Paris’ most distinctive features.

    • I love those grey rooftops. They are very distinctive.

  6. Definitely nicer to look at the beautiful rooftops than the dirty streets of this, my home town. Nice shots Debra!

    • I thought the streets were quite clean on my last visit. I love Paris

  7. Debra…beautiful images as usual. Can’t wait to be in my little Parisian apartment…in just 10 weeks time. A bientot.

    • Lucky you! Keep an eye out for those rooftops.

  8. Gorgeous pictures, I must always remember to look up. Thanks for sharing!

    • Your eyes need to be everywhere in gorgeous Paris.

  9. Once again, great photos Debra!!!! Rafael loves them as well. Some people in Paris have been able to buy several “chambres de bonne” in Paris and turn them into beautiful penthouses. The same thing has been done – and they keep on doing it whenever they can – in my town of San Sebastian, in the North of Spain. We have an area where most of the apartment buildings go back to the 1860’s and they are totally parisian, “mansardes” included. Developers pay high prices for those spaces and turn them into multimillion penthouses and they look superb!

    • I would love to live in one of those apartments for a while.

  10. Thinking about the detail you managed to get in particularly if you photographed them from ground level, they are amazing. Next time in Paris take the walk on the viaduct that is now a garden, you are right up on the level of the highest floors, almost. I did a blog post but I think it was on my old mac blog format. If you haven’t done this I will send you the details of the location.Roz

    • Most of the photos were taken from the footpath. The one of the apartment overlooking the Seine was taken from La Tour D’Argent. I would love to walk along the viaduct.

  11. I love your photos….you see (and find beauty in) things others (like me) would overlook

    • It is not difficult to find beauty in Paris. I think it is the most beautiful city in the world.

  12. I’ve come to the realisation that I don’t look up enough! 😛

    • You must look up in these gorgeous European cities!

  13. Oh Debra, THESE ARE GREAT! Love the chimney pots! Love the chiens assis! Love the garret windows! So let’s all go and become poets and painters, no??? Magnifique!

    • Unfortunately if I had to rely on being a poet or a painter to survive I would starve, but this would be a good place to do it.

  14. Gorgeous post Debra! I especially love the shots taken at the same level as the chimneys. Just love seeing a city at that sort of height…. It’s lovely to see Paris from such a fresh perspective, but still feeling like Paris too, if you know what i mean…!

    • Most of the shots were taken from the ground. I love those chimneys.

  15. Beautiful set you did dear Debra, these are so beautiful photographs and typical roofs in Paris… reminded me some of films scenes too. Thank you, have a nice week, with my love, nia

    • I would love to spend more time in Paris.

  16. I love French architecture – and especially the little dormer windows popping out from the attics.

    • I really love those little attic windows.

  17. Love Paris!!! I’ve always wondered about how those rooftops came about

    • I have no idea,but I’m glas they did.

  18. Fascinating indeed! And you captured it pretty well.
    As usual, love your details.
    They look lively… lively rooftops.

    • I love the way each one is just bait different.

  19. Rooftops say so much about a city. Fun photos – I love the last one

    • Paris rooftops are like no others.

  20. Ah … it could only be Paris. I love the balcony overlook the Seine.

    • I want to live in it!

  21. Great post, Deb. I have long been interested in urban roof-tops, so this post fascinates me. You are right–the chimneys are fun!

    • I know climbing lots of stairs to get to these apartments would become tiring, especially if you were carrying too much shopping, but surely the view would be enough compensation.

  22. Beautiful photos. Love paris. If you get that apartment can I come stay? 🙂

    • Of course you can!

  23. What fantastic images, I especially love the one with the three long chimneys. What a beautiful city wherever you look there is beauty if you are open to seeing it! Thank you for your thoughts at the blog I was so touched to see the comments and know that others are going through the same thing. ciao lisa

    • That was one of my favorites too. Those chimneys are fascinating.

  24. It’s been awhile since I’ve had a loo at my favorite blogs and I’m so glad I’ve come back to yours. I moved to the UK from the States nearly seven years ago and have yet to make it across the channel to the continent. I long so much to visit these wonderful places and your blog truly makes me feel like I have been there!

    Thank you!

  25. Paris is interesting from any side 🙂

  26. I too love Paris roofs.Wonderful pics

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