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Finding Fiats

We have a baby blue Fiat 500. It is the new model, not the absolutely gorgeous old one. We still see quite a few of the original Bambinos scooting around Italy. I love them.

This little blue one was standing in the rain in Trastevere, Rome.

It looks good from any angle.

Just around the corner I spotted this cute van.

It is very well cared for.

This little baby was hanging around in Florence.

Fiats get around. This one was advertising  a restaurant  in Helsinki.

Siena had one too.

On holidays by the sea in Rapallo.

Bagni di Lucca has a few. As well as this orange one there is a gorgeous chartreuse one scooting around. If I ever find it standing still I will photograph it.

You can see how small they are!! Jim is standing beside this Fiat in Bologna.

Jim standing beside a Bambino in Bologna – I didn’t have a matchbox

Our Fiat lives in Brisbane.

la nostra machina

In Italy we drive a Toyota Corolla.

Click here to see more on our baby blue Fiat.


  1. Debra hi! would you like to write a guest post for my blog on Bagni the Lucca, the perfect weekend? thanks! Ana

    • Hi Ana, I’ll give it a go.

  2. I LOVE cinquecentos! Such a cute car!

    • I love them too. The old ones are lovely, but a bit too small for us.

  3. Debra…….Your little ‘bella donna’ is gorgeous and I’ll look out for the orange and chartreuse fiats (2 of my favourite colours) when I get to Bagni di Lucci in April. Ciao, Robyn

    • I love to see these cute little cars still getting about.

  4. Some great looking cars in Italy! My partner Sara would LOVE the orange one. Hope you are having a warm and sunny weekend there is Brisbane.

    • It is warm, but not so sunny today – all good.

  5. I am obsessed with old cars and adore this post!

    • There are still quite a lot of old bambinos on the roads in Italy. Some are beautifully restored and others not.

  6. I have fond memories of standing up through the roof when my mother drove one in the 60’s. Standing definitely not allowed now.

    • You definitely need a seat belt these days.

  7. Cinquecentos are so cute. Loved your unexpected punch line!

    • We love our Fiat in Australia. We also love the automatic Toyota we drive in Italy.

  8. that matchbox quip had me laughing. I love these little cars built to manage the tiny european street and park anywhere the driver sees a teensy weensy space.. Anywhere at all if you are in Italy! c

    • These cars are unbelievably tiny. Our new Fiat is much bigger, but still easy to park.

  9. They have become very collectable around the world. They also made a sports/race model “the Abarth”. A friend of mine has one and its very quick through the mountains. Italy has made some very nice vehicles in the past (4 or 2 wheel types). They all have something sopecial in their design.
    In June this year I will be in BDL for a week.

    • I have seen the sport model a few times – very nice! I will be back in BdL on 9th February until mid May.

  10. What great cars. And I love the one with the Roma number plates.

    • The green van was especially lovely, and in perfect condition.

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  12. Deb, this is my dream car. A cinquecento, retro green if you please. Completely unrealistic with three kids, but hey.

    • The new Fiat is surprisingly roomy. I called our car the Tardis for a while, because I could’t believe how big it is onside. The old ones are tiny!

  13. I love these little iconic cars – wish that I could fit my family into one but sadly not – we have however become the proud owners of a Fiat Panda which runs on the smell of an oily rag and which we frequently have trouble finding when we park up as there are SO many around!!!

    • Our car in Italy is silver, just like most other cars. To remember the number plate so that I can find it in car parks I have used the letters to form a rather rude name for the car. I have never remembered a number plate so easily. I will tell you the name when next I see you.

  14. What a fab series of photos, such good memory prompts, (goes off into car memories) brian’s sister had a grey one in 1967, it was her first car. I have a feeling my mother had one too. The fiat I do remember was when my Dad swapped his boring Triumph 2000 one day and came home with a lemon yellow Fiat 124, I think he was having a midlife crisis. He zoomed about the suburbs in that one very happily for a good while 😉

    • I love driving our blue Fiat. People really do smile and wave to me at traffic lights.

  15. In 1982 when Len and I lived in Aceto, near Reggio Emelia, for 3 months, we were lent a little Fiat by our Agent to use while there. It was great fun but a bit different to the Fairlane we drove at home! It had canvas seats and a trombone gear stick but drove us safely right up into the Dolomites on a trip. I’m sure yours is much different now. I have a photo but it is on a slide in a suitcase waiting for me to sort it along with hundreds of others and scan them on to my computer one day when I get time!!

    • It seems many people have fond memories of these bambinos.

  16. They are so cute! I’m quite smitten with the baby blue one 😀

    • It is a great colour.

  17. i love cinquecento
    i took this picture last summer on my trip to rome 🙂

    • Yours is a lovely collection of cars.

  18. Beautiful cars! I love the old ones, but the new ones look pretty stylish too 🙂

  19. Do you have the car in Italy or Australia? I’m thinking of trading my suburban for a 500!

    • We drive the Fiat in Australia. That is Brisbane in the background. We drive our trusty Toyota Corolla in Italy.

  20. LOVE the 500s, old and new. They’re recently available in Canada too; someday I will have one, here or there. The baby blue is a great colour.

    • We don’t see too many driving around Brisbane, but I recently saw another baby blue one.

  21. What a wonderful collection of cars!! Love your little ‘Italian’ ones!!!

    • They are very cute.

  22. I’ve been pining away for one for about 5 years now. Every once and a while I would see an old one parked on a street nearby. Recently we knocked on the man’s door and asked him about it-he restores cars and has one that he could fix up for us if we wanted. I’d be happy to have a new one though!

    • We love our new Fiat. The old ones are lovely, but very small and I imagine their would be a lot of maintenance for such an old car.

  23. Thanks sucha cute car! Love your post:)

    • The old Fiats are very cute.

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  25. Wonderful pictures of the colourful cars. I am in the picture 9 down

    Pam Proctor

    • I took that photo the day we went to Rapallo. I knew it was you in the background!

  26. I love seeing the gorgeous old cars still choofing around Argenton-sur-Creuse France. They are full of character.

    • They are very cute little cars. It is amazing that there are so many of them still around.

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