Posted by: Debra Kolkka | January 7, 2012

A very old door in Napoli

I came across this ancient door when I was wandering in Spaccanapoli. I would love to know exactly how many years it has been welcoming people home, keeping unwanted visitors out and quietly gathering dust.






Up close you can see the layers of dust and grime that have built up over years. I wonder what it would look like under this.

The lock below was not on the same door, but I couldn’t resist taking its photo.


Click here to see more on Napoli.


  1. How beautiful the patina of the old wood and the corroded metal are! I love how these things age and gain character. Beautiful images, thank you.

    • I wonder what it would look like cleaned up.

  2. We have a thing about the doors in Tuscany…I bet we have a billion pictures of all the doors! My hubby wants to make a calendar! This one is stunning-the one that is slightly cracked made me crane my neck wondering what was on the other side!!

    • I have dozens of door photos too. I particularly like the doors in Helsinki.

  3. It’s a work of art, Deb!

    • I thought it was wonderful. I would have loved to take a peek inside the courtyard.

  4. Wow, that door is amazing, Deb! And the lock it pretty cool, as well. Hope you are having a good weekend.

    • I have been to see the Matisse exhibition at the gallery this weekend. It is excellent!

  5. Very cool door! I always wish I knew what all the people who have used these beautiful doors looked like and what their lives were like.

    • It would be fun to take a look inside, but I wasn’t game to snoop.

  6. I love photos of doors and doorways. This one is stunning. When I got to the 2nd photo with the door slightly ajar, I thought your questions may be answered! If only they could talk!

    • I think this door would have lots of tales to tell.

  7. I bet it is at least two hundred years old; one of the things I love about countries that take pride in preserving their history. There must be thousands of stories behind those doors.

    • The door looks ancient doesn’t it?

  8. Beautiful! We stayed in Spaccanapoli when we were in Naples. I didn’t see that door, but loved the neighborhood. I miss Italy so much!

    • Spaccanapoli is an incredible area. I can’t wait to get back there.

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  10. I would say that the door goes back to the Middle Ages. Rafael agrees with me.

    • Thank you for that! It certainly looks very old.

  11. Amazing, Deb. I love it…I can’t tell…is the intricate work done in wood? or metal?

    • I think it is mostly wood, with metal trim, but you would need to scrape some of that dirt off to be sure.

  12. wow !! this wood carving is amazing, if this wonderful door could talk !!

    • I would like to have a chat.

  13. Stunning door Debra. I wonder too how long those hinges have been swinging open for people.

    • According to Maria and Raphael it has been there for hundreds of years.

  14. Beautiful! I have a “thing” for doors, old ones in particular. Wherever I go I take pictures of them. Have you heard of Pinterest Debra? I have a section on there where I have lots of pictures of old doors.

    • I have not heard of Pinterest, but I will investigate. Thank you.

  15. Wow, hundreds of years, that’s amazing. It’s so beautifully crafted and I wonder what the symbolism of the coat of arms and other imagery represents or means – intriguing.

    • It is intriguing. I would love to know more about it.

  16. Amazing…. Thank you dear Debra, with my love, nia

    • Napoli is full of fascinating stuff.

  17. Love the details, especially the last photo with the locks.

    • The streets of old Napoli are a treasure trove.

  18. Beautiful, kind of Asian looking…

  19. Gorgeous. There are so many heart-stopping doors in Italy there’s even a book of photos devoted to them by Ray Arsenault :

    But I think yours is even more stunning than the ones he captured!

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  21. Wow … very beautiful. Love the combination of metal and wood.

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